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Found 5 results

  1. So I just had a game, I came into the lobby and there was a loudmouth Seth Rogen sounding guy. The game starts at Pinehurst and i'm Roy. I instantly spawn at the ranch to trap the phone. I go in and start slashing the first guy. "What the f*** you f**?!" He yells at me. I killed everyone by slashing them and 3 of them were shouting abuse at me calling me 'Trash'...??? I don't get it, it's a game feature yet i'm the f** cause I don't want to get pocket knived?? Then the game ends and Seth Rogen starts giving me abuse. What's with this game and it's toxic fanbase?
  2. As I've played the game since June of 2017, why do some Jason players resort to slashing instead of grabbing? I've always wanted to know. Are they worried about getting stunned or what?
  3. Hello, I started to played again after a very long break with this game, I had a few ideas while I was playing as Jason and as counselor. My idea is: Jason slashing with his weapon would not kill the counselor but he would make him crawling on the ground, screaming, and being able to move slowly, he can be executed , if Jason is close to him then he has the option to press the interaction key ("E" on pc). That would trigger a nice animation of Jason executing the counselor on the ground, but if for some reason the counselor is left alive crawling there is the option of another counselor close to him to "revive him" that would remove the state of CRAWLING to WOUNDED, that would not be instantly, it would take the time that takes a counselor starting the car with the keys, you know, holding the interaction key and waiting for a circle to complete, after that he could be healed with an spray.
  4. And the players involved were very against "spawn killing" and "slashing." One player quit and killed herself after crawling through too many broken windows and putting herself in caution. "I had nothing and didn't want to give the slasher a kill." She said as she used a broken window until she died. I have heard about table salt but window salt is a new thing for me. Considering that Jason can simply grab you out of existence a Jason player using the broken melee system in this game against you should make you feel like you have more of a chance then less of a chance.
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