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Found 12 results

  1. What are some of the best slasher movies that not everybody knows about? Personally one of my favorites is The Burning (1981).
  2. Hey everyone. The last two Friday The 13th comics I checked out were fun but not amazing. THIS on the other hand is amazing. Check it out and recommend the next comic featuring a 80s horror icon I should check out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eikFgcCiOqg&feature=youtu.be
  3. Hi there, I have recently been doing more slashing to help spread out counselors and avoid pocket knives. I have noticed that after a successful slash, there doesn't seem to be anything Jason can do to avoid their counterhit. Keep in mind that I need to test this more, but I wanted to see what other people are doing to avoid getting hit in the face lol.
  4. You all ruined Jason take him back to b4 the patch he sucks atm and it's a really no fun to play him atm.
  5. It won't happen but what if one studio was able to buy up all the rights to the big slashers and put them all into the same universe? If there was an "Avengers" style mashup movie where a whole bunch of slashers appeared in the same film? what do you think the plot would be? I can imagine something like someone solves the Lament configuration to summon Pinhead and summons the Djinn from Wishmaster at the same time. Both Pinhead and the Djinn are either immortal or nigh immortal, so fighting each other over the soul of that person wouldn't work. Thus, they make a game to bring together the most evil people in the world to fight on their behalf, and whichever side wins gets to claim that person's soul. So all the big and some of the small hitters would be there, Leatherface, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kreuger, Pumpkinhead, Chucky, Leprechaun, Candyman, The Tall Man, the Children of the Corn(with He Who Walks Behind the Rows as like a "special summon" ability like in CoTC 3 lol)and so on for anyone else I forget. So what do you think would happen based on something like that opening act?
  6. How long is it taking for anyone to get into a session? I've been waiting 10 minutes and still waiting to join a session
  7. Alright! A lot of people on this forum are fans of slasher movies. I am one of those people. A lot of people are fans of vs discussions. I am one of those people. So I have elected to start a blanket discussion on the matter. So here's how it's gonna go. I'll start by listing a vs match between two slasher villains. We'll discuss it until a general consensus is reached, or the conversation runs out of steam. Then I'll mark the winner ON THIS POST, with a caveat likely elaborating on why, and possible reasons the loser might of won instead. I shall do my best to remain unbiased, and in general accept popular opinion. After that, I'll let everyone else suggest the next topic by PMing me directly. Whichever seems the most appropriate, interesting, and/or popular, I'll mark on this post as the official discussion. Rinse and repeat until everyone loses interest. As always, keep it civil. We're trying to have fun. Do keep in mind when suggesting a match that the battle should be interesting and, on the surface at least, even. No one wants to see Ghostface vs Michael Myers. Also keep in mind, this is a discussion on who would win in a fight. NOT on which is the better character, or which one you like more. For all intents and purposes, ALL fights take place in an area equally beneficial to both slashers. Neither is aware of the other before meeting, but both are equipped with their best gear. It's a battle to an end of movie state. After all, many slashers can't really be "killed" so if it would incapacitate them well enough to garner a movie a happy ending, they lose. ROUND 1 The Prowler VS Harry Warden. (Winner: Harry Warden) Harry pulls out a VERY close victory here. Managing to outdo The Prowler in strength. ROUND 2 Freddy Krueger VS: Pinhead Two formerly human demons duke it out. Sadomasochism vs pure sadism. Lawful Evil vs Chaotic Evil. WHO WILL WIN!? By the by, once a match ends everything between here and the rules will be deleted and replaced with a winner, and the next match. Feel free to leave feedback on how this set up could be improved.
  8. You guys, this game is pretty awesome and it's free, take a look at it streamed here on my channel: Skip to timestamp 5:10 listed in the description (clickable) to skip to where I actually start playing. It was a pretty fun thing to see, I just wish I had a friend over to play.
  9. Check it out HERE This is my own epic slasher graphic novel. Here's what it's about: FREAKTOWN COMICS PRESENTS SLASHERMANIA 1983. Troubled teens from New York and Los Angeles are taken to a summer camp facility to be trained as counsellors and mix safely with other people their own age. Little do they know they are being watched by an audience hungry for sex & violence. They are the designated victims for a bizarre contest of murder and mayhem – WELCOME TO SLASHERMANIA! Masked maniacs from across the USA, Canada, Italy & the UK compete in various categories: Best Male Solo Death! Best Female Solo Death! Coitus Interruptus! Sin Punishment! Most Creative Kill! Biggest Multiple Death! The coveted Slasher of the Year award! “And the slashie goes to...” Written by Russell Hillman. Pencils by Ron Joseph and CJ Camba. Inks by Ron Joseph, Jake Isenberg and CJ Camba. Colours by Harry Saxon. Letters by Sergio Calvet. Slashermania is an original graphic novel in the tradition of films such as Scream, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, The Final Girls and Cabin in the Woods. Functioning both as a tribute to, and an examination of, the eighties slasher movie phenomenon, it’s mostly played straight but with an undercurrent of post-modern self-awareness and some appropriately inappropriate laughs along the way - carefully designed not to undercut the scares. It should appeal to readers of titles such as Tim Seeley’s Hack/Slash, Williamson/Henderson’s Nailbiter and Alex de Campi’s Grindhouse miniseries. The Kickstarter campaign runs from 13th August – 13th September. Neither of them are Fridays, but you work with what the calendar gives you. Here's the trailer: Download a preview comic here. Listen to the soundtrack playlist on YouTube:
  10. Hi, my name is Tyler. I'm a fan of the friday the 13th series, especially part 7. Love Tina, feel like I can feel how she feels and love the thought of telekinesis. That's something I would love in this game coming soon, no matter what anyone says, just a little easter egg to that movie, lol. I'm really big on being a survivor, I seen so far past the 70s and 80s and 90s movies that people have stopped using the final girl/boy trope a lot. I love the trope, I love stories with people overcoming obstacles especially impossible ones. I can say I felt like a weak person but with these characters and their survival skills makes me feel braver and I feel I can take on anything. Without getting into trouble I mean, lol. In this game I plan on living out my dream to be in a "slasher flick" and trying my best to survive it all or at least be the final girl/boy in each match if I can by what character I choose to use. I'll never be a fan of being Jason or any killer, Just me. I can understand how someone believes being Jason is cool and all, I do honestly. I just feel it's more fun making the weak the MOST OP you can make them be. I love that we have fictional killers cause without them, I wouldn't boast about how I feel survivors are cool aka the counselors, Lol. Anyways plan to make friends on here and hope to play with any of you guys in the beta or the full game version. Would love to skype call while playing or something. Cool to have some teamwork manifest quickly then trying to talk to a stranger to help you in game but hey wheres the fun in that I guess, Lol.
  11. Hello fellow Friday the 13th fans! Care for an intro? Well, I'm an Asian guy (most likely to survive but die next to the black guy in a horror movie) who's obsessed with the Friday the 13th franchise and other slasher flicks! Blood, guts, gore and psycho stalking killers are my thing. lol I currently live outside US (Philippines) and I fully support this game! I hope this forum is possible for me to make friends and interact with people who has the same interests like me. Been dying to have a convo with fellow F13th fans who are also STOKED to death to play "FRIDAY THE 13th: The Game" I just pre-ordered my Machete Steel Case version of the game. So yeah, if you're interested to chat with me just answer this question: "Will you rather play as JASON VOORHEES and KILL? ...or fight and SURVIVE the night as one of the horned up COUNSELORS? Hear from any of you guys soon! Chi Chi Chi - Ma ma ma, - SlasherSplatter
  12. So, who else on here is into horror-filled comic books? My current favourite is Nailbiter from Image Comics, written by Joshua Williamson with art by Mike Henderson. Here's the original blurb: There are four trade paperback collections out so far, and it's a decent mixture of gore and disquiet. They also did a one-shot crossover with another favourite, Hack/Slash. Over the years, Cassie and Vlad hunted and killed many slashers, even crossing paths with Victor Crowley and Chucky. There's a lot of Hack/Slash to get through, either start with the first book, First Cut, or Cassie's origin, My First Maniac. I would be an idiot not mentioning my own stuff here, so here's the trailer art for The Dark of the Forest: (Image spoilered due to size) It's a seventies-set man-vs-nature/proto-slasher hybrid, filled with all the blood, gore, sex and foul language we love. My other horror comic is Deadly Burlesque: (Image spoilered due to size) This one's more a tribute to the early eighties slashers like Maniac and He Knows You're Alone. I have another project that's been hit quite heavily by delays, but should finally be out by the end of the year, Slashermania. I think a few people here will appreciate it. I'll let the trailer image speak for itself here, though it's very big. Huge. (Not a warning I'm used to giving...) (Image spoilered due to enormousness) So, that's a couple of recommendations and some blatant self-promotion. What about you? What horror comics are you reading, or have you read?
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