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Found 14 results

  1. Seriously, this can't be that difficult of a workaround. Why not release an update that changes out the copyrighted material? Change the name and create a new killer. Instead of "part 1, 2, 3 Jasons" make them different killers. Hell, the community could come up with some great characters for sure. You'd have to change the map names but the maps themselves wouldn't need to be changed. Rather than Tommy make him something else. Also, something that could be developed through the community. This could literally be changed with a downloaded update. I looked at the lawsuit filings and you'd have to do this all at one time. You couldn't update the characters or anything like that slowly, otherwise, Miller may be able to claim "derivative works". You've designed a fun game that I haven't seen beat yet. Not by DBD, or even the new ones coming out like, "Last Year". Have you guys given this direction a thought?
  2. So i've noticed a few peoples saying that it might be difficult to create new and unique designs for Jason,but i on the other hand dont think so,it is still possible to think up some designs for Jason that would be new,unique and interesting,so i decided to make this topic so we could share our toughts on some concepts that linger in our minds and give opinions on them. I know that it might be a bit too soon to talk about this since the game isnt out yet,but i want to prove to some of these peoples that originality is still a possibility,heck even Tom Savini new design as some unique traits to it,even if peoples have mixed feelings about it,like the spike on the shoulder or the charcoal black color of the whole model or the fire/lava thing going on with the eyes,mouth and wounds. So here's a few concepts i would like to share with you guys......... -Savage Jason (Human) : You guys remember that scene in part 2 when the characters are around the campfire and Paul start telling the legend of Jason,then Ted show up wearing furs,a mask and a tribal spear,well what if that concept had actually been used,an alternate look for Jason wich instead of wearing farmer clothes and a sack,he would be wearing clothes made of animal furs,have long and messy hairs,scars on his body and a mask made either of wood or animal head/skin,this look would perfectly fit the whole living in the woods for years as some kind of savage person. -Winter Jason (Human) : I remember reading somewhere on internet that one of the concept for the sequel of the 2009 Remake was supposed to be set during winter,the idea of having Jason in a snowy Crystal Lake would definitely had been interesting,Jason would probably be wearing some Winter hoodie coat,winter pants,boots and gloves...so he doesnt catch a cold while killing his victims out in the cold and harsh outdoor. -Swamp Jason (Undead) : So like the name suggest,this is a undead Jason but with a more swampy look to him,a lot more green+brown colored due to all that green swamp water and swamp mud,also some water weed/plants+grass covering and growing on his body,it's basically the swamp monster version of Jason. -Toxic/Acid Jason (Human or Zombie) : What if Jason fell in a pool of toxic waste ? You would have a Jason wich appearance would look a bit more mutant like and have fluorescent green or purple colored toxic goo coming out of him. So what do you guys think ? Share your ideas too.
  3. 1: - There should be a map made based on the movie Jason takes Manhattan there should be a map where we try and escape from Jason on all levels upper and lower levels of the boat and try repairing the boat and find the missing pieces around the boat along with the tools used to repair the boat nothing to simple nor to hard to complete there should be another way to kill him on the boat and the ending should be where they escape to New York or escape from the boat on little skiffs to the city. 2: - all the main characters from all the Jason movies should be added like the Julius the boxer kid ,the cops from Jason lives the waitress from Jason goes to hell ,the bounty Hunter should be another alternative to call for help instead of Tommy Jarvis it would be the the bounty Hunter with the special blade that can kill Jason. 3: - new weapons should be added to the game like better escape or special stun weapons that have more damage to Jason. 4: - new and improved roll perks and Perks for Jason and counselors and all new costumes for counselors 5: - Jason should be able to choose from different weapons and have more different kill finishers .
  4. I understand it's not a YUGGEEEEE deal but I still am kinda salty about the stuff that physical copies got that we either didn't or got BS versions of. Especially since they probably wouldn't have been able to release a physical without us because we trusted them and bought the digital copies and funded them just so they could do everything for the game and reach their goals and we get nothing as a thank you really. It is like if you would help a physically disabled person get first place in a race and they reap all the benefits and you're left in the dark as "second place" in a sense. It's really not even the skins or outfits that I am like "I WANT THEM YASSSS". It's more the general principle than anything. Opinons?
  5. I always wanted to get nice skin to my own collection!I was buying many times cases which win after the game but every time it was great disappointment:) I used to buy boxes in special stores of CSGO cases, too) I was always wondering near those gamers who win cool skins on servies with CSGO boxes! I mean my own experience of case spining on such sites was not very profitable! One day I think an ad of a new web-store with skins to earn from cases! Sure, I tried it) But firstly I decided to explore the web-site, =here= it is by the way:) Now I got to learn that Opencsgo has become the title sponsor of the victorious of PGL Major Krakow 2017! Sure that is talking near commitment! Besides, new services are usualy open handed to get new users:) However I was inspired to earn nice models:) So, yesterday I has login on the web service and cash in $ 100!.. I began with low cost boxes...I've made the first spin and got XM1014 Blaze Orange field tested... The beginning was very promising!.. Then I made some more spins and gained Nova Blaze Orange for $15!.. And I thought: why nt to earn a more expensive box. Progun, the box for $26 was my own goal!.. I made 4 bad spins and already started to worry:( And then. I clicked "spin" and got that I wanted for a long time: m4a4 howl in well worn quality... I've goth nice item first time in my own life:) I gonna to use this item in the game and then to sell it:) Maybe someone wishes to buy it or change?
  6. The random select feature should be able to select a Jason with a random skin.. example if it chooses part 3 he should either be retro, normal or any of the 3 blood skins. Now ever Jason scene should show Jason in the skin you chose for him instead of just a normal Jason when you have him in retro skin.
  7. Right I am usually Al for anything we get I love the game despite the bugs and enjoy it a lot. But now I know we got a lot but only 2 new generic grab kills is a bit meh, I though atleast 1 per Jason would have been added, that I'm not so salty about though they want money for kills fine. But WHERE is the Jason skins and counselor clothing too? Now it did distinctly say on the post for lvl150 that we were getting Jason skins and clothing even if they were just the bloody skins and one or 2 new colours shaders for existing clothes, but nothing? I'm just a bit upset, don't believe me check my other posts I'm always sticking up for these guys but now not so much
  8. Now I'm new to this here game in that I picked it up at release and not a moment before nor after nor some such thing. So am I behind on information? Perhaps I am indeed, and that means that I missed out on a few statements here and there about things that may be coming down the pipeline. But one thing I'm curious about is if there has ever been comments from Gun in regard to "Silly" skins for Jason. An example would be Jason dressed up like a clown with a big poofy colored afro and everything.
  9. hi the my suggestions wloud be more maps, more ways to escape!, more counseler skins more jason skins and maybe give everybody the virtual cabin in the menu to look at there trophies to view kills and maybe put a tv there to play the nes friday the 13th game that wloud be a blast. (yes i am aware licensing but hey doesn't hurt to try) also i wloud like a bot mode and of course looking forward to the singleplayer.
  10. Have a lot in mind with the game, I know that they didn't reach goals with their Kickstarter campaign but be awesome if these were included into the game in the near future... More Weapons for Jason and Counselors Either have a new weapons to choose from for each Jason Character or have weapons scattered across the map, like the Counselors, to were everyone could pick up these weapons, if not everyone, just only Jason but switches out the main weapon, like the Counselors... Weapons such as the Tree Trimmer, Hammer, Harpoon Gun, and other weapons used by Jason from the movies... Other Playable Characters aside from Jason/Tommy Jarvis Pamela Voorhees, Imposter Jason (Part 5) Creighton Duke, Jessica and/or Diana Kimble (Part 9), Reggie, boy Tommy Jarvis, Crazy Ralph, Tina Shepard (Part 7), Rennie Wickham (Part 8), Tsunaron and Kay-Em (X), Sargent Brodski (X) Have a "Heros vs. Villian" Mode Have all the listed characters above instead of the standard Counselors have characters like Tommy Jarvis or any characters listed above to pick an choose to fight Jason or escape the camp. More Skins for Jason Part 1 Jason- boy Jason, Part 5 Jason- Imposter Jason, 2009 Friday the 13th Jason, both Jason X skins, Freddy vs. Jason Jason skin (I know they don't have the rights to this Jason but still would be awesome), maybe some new created Jason skins? Jason X- Spaceship Map I know many of fans didn't like the movie but I was one of some that did, an this would open up a whole new Map an variety of new Grab Kills for Jason an new weapons for the "Counselors", a way to get out would be find the computer an to turn it on then find a radio contact help an unlock the security door to reach another ship alongside the ship you are already on, just like in the movie. Jason Takes Manhatten- Ship Map Again just like Jason X, create the same layout as the ship from the film to let loose an kill upon. Jason Takes Manhatten- Streets of Manhatten Map Play as both in the streets of Manhatten. Jason Goes to Hell- Voorhees House Map Love to play in the Voorhees house from this film. 2009 F13 Remake Camp Now this would be a fun map also to experience playing in the tunnels under the House. New Jason spawn locations Like in movies have Jason spawn like he does. Part 2 Jason- Shack, Part 6 Jason- in the Graveyard, Part 7 Jason- Underwater in the lake. But change it up soo it's the same every time... New Spawn Cutscenes I thought they said that they were gonna do this at the beginning but I may be wrong but anyways instead of at the campfire have two Counselors having sex then get impaled by a Pitchfork, or all the Counselors are swimming an one gets dragged under from Jason then they all swim out of the water then the game begins, but would like more intro cutscenes. Alright well I think this will be enough for now please let me know if I left anything out, I believe that is it if not I'll think of some more later or let me know, but yea this would be my top Favorite Game of All-Time if all this were to be put into the game on top of the #Fridaythe13theTeam Wishlist they had on their page. Thanks for an amazing game so far F13team!
  11. I have purchased and downloaded the Tom Savini Jason, but it is not appearing as one of my unlockable skins. Background: After installing both game and pre-order DLC from STEAM, I encountered a .dll error. The system recommended uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Which I did. After reinstalling the game, it issue still persisted. I did resolve that issue by updating the C++ on my system. However, the Tom Savini Jason that Steam confirms that I have downloaded is not appearing. I have just started playing and have not leveled up high enough to unlock all the other Jason skins. Is that a prerequisite for seeing the Tom Savini Jason, or is there a need for further support? It does appear that the clothing options have appeared, albeit locked due to insufficient level.
  12. LaDameFonce

    Skins Help

    I have been waiting months for the game to pre order so I could buy this for my boyfriend who is so excited for the game, I was going to buy the skins and game for Xbox and steam but when I went to do that the kickstarter is over, anyone buy extra willing to sell them? I seriously need them, I really let him down after months of "I'll get it just tell me when!". Thanks
  13. Any chance of having a Jason skin based off the 2009 remake? Or some skins for the counsellors/a new counsellor type based of the 2009 remake, or even a map based around the 2009 film? I was thinking the 2009 Jasons unique weapon could be the bow and arrow as they established he was a master archer at one point in the film! Though he could easily also use either a machette or an axe as he also used those in the film!
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