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Found 21 results

  1. I always wanted to get nice skin to my own collection!I was buying many times cases which win after the game but every time it was great disappointment:) I used to buy boxes in special stores of CSGO cases, too) I was always wondering near those gamers who win cool skins on servies with CSGO boxes! I mean my own experience of case spining on such sites was not very profitable! One day I think an ad of a new web-store with skins to earn from cases! Sure, I tried it) But firstly I decided to explore the web-site, =here= it is by the way:) Now I got to learn that Opencsgo has become the title sponsor of the victorious of PGL Major Krakow 2017! Sure that is talking near commitment! Besides, new services are usualy open handed to get new users:) However I was inspired to earn nice models:) So, yesterday I has login on the web service and cash in $ 100!.. I began with low cost boxes...I've made the first spin and got XM1014 Blaze Orange field tested... The beginning was very promising!.. Then I made some more spins and gained Nova Blaze Orange for $15!.. And I thought: why nt to earn a more expensive box. Progun, the box for $26 was my own goal!.. I made 4 bad spins and already started to worry:( And then. I clicked "spin" and got that I wanted for a long time: m4a4 howl in well worn quality... I've goth nice item first time in my own life:) I gonna to use this item in the game and then to sell it:) Maybe someone wishes to buy it or change?
  2. Now I know, I know, I know about intellectual properties being the reason why it's be hard for this to happen but just thinking about Dead by daylight and the fact that they have Michael Myers, Freddy, Jason and leatherface DLC why would it be so impossible to consider having a Michael myers skin for this game especially considering that Dick Warlock was the stunt coordinator for Friday 5 leading to cool photo ops like these. I'd also prefer to okay as Michael Myers in this context as opposed to dead by daylight as well so if really like to see this
  3. Not sure if this is an issue or not I just hit 150 and have all my Bloody Jason Skins set up on my guys but whenever I get into a game with my Jason set to Random they never have the bloody skins on. So if I set it to random Jason is it only going to select the normal Skins? Is this a bug or what's supposed to happen? or am I just unlucky when it selects my Jason that I have only gotten the normal skins?
  4. They should mak a skin for J9 pre- explosion .Only difference is his mask doesn't have the huge gash in the side,It would also please the people who want his mask reversed.
  5. It's all in the title. I know there's probably a licensing issue but considering the current state of the game, I think it would be quite appropriate and a big hit to boot.
  6. They need to add a paint shop where you can make a mask for Jason that has special skin effects or mask paints like a county flag as his masl or anything like that so you can share and wear others paints no clothing changes though...
  7. They need to add a paint shop where you can make a mask for Jason that has special skin effects or mask paints like a county flag as his masl or anything like that so you can share and wear others paints no clothing changes though...
  8. Anyone else seen the super cool previous limited edition Jason and thought wow I wish I had that. That’s me. I missed the initial limited edition. I can’t complain, because it’s my fault I missed it, however I think it would be cool to have a new limited edition Jason at some point. What does everyone else think?
  9. Should they offer an option to change hair styles, and to have different skin tones such as tan, tan with tan lines, dark pale, black, bronze, and should we get thong bikini's for the ladies.
  10. I think for this being a game about Jason and the 80's slasher era where nudity, sex and drugs were big that there should be more skin in this game if not some nudity and i personally want thong bikini's, string bikini's, sling shot bikini's, etc it's a mature game for adults mainly and as a gamer i want sexy. I don't have any problem paying for a bigger more skimpy bikini line esp for the ladies. So what do you think do you agree if so why? do you disagree if so why? I also feel they should allow us skin, and hair style changes such as tan, dark or pale, tan lines, no tan lines and many hair styles! Thanks for responding.
  11. Now that part 4 as been out for awhile and peoples got to play or see the model,now tell me do you still think that he look too similarly to Part 3 ? I on the other hand dont think so,his body build is not the same,the shape of his head and the shape of his mask is not the same,the green shirt is weared differently with the sleeves completely down and the shirt being completely buttoned wich hide the white shirt under it,actually the way he wear his green shirt look more similar to how Part 6 wear it,when you look at both models side by side in the Jason selection menu. So...do you regret what you said or you still hold on to your original tought ?
  12. I have a new skin idea for the swimsuit clothing pack it's SPEEDO JASON!!! add it devoplers
  13. Any love for the impossibly dreadful 1985/1986 Domark game and it's bizarre take on Jason? For whatever reason Jason is depicted in the game as being just a regular dude wearing some slick Jet-Black clothes. Adding further to this strangeness is the weird non film-accurate and mark-free hockey mask that was shown in the game's promo material and box-art. Making for a rather "unique" look, to put it nicely. A skin based on the Domark developed game might make for a fun little nod to the very first attempt at a Friday the 13th game - in a similar way to how the NES Jason skin was just recently introduced to the new game. What are you guys' thoughts on this? A more detailed comparison of the three versions of the Domark game: http://frgcb.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/friday-13th-domark-1985.html
  14. Jason x e mapa base lunar no jogo e execução de nitrogênio liquido São três melhorias que eu gostaria de ver no jogo
  15. With the NES Jason coming out tomorrow, I think the next skin should be Chad Jason! Who is with me!?
  16. So yeah Paul Phoenix is back at it again,he made a NES skin for Jason and showing different Jason kills trough the point of view of the victim. Also as you can see,it is possible to give any weapons and killing animations to any of the Jason models,so anyone who tought it wasnt possible have been proven wrong. And here's a bonus video from Paul Phoenix...
  17. Hey guys, I'm new here so I'm sure you all probably read this a thousand times already. My wishlist: - Roy Burns Jason - preferably with a hedge shears kill. - NES color themed Jason - Classic 8bit retro music as he hunts you down. - Jason X - nuff said - Freddy vs. Jason - Jason with dreamscape Crystal Lake from the film - Grendel Spaceship map - Manhattan!! - A bigger barn environment, maybe with a spike trap like in F13 V - A Wheelchair Camper - Flaming machete kill - Buried alive or dead cemetery kill - Being able to throw bodies through windows to increase fear.
  18. I think it be really cool to add Imposter Jason from F13: A New Biggening... His pros could be: +Throwing Knives +Sense +Walk speed His cons would be: -Shift -Hit Points -Stalk His weapon could be a meat cleaver that he used in the film. This is just a rough idea of imposter Jason buy I would love if they put it in.
  19. I would love to see her as a playable character choice! Bloody her up a little, make her limp around, have her say you never paid any attention! The death animation would be easy and epic! Love all the detail they've put into this game so far and this would only add to it.
  20. I know this is close to off topic but I don't feel this was off topic enough to be moved there. But uhh what happened to the forum? Its completely changed and doesn't have the friday the 13th vibe at all anymore. Is this a glitch or is everyone else seeing a huge blue and white background too?
  21. Hav a skin to promote the 13th movie in the series? Like how star wars battlefront had that free "Jukku" dlc. depending if the movie actually gets made... but you could just go off their artwork and what they had done...... (hoping it gets made)