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Found 3 results

  1. In Challenge 10 I do not kill Kenny before he can come back to the house. When he Enters to watch with chad instead of sitting, he stands inside the ground and theres no way I can get him without losing my skull for Undetected. HELP plEase
  2. There needs to be a different leveling system for singleplayer because of people who don’t have good WiFi or just don’t like playing an obsessive amount of multiplayer matches. This could probably be solved by two different methods, a separate level system entirely, or just no level system at all. This applies not only to SP Challenges, but also the offline bots coming out sometime in the next two months. There should be no multiplayer xp gain from any singleplayer mode, but a separate singleplayer xp would be fair and reasonable. It could also make sense that at least in the case of offline bots, there would be no level system, and that it be a sort of sandbox mode where you can try out everything, but I personally like the leveling system instead. The higher the level, the better Jasons, kills (Including SP exclusives), etc. This would be good to implement so that SP Challenges have a sort of progression towards a better playing experience. Whatever you choose, I doubt that the multiplayer xp system affecting singleplayer would be the best way to go.
  3. @GunMedia_Ben @Randygbk @wes We know that more mocap was done specifically for the single player. Now if Kane Hodder is in a mocap suit, my guess is it's for more kills. My question is will we see these kills transferred over to the multiplayer as well? I don't mean to pry, but the amount of grab kills is lackluster. If there is more kills in SP I see no reason why those couldn't be transferred over to MP. I'd just like confirmation on this before I get my hopes up.
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