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Found 27 results

  1. I felt compelled to post a sincere "thank you" to the devoted developers of Friday the 13th the game. Very often, particularly in regards to games that begin their infancy in a persistent on-line format, the developers spend long hours cramming in as many updates as possible while tweaking the game according to player feedback. More often than not, these types of games are more focused on the present moment at the expense of the long view. What happens down the road? What happens when the servers finally unplug? Thankfully, mercifully, Friday the 13th is NOT one of these games. I fully intend to slash and bash on-line to my hearts content for as long as the servers allow. That being said, it warms my heart to know that years from now, after swearing my way through a play-through of the former NES version of Friday the 13th, I can pop in the disc, load the menu, and continue to stalk helpless counselors for many years to come. I want to express my gratitude to the development team for honoring Sean Cunningham's brilliant idea by ensuring that gamers can stir up a serving of blood-curdling nostalgia long after Tom Savini has finally hung up his last bag of prosthetic bloody limbs. So, from an old-school horror fan like myself, with as much sincerity that I can muster; thank you for your hard work and sacrifices. Jason is alive and well, and because of your well-crafted art, the franchise is so much better for it. You guys really killed it. Well done . . .
  2. Guys, I understand that programming an AI Jason would take lots of time, effort, and money, but please consider making counselors playable for Single Player and Offline Mode. You could always make smaller versions of each map so they are not as large making programming for Jason more difficult than need be. It would really make stealth, survival, and fighting Jason fun and tense!
  3. Don't get me wrong, i use knives all the time and they are a great weapon, but, how about if the Knives intead of hurting the counselor, make them more slow to run or jog? (Till they use a spray) knife make counselors 3% or maybe 5% more slow, that way the knives could be a lot more useful
  4. It's fun and all being able to play as Jason and go around murdering the campers but for single player that got old really fast. It’s great you updated the camper AI but it would be more interesting if we could play as the campers instead of just being Jason for single player. The game would actually be worth playing more if this idea happens because there are many gamers who don't have a subscription to xbox live or the playstation network and instead they play games for their single player content. My thoughts on the game after I bought and played it was that I should return it and get my money back. Hopefully you guys (the team that handles the game) read this and make this idea happen.
  5. Single Player Challenges Spoiler Warning Ok so I found a fair share of little things that might point toward future content in within the game including customization, unreleased emotes, a new clothing pack, and more. -Customization/ In challenge 9 Jason is here Deborah has Jenny’s hair ultimately hinting at further advancement in counselor customization. -Emotes/ In several challenges we see cheering, drinking, and a little dance from aj in challenge 9 during the opening sequence. -Clothing pack/ In challenge 6 Snuggle by the fire Tiffany wears an alternate style of clothing during her kill while she makes love to Adam. A rumored pajama pack has been talked about and leaked and it includes Tiffany’s outfit. -Wheelchair/ In challenge 5 packanack party Bugzy is in a wheelchair ultimately showing gameplay of what it may be like if they implement the wheelchair into the game for a new counselor or simply paid dlc to have a new badge and a new challenge to overcome.(Just an idea) -Kills/ All throughout the challenges special kills were implemented in each one, but some of the these kills would fit perfectly into Multiplayer such as the noose, car hood, generator electricity, octagon window, ect Some kills would simply not work in the challenges(to my belief) such as the car jack, the raft, the head to head smash, the propeller kill, corkscrew, the love making kill, and stab on top of the head. The kills with the gasoline, injections, ranged weapons, wheelchair kill, and the hanging over the fire are kills I wouldn’t get my hopes up for, but could happen. Any kills I left out should be included into multiplayer in my opinion. -Ranged weapon selection/ These actually go hand in hand with the kills section with the ranged weapons. The only way I can see a harpoon gun or a bow in the game is if we get the option to switch our ranged weapons throughout throwing knives, bow and arrow, and a harpoon gun. Throwing knives would work normally, but a bow and arrow would do the equivalent of one and a half throwing knives and only 3 arrows could be found throughout each map(not including the two you start with). The harpoon gun would only have 2 harpoons and would do the equivalent of a normal slash and a half. The ability more throwing knives would let bow users start with 4 arrows and let harpoon users have 3 harpoons. The weapons would show up the same as throwing knives only seen when used.(Again just another idea) -New weapon/ The scythe used In challenge 4 stargazing has potential to be a new weapon for weapon swapping since it would be a perfect addition.(Just like a normal pitchfork) (Maybe a weapon pack including a chainsaw, scythe, and pitchfork) These were all the hidden things I’ve seen in SP challenges. Hopefully these things come into the game.
  6. So you can't play offline on pc, because each time I try playing against bots without internet connection the game gives me a fatal error, in any configuration, and, in any map... I tried restarting the game and playing it with Steam set to offline mode, same error, I tried unplugging my ethernet cable, same error. The only way I could play against bots truly OFFLINE was by starting an offline bot game mode with internet, and then unplugging the ethernet cable.
  7. So we all know we’re getting single player challenges in the next update but how many scenarios will we get? I’m assuming we will get about 13 scenarios, all with 3 Challenges for each. I really do hope will won’t be getting only like 4 scenarios. Also, will we get DLC scenarios. I can see this happening but I’m not sure if they would be paid or not. What do you guys think?
  8. I don't know if this is something that's already here, but if so, I apologize. Something I personally want to see in the game, for bots, is for them to appear in the outfits you set for the characters in customization. I personally feel that it would give some variety to the offline mode if there were clothing changes.
  9. new town/house/woods maps, players play as counselors alongside npc's through several maps to get to one of our familiar maps to survive the night w jason chasing them. fear lv persuades rng jason encounters.
  10. Is anyone else as frustrated as me that we still don't have offline bots or a single player mode? What's going on Gun Media? I understand that you guys are an independent company... and probably the ONLY type of company we were EVER going to get this game from... I thank you for that.... truly.... but enough is enough. I waited for months, for the physical copy HOPING that you would have all the bugs figured out, and that by the time it came out those offline bots and single player mode that we were SUPPOSED to have by summers end would be included. I was never an "Online" gamer until this game... and while I do admit it's fun and has opened me up to a new dimension of gaming to some level... I am a video game nerd... When I think friday the 13th... I just wanna kick back on the couch, play as Jason, and slaughter counselors for a few hours.... and if at all possible... I'd like to do so without a bunch of squeeking and sqauking 10 year olds blabbering through distorted mics! WHEN are we finally going to get these? And don't tell me to look at the road map, there are no dates on it... I believe we have been patient long enough to deserve some answers.
  11. So I'm enjoying the fun of murdering somewhat dimwitted bots in Offline mode, but I feel some changes are in order. 1: Badge/Achievement progression should work. While single shot achievements work (get your first kill, kill someone with the door, use the machete dismemberment kill, kill someone in the fireplace), the game "disregards" that you made any progress in terms of Badges or any other achievements. While I think this is most likely a glitch, and even if it isn't, I'd like it to properly work and let players build up their badge and achievement progression. 2: AI should use outhouses/tents. Currently, they don't, and one of the hardest achievements to get is the Sleeping Bag kill as very few players ever hide in tents (it gets to the point that in online games, as a counselor, if I feel Jason has me dead to rights, I'll hide in a tent to LET him get the kill). I'm not sure what the programming is in terms of this, but I'd like the Tent Hiding to be more of an option for them. 3: Full exp bonuses. For some reason, there are a few EXP bonuses missing when completing an Offline session, such as Killing Everyone and a Time Bonus. I would very much like these back as, without the double EXP events, it's somewhat or a drag to rank up in the game if you don't play online non-stop (I refuse to pay for PS+ so my PS4 version of the game is offline only). I attribute some of these to glitches and ironing things out that will come in later days, but really feel they should be addressed.
  12. As I have been enjoying the offline bots, I've wondered about something special for completing challenge mode beyond experience points, badge points, or achievements. Perhaps completion of this mode would grant something special, such as the ability to use different weapons as any Jason. As has been shown in the Virtual Cabin, it's flawless to do so. I think this would grant a fair bit of replayability as well as giving the players more reason to pay for kill packs. IE: Using Part 9/6 with the Machete or using part 2/savini with the pig splitter. Opinions?
  13. Just so it's on the books as having been suggested, I think it would be neat to be able to customize the councilors (chad chasing, sorority slasher, frat filleting, etc) for offline mode. I mentioned it in the other forums and it sounded like it was not currently planned (props to ShiftySamurai for answering my question in exactly 13 minutes). Anyways, I thought I'd mention it here so maybe the devs would look into it 'soon' (tm). Thanks!
  14. I am brand new here, a big fan of the horror genre, and VERY disappointed in this game. It needs single player. Badly. The online experience is poor at best, and unusable at worst.
  15. I think what will replace it is an invisibility ability. It would be where you press the button and it makes you completely invisible for a period of time. The problem would be is that you can't grab, swing your weapon, place traps,and throw knives.
  16. We need a single player for counselors. I'm too tired of trolling. People helping Jason, others using the car as a murder weapon against other counselors, and the ones that take important escape items and hold them to do nothing with them. I like the game but hate the trolls. Single player for Jason is fine but the counselors need one too.
  17. So, is the virtual cabin part of the single player update that we all already paid for? I bought this game on backer kit, and distinctly remember single player being part of what I bought. It is of course a free update, right? RIGHT???
  18. Welp, the end of summer is approaching... Gun promised single player would come out Summer 2017 with the last official statement (I've seen) being @Randygbk stating "Late Summer 2017". The entire purpose of the game being delayed from Fall 2016 to May 26th, 2017 was explained to us as being for single player. No mention of single player at the latest PAX. So, let's have an unofficial countdown to the last day of Summer. 18 days until the last day of Summer! (If I get bored I'll make some countdown images like last time...)
  19. So I've run into an interesting situation. I got this game on two platforms; PC and PS4. I even got the Savini on both copies. However, I've not begun paying for online on PS4 and don't want to. As a result, the only Jasons unlocked to me are Part 3 and Savini. I am now realizing that I'll forever be stuck with only these two Jasons on my PS4 if experience isn't given. I'm curious, does anyone else feel the mode should give exp? It'd be a nice way (if time consuming) for players who get the game after the servers close to be able to unlock the other Jasons.
  20. With the recent mocap videos, it's obvious that most of the kills are for single player. But with the release window for single player approaching quickly it seems a little late to be adding additional mocap. Is it possible that we will see SP soon, and future SP updates with more "missions" available? It seems likely in my opinion.
  21. I have been thinking, and I had an idea to see Pamela in the game. Instead of adding her as a killer in the multiplayer mode, they could add her in Single Player mode. Adding Pamela as a killer in multiplayer mode would be highly difficult, it would need a lot of work and money as the maps would need to be completely changed so that they worked for Pamela, but, the could add Single Player missions for her, perhaps missions based on the first film, I think that wouldn't be so difficult. What do you think? Could Pamela be added as a playable character in Single Player Missions?
  22. I really need practice as Jason. Which got me thinking about the offline mode vs AI bots. Here are some questions I have and thoughts that I think could be interesting. Will there be difficulty options. Can we choose which counselors we go up against. Will the AI counselors just be the vanilla characters or will they have perks. Can we choose which perks the counselors use. Can we choose a play style for the bots. (Group up and stick together, spread out, lone wolf, kill Jason). If these options are available will they be for the group as a whole or can we assign individual play styles per counselor. Can we choose the map. Can we choose map objectives and locations for the objectives. (2 cars and phone vs. Car boat and phone). Just some ideas I thought might be worth thinking about and discussing. I'm really looking forward to using this mode to get better at playing Jason and I think the more options available the more useful it will be. More options also would greatly add to the replay value. I know these ideas are probably above the scope of what the developers are aiming for but it can't hurt to discuss what we would like to see. Any other ideas out there?
  23. What would you prefer? Single player to come out first? Or would you like to see additional content, such as maps, kills and Jason's first? We all know we'd like game fixed, glitches and bugs taken care of, stability, etc ASAFP. This is not a discussion or poll for that. BESIDES that, which would you prefer to see first? I can't believe I'm saying this, but I would love more MP content first! I'm a single player gamer by nature. Always hated MP. Strictly backed and purchased this because it was a chance to play as Jason, even though I hate multiplayer. Instead, this won me over in such a way I can't describe! Just the most fun I've had with a game in forever. So while I still want the single player of course, I'd love to see new maps first and foremost! Followed by new Jason's, kills and counselors. Take your time Gun with SP! What about you?!
  24. So I've read that the developers are adding a single player element to the game this summer. Well the summer is very much in full swing, any word yet on when this will happen?
  25. I just had a question as to when the update for Single player is going to be added. I heard many times that it will be this summer. Well summer is here and there isn't any news, release dates, or info on anything single player. Multiplayer has its place, but the only way to immortalize this game is by having a single player mode. Multiplayer games come and go. Not to mention, kinda did it backwards. Single player is more work than MP. so adding SP now, while adding updates and hotfixes to MP with a small crew seems unlikely that we will get SP anytime soon. Otherwise, beings that it is summer already, there would be some info on it, gameplay vids...something. I purchased this for SP. I like being Jason 100% chance, when I want. Not 12.5 % chance on MP. I played 8 hrs one day and was never once Jason... I know I am not the only one that feels the same way.
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