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Found 3 results

  1. Sorry if there is already an existing thread like this, I didn't see one but I could have missed it. Figured it would be fun to hear about others experiences with the game, with it being launch day and all. So what happened to you in Friday the 13th? Memorable Chase? Awesome Win? Hilarious Moments? Share! Iv'e played about 2 hours so far, just six games total so not like I've played a ton. But my last two matches were pretty fun. One was as Jason, thankfully I learned from my mistakes the first time around(I was Jason in my very first game and was a mess, think I only killed like 3 councilors because I was figuring out the controls/mechanics). This time I managed to slash everyone to bits and it felt great. Idk but for me when I am Jason I really want to do a good job playing as him so that the game is fun for the councilors too. I found Vanessa and Kenny to be the more 'challenging' councilors to kill in the right hands. Though Vanessa seems to be a lot easier if you save her for last and keep on her so she can't regain her stamina. Another game I just finished playing as Vanessa and served as a distraction, since I wasn't on mic I figured the best I could do for the team was to try and keep Jason occupied for as long as possible. He was after me for the first half of the game and it was a good chase! I had an axe and managed to stun him on two occasions, and break free once. He was a persistent little f****r and i commend him for that lol. He finally got me and the others starting dropping one by one :x Someone playing as Kenny almost escaped in the car, but crashed on the bride allowing Jason to catch up and ruin the car before killing the final player. It was a good match and some of the other players put up great fights when being chased by Jason.
  2. Hey guys, I have a question, do you know if it's possible to do share play on the PS4 with this game? I have a friend who doesn't own the game yet but we would like to do the play together via shareplay. We did try yesterday but couldn't get this to work. Is it possible?
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