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Found 1 result

  1. **FEAR METER** Scaring the Counselors and invoking "FEAR". As we all know the counselors fear is a key element, if not THE key element to easily hunt and kill them. I like the idea that if counselors are hiding out in a cabin, and Jason KNOWS that they are in there, he could search around for the power box to the cabin and destroy it to push a little fear into the counselors as they hide inside. Now the only downside to this would be that the counselor, seeing the lights go out, they just might try to leave the cabin, because after seeing the lights go out, most folks will assume, "Okay Jason's DEFINITELY on his way inside, so I should leave now". This may or may not work for gameplay balance unless there's a reason for counselors to stay inside the cabin, and to stay hidden. Just running around in a dark cabin by yourself would be crazy. One interaction that I would just completely bow down to you guys eternally for, would be to somehow be able to 'disguise' the fact that Jason has entered the cabin. Giving that, "He's inside with me.. I can feel it.. but I don't know where he is!" Remember that scene from Part 7 where "The Neanderthal Man, Hunter-Gatherer, seeks nourishment" dude goes downstairs and if you look close, at the upper left corner of the room as he enters the kitchen, Jason is just standing there, watching him from the shadows. CREEPY AS FUCK. I don't know how dark you plan on making these rooms when lights go out, but if you can implement these kinds of moments... (holy shit balls). SETTING UP CORPSES I don't see this getting placed, but still would be neat if it could.. Would be kinda neat if Jason could set corpses up in doorways, or have some way of spawning bodies that just appear to the counselor to again, invoke fear in them as they are searching. These would be classified more as jump scares I suppose, but they would be pretty neat to experience at random for counselors. I just worry about that if Jason manually set up bodies, it would take away from the time he SHOULD be hunting the other counselors. And even if he did set up a body or two, chances are a counselor would never even see or interact with it. So it would probably have to be some automatic perk that just is 'placed' when Jason uses it somewhere (cabin, barn). When used, would place bodies in that location. They wouldn't necessarily be the bodies of the counselors playing, but OTHER people (NPCs) who were unfortunate enough to walk through Jason's woods.
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