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Found 23 results

  1. Hello, i am not a native English speaker so i apologise for the possibility of me speaking terrible fucking english. I bought the game yesterday and enjoy it but i have a pretty hard complaint. i watched a lot of youtubers play the game since it's day of release and always really enjoyed watching mainly because of the fun encounters with others. i am from the netherlands and am thus forced to play on EU servers and this really sucks because these servers are only filled with russian speakers who can't or don't want to speak English, this totally fucks up one of the main components that make the game fun. i suggest allowing us to change from where we play from the settings. thanks for hearing me out
  2. Both me and my friend have been trying to play the game now for the past 2 days and it will not connect to the servers at all! We both tried connecting without being in a party and it still won't connect. It takes about 5 minutes to find a game, if it does find a game the lobby is either really laggy (everyones ping is above 200) or the lobby has like 1 other person in it. If we do find a game after waiting for like 15 minutes, the server usually closes in the first minute and everybody gets kicked from the game. Im on PS4, is anyone else having this issue because its just ridiculous that we can't get a single game. Im typing this now as we've been waiting about 40 minutes to get into a game - we've been in one lobby that closed in the first minute again and another that is completely empty, with just me and my friend. Please fix this server issue - all other games are fine with connectivity BUT this one.
  3. It can't find a game or if i cancel matchmaking it Will be in that canceling state forever i have the best internet what you can have in finland so it can't be my internet Edit: im new on the forum so hi... Im a ps4 player and i like this game alot but i can't stand that matchmaking is this broken atm on the ps4.
  4. Im new. PS+ Free download :’) and i want to play the game really bad. But i cant find any servers. Dont have friends who like this game except for myself. Is this game dead AF or is it just me? I played 3 games in 48 hours. Its making me wait hours to join a game. Why? Halp.
  5. So with the recent dedicated server update on Xbox One my matchmaking seems to be broken. I keep being dumped in an empty lobby on the F13 Official AP servers. I wait for hours and no one seems to join. Before the update i was finding games after a long time of searching but now i can't find any games at all after hours of searching. However, for some reason, when I queue with my friends (4 of us) I find a game within 30 seconds or less in the F13 US servers. I did some testing by hosting the search party and we all ended up in an empty AP server. So I honestly have no clue whats going on because my friends only live a few miles away from me and we have the same internet provider and internet plan. To add to that, whenever we find a match my ping is lower than theirs mine being around 65ms and theirs being around 89ms. Anyone else having this issue and found a solution?
  6. Before the latest January patch we had the option of choosing which server we wanted to play on. This was a relief for those of us that wanted to find servers where you could play with people who spoke the same language (in my case I went with english). I live in europe, and there are a lot of players there who doesn't speak english (or doesn't want to), resulting in grave communicating difficulties. Since f13 is alot about team play, this is a serious problem. May I humbly suggest a way of setting a language preference? this way players could play with people who speaks the same language on dedicated language servers.
  7. I know that decidicated servers are coming soon, but just want to put this out there for possible changes or just an idea. I love Friday The 13th The Game, but there is just one major issue, the quitters. I hate it when you are in a match and are picked as Jason, but never get points. Just when you are about to win, the host just leaves, or maybe you grab somebody, and just to be a jerk, they quit before you can even kill them. This bothers me because I can hardly ever get a 7/7 kill count since people always quit. I have ideas to fix this. 1) Temporary Ban) If there was a temporary ban system it would keep people from leaving every other match. Such as a 1-5 min ban at first, but for repeat offenders an hourly ban may need to happen. 2)Reputation) For those who still feel the need to quit, a reputation system may need to be implimented. For every quit early match that occurs, that person's reputation would go down. Depending on your rep, you are suited with games with other players of that reputation. E.g) Player doesn't leave any matches = 100% rep and are matched with 80-100% rep players, players with moderate quit early matches =50-70% quit early players, constant offenders = 0% rep players. This will be sure to prevent people from leaving in-gmae matches since they don't like the taste of their own medicine. (Rep will go back up in intervals of 10 after a ceratain time period) 3) In-Game Xp) If all else fails, why not collect Xp during the match. For whatever Xp you earn, it immediately counts towards your level progression, and at the end of the match, it tallys up your Xp just to tell you what you have earned in the match. Sort of like an overview of what happened with the match Xp. Like I mentioned, Dedicated Servers are coming, which is great. However, i'm not sure if it is going to cover those in-game not going to get a kill from me players. . .(also I didn't account for people who disconnect on accident)
  8. Members 4 6 posts I really hate to keep harping on the same old crap... but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!... Give us dedicated servers already! I read a forum post some time ago (not sure if it was here or one of the other forums) saying that dedicated servers WERE in the works and they were awaiting approval from microsoft and sony. THAT was several months ago... and still we're hearing nothing. They keep making these patches... that in all honesty, while its nice to get a new counselor here or there and kill packs and such, basically do NOTHING for the overall playability of the game. ENOUGH.... This game... one of the greatest of the last 10 years... is suffering because the people at GUN and ILLFONIC are mishandling it at EPIC levels. Come on folks... I know you're a small company (Gun Media) but you can do better than this... the last couple of patches have basically been band-aids over cancer. This games losing players in DROVES.... (particularly on consoles)... and it's pathetic. This game has SO MUCH potential... and you guys are letting it die on the vine. Before you start throwing a whole bunch more crap at it... why don't you fix whats already there. Thus far, every patch has done nothing but make things worse in my opinion. We get a new patch... and a bunch of new bugs to go with it. Granted, a FEW minor things were fixed with the last one... but I saw far more new glitches than old ones that were fixed. FIX WHAT WE HAVE.... ITS GREAT. THEN we can worry about NEW stuff.... dowloadable content and what not. THE BIGGEST thing you can do to help this game is dedicated servers.... NO MATTER HOW GOOD IT IS or HOW GOOD IT PLAYS, NONE of it matters if 7 out of every 10 games never makes it to completion because of host drops. And believe me.... I know PLENTY of HARD CORE players who LOVE this game who have just given up on it already because they just can't deal with the idiocy of the host drops and ridiculousness of a lot of the trolling and such that goes on. The answer to that is not to put 100 more pocket knives on the map, a new Jason, more counselors, a new map, or even a new game mode. The ANSWER is DEDICATED SERVERS and a troll/glitch reporting process IN GAME that makes it easy to contact the developers about problems they're having. It's a video game folks... Not rocket science.
  9. Here is the most recent response to being asked about dedicated servers, paranoia mode, the next patch, single player challenges etc...
  10. Does everyone have terrible ping, or are the servers buggy as hell ATM? about 6-ish months ago I was able to run this game on the highest graphic settings possible and have maybe 60-160 ping but now im getting about 100-999+ ping while running on the lowest possible graphic settings possible, I also noticed 6/8 players in the lobby have about a 200+ ping. Anyone else notice this stuff?
  11. As an avid Friday fan, I am beginning to lose hope. I have played F13 for about two months now, and at first - saw a game thats everything Ive always wanted. Seriously, its an amazing concept, and almost all of it was incredibly well put together. Yes, there are some minor bugs and things occasionally float, but its safe to say that has happened in every game and does not ruin a game, at least not for me. I can deal with small things like that. What I can't deal with though, is why there is currently no Host transfer protocol if the host leaves. And why there is no report function in game. I dont know what it is about this game, but you dont have to read far in the forums to hear similar complaints to mine - this game has attracted some of the worst the gaming community has to offer. Trolls. And Im not just talking about the backstabbing idiots that follow you around opening doors that you lock, or the counselors that work with Jason to kill everyone else, or getting run over by a team mate. (Which should have a FAR greater negative repercussion than it does. There is literally no reason for them NOT to, 200- exp? seriously? they make that up in the same game) No, Im talking about trolls that are even worse than that. Ill use todays experience as example. Early afternoon, log on, excited for a free night of gaming. Game #1 Get spawned as jason, kill 3 counselors - one of which was host. Host leaves, game destroyed. Game #2 Host leaves before game even loads in. Game #3 Okay, lets try that again. Things are going well - get spawned next to keys, gas & the car. Its a miracle! Now all we need is the battery. After searching a few minutes, I spot the battery on my map. As I'm running to it, a team member picks it up first. Does he run to the car? Nah, he runs the opposite direction to the corner of the map and logs off, destroying the battery. Okay, well - I guess I'm not getting away in the car. Time to call the cops. Get cops on their way and 10 seconds til they arrive, guess what happens. The host leaves! Game #4 This time, I get disconnected with a generic message. Who knows if the host left, or if it was just another random server issue. Game 5# Spawn in, have bad luck finding anything of much use, decide to run to jasons cabin and make a break for the sweater. Get there & discover he is afk. People slowly leave the match out of boredom, I run the clock down and finally finish a single match. An hour. It took me an hour to complete ONE MATCH. Now I get that bad luck happens some days, but this is bordering on absurd. After the last game, I was so frustrated and disheartened at finding a legitimate match I quit for the night and am now on something different. It boggles my mind to think that so many things were done perfectly in this game; yet there is no report player feature, there is no host transfer protocol. Until you fix these issues, your game is destined for dust.
  12. Been trying to join a lobby and last 20 attempts failed
  13. I may as well get this out of the way and out of my system. Will the servers be stable enough or will there be another episode of meltdown?
  14. Hello everyone, I'm Brazilian and I face many problems when trying to play this game, I only find servers hosted by other Brazilians and the quality is horrible! Before it was not like that, when I bought the game in the pre-sale I fell into dedicated and non-hosted servers, after some updates I have only fallen on hosted servers that almost always give black screen and does not start the game! Can someone tell me a way to fall into gringo server? GRATEFUL!!!!
  15. I am not really sure how the other end of a private server works , my friends and I have ran several of our own private servers for games on Steam . Right now we have a 60 person private server for the game ARK : Survival Evolved on PC that we run through Blue Fang . My question is will it be possible to pay for and run our own Friday the 13th games through a private server hosting company ? Like I said , I am normally just the guy who sends a check for it / paypal from time to time , so if Gun has nothing to do with that end of things than I apologize for wasting your time .
  16. Turns out the recent database login errors were from a DDOS attack. There's little information to go off of. But it's safe to assume that the reason behind it is because of the recent banning debacle. It's childish, stupid, and just an asshole thing to do. You'll find the info here: And @GunMedia_Ben you have my condolences. As I said in another thread, don't listen to the fucktards.
  17. So tired of getting booted after spending 20 mins chasing or hiding from people and the server host gets pissed before you can be awarded your points and leaves the game..... Why is there not a server migration already in place to prevent this :/ Since there is not PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Adding the option to host a public server instantly. I don't understand why I have to wait 20 to 30 minutes to get into a game where I am just the host of the lobby. I know I'm not the only one searching for matches out there. I'm sure your system works internally and the patch isn't opened to ps4 yet, but I feel if there was another option other then quick match. (For people that want a quick match.) and private ( friends / party ) Host option would get the ball rolling much faster for the majority. The delema is a lot of people choose that and there are many empty lobbys. Maybe that problem can get solved by merging empty lobbies. A message prompt asking if u want to merge. I'm sure this is a difficult task, but it's an idea.
  19. I noticed some people were having problems with servers, including me so I was wondering if anyone wanted to join with me, my gamertag is NightmareGoggle
  20. Message me for invite Shadow Kantuss looking for players
  21. My internet is fine, is anyone else getting this error message? Database Login Error: Verify Internet Connection. Try Again or Offline MY INTERNET CONNECTION IS WORKING FINE.
  22. Waited 5 minutes and still never found a game? Is everyone on PC?
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