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Found 2 results

  1. I came back to F13 this weekend after taking a three month break from the game. Literally nothing has changed from the meta "3 months ago" all the way until now. It's still counselors like Vanessa, Chad, Fox, etc. being abused and constantly selected every match. Counselors are still trying to go for kills on Jason as the preferred method of winning a game while doing objectives as their side mission. This is absurd. Any other multiplayer game that you take a huge break from and then come back, the meta 99% of the time evolves and new strategies are discovered and metas shift. Friday the 13th: The Game sadly seems like a game with a shallow amount of depth and not much varying play styles that allow for a plethora of high-end effective strategies for both Counselors or Jason. This game is a mess if you have no friends or groups to play with and I honestly feel terribly sorry for any of you that are forced to play Quick Play. Many of you probably don't care because you've never experienced how this game truly is played in private matches with seven other friends who happen to be great players, but damn, it is not even the same game when you compare the two modes. I played a whole day straight today of Quick Play without any of my friends or private games, and no wonder people think Jason is so overpowered. There's barely any team work, mics, and it seems like a majority of the team is every man for their-selves. Unbelievable. If this game does not receive a major overhaul or big improvements to game play, I fear it may wither down and slowly decay for good and become one of the tiniest community-driven games which I really do not want to see. Friday the 13th is a huge name and it deserves much better for both the community and the online gaming experience. Aside from fixing many of the bugs and glitches, I strongly propose these changes happen for both public Quick Play and Private play matches: QUICK PLAY CHANGES: Add in keyboard chat for counselors that shows in-game what someone types. (Jason will not see the text pop up on screen if he is close) Get rid of Suicide entirely, and allow a player to climb through a window until their health reaches the lowest possible point. Once your health reaches 1HP, you are only allowed to climb a window once every 10 seconds. Same applies to jumping out of two floor windows. Get rid of being able to run over a counselor with the car to kill them. Now when you run over a counselor, it will just knock them down, and they won't take any damage. Show an indicator on the screen that let's you see where fellow counselor placed bear traps are. It can be a small glow with 50% transparency so you can see traps through walls, doors, or near obscure areas so you know a counselor placed a bear trap. Add an option on Quick Play to search for non-partied games, where you will get paired with any players searching solo only. PRIVATE PLAY CHANGES: A toggle to turn off counselor duplicates. (meaning only one counselor can be selected, no more of this double Vanessa crap.) A toggle to turn off perks. The counselors do not need them VS Jason at all. A toggle to select Jason's Mask varying health points to "Normal, Increased, or Greatly Increased".
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