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Found 17 results

  1. Jenny Myers is a tank for composure. I currently have equipped the Night Owl perk for 58% darkness resistance. Controlled breathing - 22% (faster composure increase while hiding) And Ice Cold - 49% (reduction of fear of dead bodies) For some reason I think Ice Cold may not be that good. Is there any sources of how much fear rises from seeing a dead body? Lone Wolf or Nerves Of Steel are interesting choices. Nerves of Steel is overall fear resistance right?
  2. i love this game, dont get me wrong, but theres something not right in it. Jason its not scary because theres no hiding factor in the game at the moment and fight back its the only option. in a game like this, fight back should be the hardest option not the easiest. So i would really appreciate if sense gets completly reworked in a way that jason can no longer pinpoint where you are but just gets a tip of where you could be. i think jason its not a threat if hes chasing you, but only when hes shifting, so i would love to see a jason that can actually outrun counselors without needing teleports, replace shift with a sprint rush instead. and if you think that this will make chasing a car impossible i mean the car its supposed to be impossible to chase :\ you should focus on objective control instead. as a counselor i think that too much bullying and fighting back ruins the experience, from the jason prospective you just find someone with sense and try to grab him with your extremly embarrassing grab hitbox before he hits you and you get stunned for 20 seconds, is it fun? no. i tried in a private match to toggle off the music and jason couldnt use sense, that was intense and funny as fuck! :D and also the fear system its cancer, if you are being chased by jason you cant enjoy it because your screen colors start becoming purple its not funny its annoying, try to watch being chased by jason at 0 fear and then try to being chased at 100 fear, you cant even see a color, how am i supposed to feel scary if i cant see colors? its not enjoyable. jason should be a chaser, not a teleporting snail, Gun rework your chasing, sense and fear system because its trash, comment your ideas below if you like!
  3. I wanted to talk about 2 things, STALK and SENSE SENSE for Jason to find a counselor, all he really needs to do is flick a switch and the lights turn on, this is something that had always bothered me about the game as it made it too easy for the Jason to know where you are it also limits the ways to avoid Jason, you have no other choice but to run, you can't hide in the bushes or in the closets because he'll know youre there, so your only option is to run but if we are to remove the sense ability, we need to buff his hearing ability, so when he hears a counselor he would have an idea of where to look, but not a pin point location STALK I can't fathom why Jason's stalk ability is given late game and has a meter, why not just give it to Jason at the beginning of the match and make it permanent, counselors having a free music sense ability whenever Jason is nearby makes it too easy, it gives players a sense of security knowing that they will detect Jason whenever he is nearby making the game less scary by making these changes you open up a whole new way to play f13, the games pace will change, the game will no longer be a morph in and chase, you can now actually sneak up on unsuspecting and careless players TL;DR remove SENSE, give Jason STALK at the beginning of the game and make it permanent, and buff Jason's "hearing" sense
  4. Please make the stealth perks useful and also the characters with hight stealth are useless too because Jason can spam sense each 2 seconds, thats a little bit ridiculous, basically all kind of stealth perks and strenghts of some characters like A.J. Mason, Deborah Kim, Erik LaChappa, Jenny Myers and Tiffany Cox are useless in terms of stealth.
  5. Despite the recent nerfs to Jason and buffs to the counselors, I still find the online component of this game enjoyable to play. Yes, having Jason's grab and melee range buffed again would be nice, but until that happy day comes a change in tactics is required to effectively play the game as Jason, and frankly, it's a change that actually makes you feel even more like everyone's favorite hockey mask-wearing killer...using stealth and, above all else, patience to take counselors down. Abilities such as sense and stalk are often used by Jason players, but they use them more as blunt hammers as opposed to a surgeon's scalpel. Using your abilities in conjunction with a little bit of deviousness can yield great results. For example, last night I was playing Jason on the Packanack map. I turned on sense and saw that on the other side of the lodge were two counselors on the porch. I activated stalk, walked into the lodge, hid out against the wall opposite of the counselors and just waited. Eventually, their two glowing red silhouettes made their way over to the window by me, and I continued to wait until the 1st counselor opened the window and began his climbing animation, at which point he was committed. Then I just walked right over and grabbed him - actually making him scream and surprise in the process, which was great - and then tossed his ass right out through the same window he had just crawled in through. It was immensely satisfying, and it was probably similar to how such a scene would have played out in a Friday the 13th movie. Yes, Jason has been weakened unfairly, but at the same time I don't think a lot of players are using his abilities to their maximum potential. Instead of just barreling after counselors right out in the open, experiment with being sneaky and patient. That match consisted of a bunch of counselors that stuck together, and I still managed get 6 out of 8 kills. Anyone have a story about a particularly sneaky kill that they've managed to pull off as Jason?
  6. We did some more testing on Sense this weekend. Thanks to @Brigadius and @bewareofbears for the assistance. I'm posting results of the ongoing testing in the Playbook thread here. I don't want to clutter up the help thread with people having a discussion, so I'll make this thread if you want to talk about the results. There is a ton more that has to be done, but we'll get around to it when we can.
  7. I find it common that people underrate composure. They value stealth much much more, when they go hand in hand. Jason sees you more easily with sense if you're scared. If you're at maximum fear, you will blink red anywhere on the map regardless if you're hiding or not. And if you're hiding & scared, your character will give up their position and get killed if Jason walks by. I always play as Jenny Myers, because she's meant to be the final girl. She has max composure, and it takes a while to get her to maximum fear. If people bring Jason to my house, all I have to do is hide under a bed and wait till they kill them. Jason usually doesn't detect me in the house, so he leaves after that, and I go back to doing what I was doing.
  8. If you can use the sense perk for 3 seconds then deactivate it you only get a 3 second cooldown doesn't matter which Jason you pick. That cant be on purpose, right? The stalk ability gets a full cooldown even if you just switch it on for a second. I mean if Jason had a full cooldown on sense like 10 seconds or so on you could atually have a chance to get away or at least trick him for a few seconds.
  9. one thing that bothered me about f13 is the fact that jason is played the same every game, trap the objective, spawn, chase the counselor till he/she runs out of stamina, rinse, repeat. there not too many ways to evade jason, because once he finds you, he'll constantly keep your fear levels up and thus his senses will keep a lock on you, it goes for every jason in the game during the games development i was always excited about the different, jasons.... i was hoping since that majority of the jasons cant run, theyd have to use stealth and cunning to kill their foes, to my disappointment.... no, youre going to have to chase them down now hypothetically speaking....what if we were to remove both the counselor's and jason's senses? yes im talking about removing jasons ability to pin point your exact location NOT his hearing sense , he should still be able to hear movements, and if the counselors fear levels are high enough, we should be able to hear their breathing within a certain range , jason would still have a general idea of where you are, but not an exact location, instead of lighting up like a christmas tree at a flick of a button as pointed out by one of the posters, it could promote a camping gameplay, so in order to remedy this, make the sense ability a late game ability in line with the rage ability, once jason gets the rage, he unlocks sense as well. now, for the counselors, if we remove jasons sense, we should remove the counselors sense that causes music when jason is nearby, being able to have a free detection for jason gives you a sense of security, the horror music should only play when your camera is pointing at jason, its basically a permanent stalk for jason being a horror game, shouldnt we be promoting uncertainty?, would that make for more interesting gameplay?, has it been done before? or at least considered ?
  10. On the map Higgens Haven, you can jump out a 2nd story lodge window any window in the lodge to become permanently invisible to sense when outdoors. If a bugged counselor goes inside a house, the house will stay red even if the bugged counselor leaves. The bugged counselor never glows, only the houses they enter will glow. In this video: 0:00-0:30 - Normal behavior of sense. The counselor is not bugged here yet. 0:36-0:45 - Only Chad is in lodge. I use sense as Chad jumps out the window. The building stays highlighted red even after Chad has jumped outside. Chad is now permanently invisible to sense as long as he's outdoors. EDIT: Tested this again yesterday (July 5th) and I noticed it happens with any window, not just the 2nd story one. This bug I am reporting is occurring on the PC platform. The bugged counselor didn't have any perks equipped.
  11. I wish I got the Stalk ability before the Sense ability. In the early game sense isn't as needed, given the amount of people and the lack of range on it. However in the early game Stalk is super amazingly awesome, because people still haven't really explored all the buildings so you can actually find a building and "stalk" in it and SCARE THE JEESUS out of someone. But I'm a weirdo
  12. Please give a visual meter or symbol on how much fear a counselor has AND when Jason is able to spot you through his sense perk. I know about the "look at the counslors Face" but it is not reliable. I've done some testing in private matches with a buddy and I definitely had 0% fear. I had my flashlight on and I was crouching. But he still managed to find me through sense. I've read the threat about the "fear system" and I know the basics about how it works and how to lower it etc. But as long as you are in his sense vicinity you will glow like a Christmas tree unless you have a perk (which is useless since you can deactivate sense and then reactivate with no cooldown) or are hiding in a hiding spot. So either give us a visual smybol to let you know that your fear is so high that Jason can "sense" you (not that he is using it right now but that he could do it) or give us a meter which fills as your fear grow's. It was hoping for some moments where you stand still and see Jason nearby and hope he doesn't see you but since he always spots you with sense thats not gonna happen. To make it clear I'm not asking for a nerf. It's just so frustrating playing super stealthy just to find out Jason could see you all along and that your playstyle is useless. But if I had a symbol or meter telling me "Jason can sense me right know" then I can adapt my playstyle and for example look for the next hiding spot. English is not my native language so don't go hard on me.
  13. I'll start talking about the state of the game right now. We enter the game, Jason morphs, hopefully near some counselors, few moments later Jason gets Sense, and commits to relentlessly pursue the counselors, unable to hide. This results in the counselor/s getting frustrated, being killed so early in the game without being able to lose his sight. And Stalk is just... pointless. Pointless for the time we get it in the game, when every cabin is destroyed and counselors are just running in the woods or dying by broken glasses. Now let's talk about the movies. A group of horny teenagers wants to have sex in Jason's garden. Jason has written several times to the Town Hall but the Major doesn't care so he has to take care of the problem. He kill those teenagers one by one silently through the whole movie until the last 15 minutes of final confrontation and loud chase. Well then, why not make the game like the movie? How could we do that? Here's my suggestion. Change Stalk to be the second skill Jason gains and move Sense to the last. I think this could be a very fun and fair change for BOTH parties, Jason and counselors. Counselors would be able to juke Jason more easily in the early minutes and potentially distract him better with the radios and hiding spots, and take advantage of that for a more safe 'looting phase'. Jason could still pursue and catch them, but you could actually lost him for a few minutes. Jason would have a more strategic play in the early minutes, being able to ambush silently while they are still looting and not paying attention, forcing counselors to watch every corner carefully, even peeking through doors (I don't even know if this is still a feature because NOBODY uses it, but I remember misclicking doors back in the Beta and doing it), and only able to see sound blips until he eventually gains Sense and counselors couldn't hide from him anymore (At all, hello A.J) This would result in a better movie-like game while maintaining balance (not needing to nerf Jason or buffing counselors) and improving the fun. More hide & seek early game, more run for your god damn life late game, instead of just the latter since the beginning. I hope you like this idea and share your thoughts. This is a really great game, but together we can make it even better.
  14. Not sure if it is intended or a exploit/cheap trick. So I posted it in the bug report forum too. If you use the sense perk for 3 seconds then deactivate it you only get a 3 second cooldown doesn't matter which Jason you pick. That cant be on purpose, right? The stalk ability gets a full cooldown even if you just switch it on for a second. I mean if Jason had a full cooldown on sense like 10 seconds or so on you could atually have a chance to get away or at least trick him for a few seconds.
  15. If someone turns the radio on the cabin should show red on vision until it's turned off. As a way to offset this taking out power should kill the radios, too. I don't think it did in the beta.
  16. Hello there, i hope you can help me with four questions about the sense ability and fear. 1. So.. we know that Jason can sense the counselors fear (which one let them light up red), but how it works on the buildings, does the buildings light up everytime when a counselor entering or just if one of them have fear? (really hopes just if they have a high fearlevel...) 2. Will the counselors "REALLY" just lights up when the fearlevel is high or maby too randomly with a lesser chance? Will Vanesse with the lowest stealth show up everytime as Chrismastree with red lights or just if shes scared? 3. You see can notice on the minimap that you make noises as counselor with white circles, but the circles become bigger the more noise you makes... Can Jason see your blips from a farther distance or will he see them everytime no matter from what distance while sense is activated? 4.(one more question!) The counselor have one or two perks that allow you to avoid Jasons sense ability with xx% chance, but what it means? When the perk success, is Jason not able to see your blips while his sense is activated or you dont will light up? (sorry when my english is too bad) Thank you for reponses!
  17. I understand that firecrackers and flare now stun Jason for a time now. I get why everyone wanted this, though I honestly don't approve of this myself. Especially if they stun just as long as the shotgun stuns Jason. If someone can elaborate on how long each item stuns Jason, I'd be grateful. On that train of thought I'd like to suggest something. How about we lower the stun time for the firecrackers and flare stuns while, BUT double that time if you stun Jason while he has his sense active. Kinda like like how you'd blind a man if you turned on a light while he was using night vision goggles. You could also add time to his sense cooldown as a penalty, or flat out take away for a short time. What do you think?
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