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Found 36 results

  1. Savini, Counselour clothing packs, are all KICKSTARTER BENEFITS, meaning you weren’t here in 2015-2016 and you didn’t donate enough money on kickstarts et to get the game going, then you don’t have these, and you won’t get these. That is final. Xbox and PS4 physical copy Clothing, again this was just for the physical copy releases of the game on Console, so unless you own such, you won’t have them. That is final. Jason X, he was never released fully, and he has been cancelled I definetly due to legal restraints, so you won’t have him ever, and nobody currently does. This is final. So everyone please stop spamming in all caps with 8 exclamation points about why you want these things to be released, because they are (atleast most) released, you just don’t own them for specific reasons. And I’m sorry to say it but spamming the forums and twitter accounts won’t get them.these things will not become public release and they haven’t for years. So please stop being a child, and grow out of your savini phase, your kickstarter late phase or your “I want my promised content” phase and please grow up and enjoy the game. Because your behavior like this is toxic for the community. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.
  2. Much of this game, I actually like. Glitches and all. Sometimes the glitches simply have me ROFLOL. However, I thought it would be cool to make a thread about what YOU would do if you created the game. What things would YOU do to make the game better? For me, I would NOT allow duplicate counselors. This would make Jason much harder to kill (gang-up kill) and for people to accomplish the objectives. Having 4 LaChappas to put cars, boats, fuses etc together is clearly problematic. Add a "Prestige Mode" - Some players are simply losers. They spend all their time in life getting to 150 rank then start team killing with the car or teaming with Jasons. This is a total dick move. It's not even trolling it's just you being an asshole. A Prestige Mode would reset all of your stats and unlocks and give you a badge for going through the process again. You would have to go through earning badges and everything all over again. As a reward, reach 150 again and get a different award to go prestige again. Maybe even award a Savini Jason for Going Prestige X amount of times. Only allow 1 Savini Jason in a Lobby - This should be a no-brainer. Truly randomize fuse house, Tommy's radio and other item placements. I think many of these things can be done without issues with the lawsuit too. They'd really be "tweaks" and not additions to the game. What kind of changes would you make to the game if YOU were the developer?
  3. Alright, listen -- More recently, I've been getting complaints when I play as Savini Jason that he is overpowered, too strong, and that no skill is required to kill 7-8 players in a match. Why is this the conclusion? Because of his different music and his cool appearance? So, to educate myself, I've made an effort to play every Jason, even the ones deemed "bad jasons", and I can see why some are preferable over others, but I don't find the Jasons THAT much lacking. But why is Savini framed as a god-tier Jason? Let's do a quick run down on Savini Jason: Strengths: 1. Increased Shift Regeneration Speed, 2. Weapon Deals More Damage, 3. Increased Speed While Breaking Down Doors and Walls Weaknesses: 1. Slower Movement Underwater, 2. Cannot Run, Slightly Lower Top-End Speed, 3. Decreased Grip Strength So, I analyzed the strengths and weaknesses. Obviously, the shift regen is pretty significant. Part 6 and Part 9 Jasons also have increased shift regen though, and Part 6 has a reduced cooldown on his sense ability and it lasts longer, which Savini lacks. I'm more inclined to think that Part 9 Jason is the OP one, with Stun Resistance and Increased Stalking as well. Part 8 Jason can break down doors and walls faster too, like Savini Jason, but has MASSIVELY increased water speed. I can tell you firsthand as Savini Jason that I cannot catch a boat that is already in motion if I can't morph near it. As for weapon dealing more damage, Part 3 Jason has that as well, AS WELL AS increased Grip Strength, something Savini is severely lacking. I agree that Savini Jason is definitely not a "terrible" Jason, but each of the Jasons are tailored to different gameplay styles. One person might be REALLY good at Part 2 Jason because they know how to trap well, and would prefer to run instead of relying on shift and possibly getting juked. Sorry for the sort-of-long post, but I guess I just want to know why exactly Savini is OP, rarity or anything aside, I just mean solely based on stats. I have found that when I play a certain Jason, I have to change my mindset because I have different utility at my disposal and different resources to draw from, based on the Jason's strengths. Thanks for reading, - Nubcakes -
  4. So now that we know were not getting anymore dlc for the game, i was thinking about the fact that i spent a year playing this, made hundreds of pieces of artwork, spent $80+ dollars on this game so why not give the fans backer stuff now that were not getting anything. I'm not being facetious, i genuinely dont understand why players who had no idea about the campaign or just couldnt help but bought the game digital and physical, bought all the dlc and played every night for a year, though all the bugs, glitches, and assh*les in the game cant get those clothing items. Im not even talking about Savini Jason, as much as i would love to have him i know how much people would complain about it if he was givin away. Dozens of new players have joined, so why not just add them in like a patch or something, free for all those who have stuck around, or hell how about making them be new unlockable clothing. This game is going to die with out new content, even just releasing old exclusive content might help with it.
  5. Hey guys! I'm back. So a couple of days ago, I showed my mom a video of Samantha from Part IV getting killed. She got mad over this so she told my brother to delete F13, which I re-installed right now. I installed every DLC that I owned, which is everything, including the clothing pack that was on sale before launch and Savini. Well, the issue is that I checked my Jasons and Savini Jason isn't there. Should I put this in the bug topic, I don't know. But Savini isn't there and I'm kind of scared. If this is a bug, I'm hoping it's gonna get fixed because I can't find Savini. Literally, I checked the homepage (Xbox) and didn't see any DLC that's referring to him. Forgive me if this has been answered or I'm posting this in the wrong.. section? I don't know.
  6. In private match a buddy was Roy as Jason, but when the game ended it was shown as Savini instead. He does not own Savini either to play as him
  7. Now I’m not sure if any of you guys know this but Savini looks way better on PC than he does console. Im sure I’m gonna get those “ Because PC is the best you console scrub. “ but it’s such a noticeable difference. PC: more particle effects and even small heat waves. Console ( PS4 pro ): less particle effects and no heat waves.
  8. Okay, there's something that has bothered me a lot in the last few days. So i'll vent a little with u guys I'm one of the players who legitimately own Jason Savini, like most of u guys i made the donation trough Kickstarter. It turns out that, in the last few days i'm feeling uncomfortable playing as Savini. When i enter in a lobby, people call me Hacker or try to discourage me playing as Savini saying that he is OP and only noobs choose him. There's any way that i can prove that i'm not a Hacker? Other than sending them a printscreen of my purchase? Is that really necessary? Regarding the "OP", it wouldn't be better to let Savini visible to everyone, so they have the possibility to analyze that Savini isn't strong as it seems? Another thing, are those toxic and ignorance reactions liable to punishment? I mean, are those enough reasons for report anyone? Sorry about this guys, i'm just taking off a weight of my shoulders And i would like to know if anyone else goes trough this and how to deal with it.
  9. http://bloody-disgusting.com/video-games/3489138/kane-hodder-dressing-nes-jason-savini-jason-upcoming-convention/ this is really cool.
  10. New Kill 1: Savini throws down the counselor in their back and they start to beg for mercy. Savini stabs them five times. One in the left leg, two in the chest, one in the stomach, and finally through the neck. New Kill 2: Savini throws down the counselor on their knees. Savini walks behind them and starts to slowly insert the pointy end of the pitchfork through the anal cavity which will emerge through the mouth before pulling it out. Vlad the impaler style. New Kill 3: The counselor appears to escape Savini's grab and runs away only to be impaled from behind through the back when Savini throws his pitchfork at them. The counselor gets on their knees and Savini walks closer to retrieve his pitchfork. As soon as Savini pulls it from the counselors back, they fall to the ground face first deceased. Well? What do you think?
  11. We all know this was a kickstarter item so leave it at that. It is what it is unfortunately. Really, I feel for those that didn't get it. I have a friend that is willing to pay full retail price for one but it's not happening. Forget it everyone. Maybe gunmedia will change their minds in the near future, maybe they won't. But enough already. The horse is long dead, later.
  12. Savini Jason is the only Jason you cannot get in random pick which sucks Do you guys think they should make it in the random pick? comment below (also make skins work in random pick I.E the bloody skins and NES Jason)
  13. I know that PlayStation accidentally put Savini on the PS Store but I know there's still ways to get him but I don't know exactly how? May Some PlayStation gamer tell me please? Will this also overwrite your game data?
  14. This may be presumptuous of me, but it seems like whenever I’ve used my Savini Jason in a lobby, people tend to try harder/grief more? Is it just a matter of people being salty about it or? Like I’ve literally been in matches where someone screams “Savini! Let’s kill him!” Has anyone else encountered similar?
  15. I don't know how they would do this but what if they go for the normal $3.00 price on whatever market place? That would make people who buy the kill pack and not have Savini, they would have spent $3.00 on nothing! Now there are 4 ways they could do this. They could make Savini available for everyone ( hopefully that never happens ), they could add switchable weapons and you could use the weapon, it will be free on the marketplace, or the kill pack would be in a update. What do you guys think they will do?
  16. A bunch of people got mad because savini was on the store for 30 mins for $5, then got deleted right after. It would also make really good sense to bring him back if Gun Media makes a kill pack for him. Who else agree's? Thanks for reading
  17. Hi again ! just another alternate launching image but this time with Savini Jason. You can grab it here : Savini Splash Just put the file in your " ...\Steam\steamapps\common\F13Game\SummerCamp\Content\Splash\ " folder ( backup the old one first if you want ).Hope you'll like it. PS: I don't own any rights to the image, I just resized and converted it to .bmp
  18. As an owner of Savini Jason, one of the more common statements is the whole "pay to win" saltiness and how people will leave en-mass if you pick him. I think the best way to quell this would be to include another Jason that is available to everyone, wielding the same stat layout ( +shift, +Destruction, +weapon strength, -run, -water speed, -grip strength), and wielding a farm pitchfork. The suggestion therefore is Scarecrow Jason, a concept that was touched upon once long ago where Jason's spirit would inhabit a titular scarecrow and then do Jason things. It would make sense for it to be slow in water ,weak grip, unable to run, and using a pitchfork used to toss hay, the other aspects firmly tying into the supernatural aspect. Naturally, this is something of a pipeline idea. We obviously want the other Jasons in the game first, but this is a suggestion that the creators of the F13 game could possibly look into.
  19. Ok I want to start this saying don't set your hopes to high this probs won't happen pls read the whole thing so people playing since launch have made it to higher levels with little to no rewards like new clothes which is nice even though gun media gave away free clothes once cough cough anyway I'd like to see the higher levels more rewarded like ranked play f13 with a 10 min timer not 20 making fast paced Jason action this will be unlocked at lvl 40 this will provide more credits for counsellors and Jason as it's ranked now these are long shots very long shots first one is more credits for players talking in game this makes the player base more social and fun for everyone and at level 200 not out yet players really into the game but not aware of kickstarter can get saving Jason for a price as this is very unlikely fans love the game and gun media but didn't kickstarter for some reason so it's a second chance basically
  20. Am I the only one that thinks it's unfair how you require to have backed the game to acquire the Tom Savini designed Jason Voorhees? Seriously, I didn't even know about this game until about a month ago so that automatically blocks me from getting Savini Jason because I didn't know about the game at that time? It is punishment for lack of knowledge. Even if it costs 10x the price the backers had to pay for it I believe it shouldn't be locked to the majority of the community for not knowing this game was a Kickstarter project.
  21. Hello. I never received the Savini Jason DLC Code I purchased. I've sent quite a few messages to Gun Media about this but have not heard anything, other than to check the Backerkit website. A link was sent to me claiming the DLC code was available, but when I visited the link to get it, it only led to the exact same code for just the digital copy of the game. Hopefully someone from Gun will see this message this time and decide to help. Thank you.
  22. Hello all! I have started an online petition for the goal of having the DLC (Savini Jason & Counsellor Pack) brought back out of early retirement. I've never been a huge fan of limiting/exclusive DLC for video games; DLC should be accessible for everyone at all times in my opinion. Hopefully, you're someone who believes so too. Please sign the petition if you're open to the idea of not limiting DLC for this great game! Again, this forum thread and petition is intended only for players who want DLC to not be limited. I'm aware there are others out there who are perfectly fine with it being exclusive. Petition can be found at the following: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/f13-game-dlc Thanks for your support!
  23. Hi guys, streaming live tonight on youtube, feel free to come and join in on the chat and interact, subscribe & like, the support would be great. Thank you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNdRzka328I
  24. I and few people i know have been kicked from sessions for using Tom Savini jason...anyone on here ever had that happen?
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