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Found 18 results

  1. I made a petition for Friday The 13th The Game asking Gun Media and Black Tower Studios if after the lawsuit ends they would finish the Grendel Map and the Uber Jason from the movie Jason X. And also start making new Friday The 13th Content. Because in my opinion if we don't get any new content for this game it will end up dying. So if you are a big fan of Friday The 13th please sign this petition to keep this game alive and resume the making of all content. http://chng.it/kFmfcdnS4t
  2. This poll is just to get a rough idea of what percentage of the people here have access to Savini Jason.
  3. Guys , can you have medium bloody Skins on PC? Because I know one asshole , who has a bloody Savini Skin , on PC and is like Level 30 or lower and only 50 Hours of playtime. He is a total fucking asshole and I Need a convincing Point to prove my Friends that he is a hacker. He even called me a treacherous bastard because I wanted to Play a short round as Jason in quick Play without him…. I only know @JPops has a physical copy on PC.
  4. *This change would only affect people who own "Savini Jason"* I play primarily random Counselor/Jason to always have to adapt to what the game provides, for extra challenge, to keep the game fresh and to be surprised by being my favorite character and would like to see "Savini Jason" added to the "Random" Jason selection for those with the corresponding DLC. It would be a small tweak and really nice to people who supported the game and like the random aspect of the game (like me).
  5. This may be presumptuous of me, but it seems like whenever I’ve used my Savini Jason in a lobby, people tend to try harder/grief more? Is it just a matter of people being salty about it or? Like I’ve literally been in matches where someone screams “Savini! Let’s kill him!” Has anyone else encountered similar?
  6. Good Morning. I'm new to the forum and I'm happy to be able to participate. Thank you for the opportunity and would like to take this opportunity to find more information on how to get Jason Savini. Can you tell me what it takes? Thank you.
  7. I thought of this a quite a while ago. So when it rains on the maps and the Jason is Savini, could there be steam coming off his left shoulder?
  8. Savini Jason is known for those who supported the kickstarter, and got this exclusive skin. Why not give it for free, or charge it, also I really want this specific type of Jason. This is probably a hopeless dream to come true with a post from a dev saying they are not going to do this again to make it accessible which is a one time thing only, that leaves me empty in despair of a great edition of Jason being touched only by the ones who supported the game.
  9. Am I the only one that thinks it's unfair how you require to have backed the game to acquire the Tom Savini designed Jason Voorhees? Seriously, I didn't even know about this game until about a month ago so that automatically blocks me from getting Savini Jason because I didn't know about the game at that time? It is punishment for lack of knowledge. Even if it costs 10x the price the backers had to pay for it I believe it shouldn't be locked to the majority of the community for not knowing this game was a Kickstarter project.
  10. After reading a lot of the posts and seeing that the new NES Jason will be just a skin on Part 3 makes me wonder why they didn't do this with Savini Jason. This would have made less players angry over the skin, the NES Jason from what I've heard has only one exclusive kill. Something I feel could have went to Savini as well, now that being I love both skins and love Gun is listening to the fans about this. I just hope maybe when they make a newer Jason with a pitchfork maybe the hate on Savini would go down. Enjoy Dancing NES Jason!
  11. Players that don't have access to him keep arguing Savini Jason was "OP", "game-impacting", a "game-changer" or even "pay-to-win". It goes as far as players using him in game get harassed/insulted or even team-killed when they spawn as a counselor. It divides the community when it shouldn't do so. I'm sure that's not what Gun Media had in mind when they introduced the Savini Jason as a 'Thank You' of sorts to the backers/supporters. To put an end to this ongoing argument, please consider giving one of the upcoming Jasons the same weaknesses and strengths combination as Savini Jason, just to allow everyone to see for themselves that Savini Jason is not OP in any way. Thank you for reading. ceno
  12. Is there someone that now if ther still a way to get the savini jason and if so how i do it
  13. Hello Will you be able to buy Savini Jason as dlc? On Ebay, it is sold for 500 dollars and that is an effrontery. EnglischJapanischDeutsch---------------AfrikaansAlbanischAmharischArabischArmenischAserbaidschanischBaskischBengalischBirmanischBosnischBulgarischCebuanoChinesisch (traditionell)Chinesisch (vereinfacht)DänischDeutschEnglischEsperantoEstnischFilipinoFinnischFranzösischGalicischGeorgischGriechischGujaratiHaiti-KreolischHaussaHawaiischHebräischHindiHmongIgboIndonesischIrischIsländischItalienischJapanischJavanischJiddischKannadaKasachischKatalanischKhmerKirgisischKoreanischKorsischKroatischKurdischLaotischLateinLettischLitauischLuxemburgischMadagassischMalaiischMalayalamMaltesischMaoriMarathiMazedonischMongolischNepalesischNiederländischNorwegischNyanjaPaschtuPersischPolnischPortugiesischPunjabiRumänischRussischSamoanischSchottisches GälischSchwedischSerbischShonaSindhiSinghalesischSlowakischSlowenischSomaliSpanischSuaheliSüd-SothoSundanesischTadschikischTamilTeluguThailändischTschechischTürkischUkrainischUngarischUrduUsbekischVietnamesischWalisischWeißrussischWestfriesischXhosaYorubaZuluEnglisch
  14. Alright. So this is something that people with Savini Jason have notice and needs to be addressed by now. Note that before we get started, this is not to debate whether Savini should be sold again or not (he shouldn't be). if your intentions are to argue about that, than this is not the the thread you're looking for. Savini Jasons exclusive music is missing (it plays part 3 music instead). Now i expected this to be addressed in the first patch for XB1 but nothing was added except for his animated fire eyes. I sent a PM to the devs about this but no response. Not even a generic one, just silence. I would like some clarification on if the devs are even aware of this, and how they could release a trailer with the skin and music two months before release yet still have it missing from the main game. Now, this is something small and much bigger things need attention and to be fixed. I would just like some word on this, or clarification.
  15. What do you guys think the lower body of the Savini Jason will look like? Was wondering if all of you had any ideas to what they think his weapon will be & anyone have any opinions on the what they think the stats should/will be? Was also curious as to what other weapons you'd like to see other Jason skins have.
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