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Found 7 results

  1. I have a quick question. I know that this question has bound to have been asked at some point... but I've yet to see it answered. When playing a match in which I am NOT the host.... If I die, and then leave the match before everyone else dies.. let's say that I've died a couple minutes in.. and instead of waiting like ten or so minutes for the match to end.. so I leave the room, leaving the other players Unaffected... Will I still gain salt for that???
  2. So I’d been casually playing Ft13 and I’m generally a good player when it comes to being ‘salty’... I never leave games, I never leave as the host, I never leave as Jason. I don’t ever really do anything to tick the game or other players off, other than being kinda nooby at playing Jason, which is why I stick to counsellors. Earlier, I’d been playing three games. All three games the host left. I then noticed I couldn’t join any games, I got the “You are put in low priority matchmaking”. I took no interest in this, I didn’t know about the Salt Mirns at that point. Skip ahead it started letting me join sessions again, so I play with my boyfriend and after a few games I was in a pissy mood, hosts had still been leaving or we were just never winning. I spawn in the main house, bad connection (glitching everywhere) and the room was dark, run into Jason because I couldn’t see, escape, run down the hall, team mate locks me out of a room and hides (bad team play), Jason comes, grabs me and kills me. Mid kill I leave. I stop playing for an hour. Come back and now I’m forever in the Salt Mines it seems, FOR ONLY LEAVING ONCE. (Obviously I’ll get out eventually) i completely understand the need for the Salt Mines, after being in games with a host leaving it does get frustrating. But leaving during a Jason kill? Leaving once out of your entire gameplay time? I think punishing someone severely just for doing it once is a bit much. Yes it puts myself and other people in place, letting us know not to do it again. But it could be done better and less buggy. (Like me getting in the salt mines for the host leaving the first few games).. Im getting salty now but who couldn’t after only doing something once. I play plenty of other games with penalties like League and they aren’t as severe at punishing people, I’d left plenty of games and never got the penalty. Does anyone have any idea how long I’ll be in these salt mines for??
  3. Just as the title says can you be put in the salt mines via private match? If the host/jason/counseler quits in a private match do they get affected or is it just a public match? Please clarify!
  4. I love the idea of the new infraction system but if I have a network error while I'm still alive as a counselor will that add points on? Or does it only add on points if you physically leave the game? My internet is garbage and I'm worried that I'll get too many infraction points through the errors and get put in the salt mines. I get the error several times a day.
  5. Howdy y’all. Let me start by saying I freakin’ love this game. I just reached level 150 and I can’t wait for the new counselor Victoria and the engine updates and, of course, the salt mines! I have a question about salt points: how will the distributors of said salt points know the difference between when someone quits the game as Jason, for instance, because they are simply salty OR because the game is glitching and, for instance, Jason has no access to any of his powers - which just happened to me right now while playing as Jason. When the game glitches I usually give it a minute or two and try and play through it/give the game a chance to un-glitch itself, but I just quit the game I was playing because I don’t want to run around for 10+ minutes trying to kill these pesky counselors with no morph, sense, shift or stalk. The counselors are hard enough to kill with Jason’s full arsenal of powers. Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide and I am eager for the server updates and all the goodies you guys have in store for 2018! Cheers -Z
  6. As you know, the game is already dying, at least on pc, the 90% of the player base are toxic and the devs are working on an update to add "epic perks" new emotes, and that weird system called The Salt Mines, that system will divide more and player base and in my personal opinion will end up killing the game, they just could implement a system to penalize the players who quit when they are alive in game, Why devs dont focus in revive the game, lowering the price, or I dont know fixing bugs, etc. I know the engine update will fix many things, thats good but they could focus and more things to bring back players and not dividing them with the salt mines. Its just my opinion, what is yours? do the devs really know their game?
  7. Players have caught word of the salt mines update and have decided, instead of leaving because they aren't Jason, they are comitting mass suicide. Over the course of 9 rounds today, I had 6 different people suicide within the first 3 minutes of the match. Please penalize these people Gun.
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