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Found 10 results

  1. I made a petition for Friday The 13th The Game asking Gun Media and Black Tower Studios if after the lawsuit ends they would finish the Grendel Map and the Uber Jason from the movie Jason X. And also start making new Friday The 13th Content. Because in my opinion if we don't get any new content for this game it will end up dying. So if you are a big fan of Friday The 13th please sign this petition to keep this game alive and resume the making of all content. http://chng.it/kFmfcdnS4t
  2. Okay , I am new on the Forum , so please don´t be too harsh. I love that Retro Jason is in this Game ( even if [ atleast for now ] as a skin for part III Jason ) and the devs wanted to rework him (yay) but I kinda want to make breakdown for him how he looks. He has 3 Colors : Black ( for contoures and hair) , turquoise ( for mask , sometimes boots as seen for the Jasons below in the picture [ in the NES game they are only turquoise indoors / in Friday the 13th : The Game they are always turquoise ] and his... ,,hands´´ [ more on that later ]) and purple ( for skin [atleast his head] , jumpsuit and sometimes the boots [ outdoors they are purple ]. His jumpsuit doesn´t have any pockets. The onliest Jason who doesn´t have any pockets is Uber Jason (Pre-uber , Freddy vs. Jason , Reboot and Mortal Kombat X Jason have pockets on their coats / jackets [Kid Jason doesn´t have any pockets too...but you only see him naked...well you could consider his butt a pocket...if you want]) Well... why are his hands turquoise (like his mask and boots) and his head purple? I am certain he wears gloves like part VI. It would make sense wouldn´t it? He put the mask on and he put the boots on so they´re turquoise , he put the gloves on , so they´re turquoise. What do you guys think? He has strains of hair like part IX Jason... but less. Part IV Jason actually has strains of hair too... in the movie atleast. You can see them when he gets demasked. His jumpsuit is kinda like part V´s and part IX´s. He uses his bare fists , a machete and an axe. If they add a weapon with him , his weapon should be his fists because if I think of him with a weapon I remember his fists. But it would need some extra work of the devs and mo-cap... but if it will happen , then if he is breaking a door , he charges an hit and throws the punch. It has of course short range but is very fast to compensate. He also has a belt like most Jasons. For his stats... I think it should be something with Morph+ with no -Shift and he can run (because he definetely runs in the game). Because the color of his boots change depending if he is indoors or outdoors it should be implemented in the game too (would be an cool easteregg). He should also kinda glitch out every now and then (kinda like in Virtual Cabin 2.0). It could happen every time he enters a cabin to implement the color change of his boots. Yeah...These Things propably won´t be implemented but it would be awesome... and I know movie Jasons should be implemented first and bla bla bla. Thanks for reading! I am happy to finally be here.
  3. I watched this one video on how 7 months ago they said that they would be removing Retro Jason from the game to make him his own Jason and it never happened. Are they still going to do that? Was this whole thing delayed? I understand that they are game creators and they try solving the big things first, but this was 7 months ago and I still think it will be a cool idea. Can we at least give him a scythe as a weapon since were going to have 2 machete Jasons after Jason X comes out. Here's the video:
  4. So a while ago Gun stated that they were removing Retro Jason and tweak him, such as new music for Jason and the counselor if you played Retro Jason and that they were going to make him his own stand-alone character. Is that still going to happen or is has it been scrapped? It’d be cool to have Retro Jason with his own strengths/weaknesses besides being a simple reskin of Part 3.
  5. I know back in August? that when the new website went up it advertised that Retro Jason would be removed for a few months to make some changes (which many assumed meant he would be becoming his own Jason) and there was talk about fixing the intro/outro cutscenes when picking Retro Jason to show Retro Jason, instead of just Part 3 Jason, which as far as I am aware it still shows! Is there any update on this? Are there still plans to make Retro Jason his own Jason rather than a skin and will this intro/outro cutscene be eventually changed to show when someone has picked Retro Jason over Part 3 Jason? Also, another thing advertised on the 'new website' when it was launched were Weekly community challenges (which I assume would give us bonus EXP upon completion?). Are these still in the works? or have they been dropped at this point? @ShiftySamurai Again, thanks for any information you can give regarding these things. On a side note, I'd love for the EXP gained/Tape drop rate to be tweaked a bit. I've found the game to be a lot more enjoyable during the events as there was a higher chance to get a tape, but I have yet to get any tapes outside of the event's. The drop rate, I feel, is way too low and when there are so many tapes, between the Pamela Tapes and now the Jarvis tapes, it just feels unnecessary and unrewarding for the drop rates to be so low. EXP gains are also very low/slow to get outside of the events, but perhaps this is as I play on XB1 so I experience the occasional Dashboard still/a lot of hosts quitting, etc, which makes grinding up levels very slow. Even a slight tweak to EXP gain would be greatly appreciated, tho I feel the Tapes drop rate is what needs the biggest tweaking! Thank you for taking this feedback into consideration!
  6. I was talking with the family recently, and got to thinking, we could use a map for retro Jason. It could be based on the classic Friday the 13th for the NES. I understand that this would be way down the road, after the more requested content has been developed. I'd like to hear what the fanbase have to say. @GunMedia_Ben @ShiftySamurai @wes any input from you would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Retro Jason Skin DLC news Discuss. We celebrated our one month anniversary with a free DLC Skin of Retro Jason. We have some future plans for this Jason, as we will be adding new music that both the counselor AND Jason hear during gameplay. All free of course. Ki-Ki-Ma-Ma-Bleep-Bloop
  8. I am playing on PS4 and have downloaded the new update, but I DON'T have the retro Jason, the 13000 CP's and the new cloths. Other players are already playing with the new Jason so my question is how do I get the dlc content? Do I have to unlock it somehow?
  9. For those who want to hear the full song,here it is... Im glad that Mitch kept some of the original game music in this chase theme.
  10. Gun Media's youtube channel just release this marvelous new! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYZdSndmNwg What powers do you guys think that NES Jason need to have?
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