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Found 5 results

  1. Is there no system in place for reporting bad players? Way too many times have I played a game where a player in a car starts betraying, or a player has teamed up with Jason to reveal everyone's locations, or have used the car to block up windows to help Jason out. Surely there's a way to sort this mess out?
  2. Do I need to start submitting names and screen caps of people helping Jason, also Jasons that are colluding with counselors in public matches? If I stay in a public lobby for at least two matches I can spot friends who leave their buddys to the end or walk right past them to chase other counselors. I've also seen Jason letting the same counselor hit him with multiple weapons while he just stands there. Another tell is the fact that there's no communication in game chat but clear communication in party chat. It's getting to be where meticulously coordinated private matches are the only way to enjoy the game. It's still taking upwards of 8-10 minutes to get s game going to see friends messing around while everyone else has to sit and watch. I'm getting really sick of seeing Jason walk past and do circles around counselor's and come after me. What can we do about this?
  3. @GunMedia_Ben @wes @Randygbk, Can you make platform specific gamertags for reporting? Like F13GameReport or something. It is a huge pain for most to have to upload photo or video and then email you. I doubt most have the patience to jump through hoops just to file a report. This way we can just message clip and pics to be reviewed. It's still not how I would like to report stuff but it would make it far easier for the time being. I doubt you want people flooding your personal accounts with reports. You could do a daily or weekly check on the platform report accounts and view the reports sent in. This doesn't address the issue of recording others voices without Jerry rigging your system, because players can set their voice output to nonrecordabl, but atleast we can send pics and videos that aren't voice necessary without having to solve the rubik's cube of reporting.
  4. There needs to be a system for reporting players I'm sick of playing and some guy blocking my car from moving cause I don't want to run him over then Jason maganing to get me then I escape them one guy gets pissed off and hits me with his bat then drives away. Getting proper bored of it already. People who also think it's funny to kill you right before you reach the cops...anyone any thoughts?
  5. I think there should be a reporting system for trolls. As a counselor, I have been killed by another counselor with a shotgun for no reason. In order to prevent abuse of the reporting system, there should be a check to see if the accused player killed any counselors, where Jason was when they killed a counselor (sometimes when you shoot Jason with the shotgun, you can accidentally kill other counselors), and all reports should be reviewed by either staff or a system similar to Counter Strike's "Overwatch" system. I feel this is a much-needed feature that the game currently lacks.
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