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Found 2 results

  1. Plase eliminate the do not stun with rage because the game loses all the grace of survivor and Jason it's very easy to kill the lobby.
  2. one thing that bothered me about f13 is the fact that jason is played the same every game, trap the objective, spawn, chase the counselor till he/she runs out of stamina, rinse, repeat. there not too many ways to evade jason, because once he finds you, he'll constantly keep your fear levels up and thus his senses will keep a lock on you, it goes for every jason in the game during the games development i was always excited about the different, jasons.... i was hoping since that majority of the jasons cant run, theyd have to use stealth and cunning to kill their foes, to my disappointment.... no, youre going to have to chase them down now hypothetically speaking....what if we were to remove both the counselor's and jason's senses? yes im talking about removing jasons ability to pin point your exact location NOT his hearing sense , he should still be able to hear movements, and if the counselors fear levels are high enough, we should be able to hear their breathing within a certain range , jason would still have a general idea of where you are, but not an exact location, instead of lighting up like a christmas tree at a flick of a button as pointed out by one of the posters, it could promote a camping gameplay, so in order to remedy this, make the sense ability a late game ability in line with the rage ability, once jason gets the rage, he unlocks sense as well. now, for the counselors, if we remove jasons sense, we should remove the counselors sense that causes music when jason is nearby, being able to have a free detection for jason gives you a sense of security, the horror music should only play when your camera is pointing at jason, its basically a permanent stalk for jason being a horror game, shouldnt we be promoting uncertainty?, would that make for more interesting gameplay?, has it been done before? or at least considered ?
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