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Found 2 results

  1. I think everybody that owns the game should reinstall it and play for a month to get illfonic and gun media's attention/horror inc it's a long shot but it could show how much we appreciate them for the troubles they are going through.
  2. I have purchased and downloaded the Tom Savini Jason, but it is not appearing as one of my unlockable skins. Background: After installing both game and pre-order DLC from STEAM, I encountered a .dll error. The system recommended uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Which I did. After reinstalling the game, it issue still persisted. I did resolve that issue by updating the C++ on my system. However, the Tom Savini Jason that Steam confirms that I have downloaded is not appearing. I have just started playing and have not leveled up high enough to unlock all the other Jason skins. Is that a prerequisite for seeing the Tom Savini Jason, or is there a need for further support? It does appear that the clothing options have appeared, albeit locked due to insufficient level.
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