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Found 3 results

  1. Literally every thread has Reggie. Especially when it's not relevant. We get it, you want him on the game, but stop mentioning him. Stop pushing others idea of a new counselor or discrediting them to mention him.
  2. Edit - Trope/Role - "The Daredevil" Age - 17/18 @Randygbk Stats (Read far below for breakdown on why) Composure - 8 Luck - 7 Speed - 7 Stamina - 7 Stealth - 2 Strength - 2 Repair - 2 Character Model Designed By Me @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben @Gertz @[IllFonic]Courier @[IllFonic]illwill @wes Hope you guys like the concept. It's time for the iconic "Reckless" to get his shine in the video game. He's a bad ass, and he'd be a popular and marketable choice as a counsler because of his well rounded character type. We also need a male character with good composure + luck, we have none at the moment. Age will be a problem, so you CAN age him to 18 if it isn't possible to add him in as the 14 year old boy. It will bring in a little creative development, as long as his skinny build & red jogging suit (as a clothing option) stays for the sake of being instantly recognizable. Pics of Reggie older Edit - Stats for him based solely on movie and his character + background. This was thoroughly examined. Luck - 7 (He survived the movie, stunned Roy with a tractor, and nearly killed him in the barn.) Composure - 8 (He's courageous in the film and he says, "where I come from, it's best to learn not to be scared of nothing."😃Generally good fear management. Reggie represents his hood.) Stealth - 2(He didn't really play stealthy in the movie well, he made too much noise hiding in the barn. Instead of being quiet, he gave up his position cheering for Pam to hurt Roy with the chainsaw. A Black counsler should at least have "okay" stealth(5) in this game👀, but for balancing, you'll likely switch it to 4, and add a point to his 1 strength. Further balancing to take another point to add to composure.) Speed - 7 (He's notably fast in the final chase scene of the movie) Stamina - 7 (He left Pam behind in the dust paired with high speed.) Repair - 2 (We already have enough repair counslers currently and Reggie's trope isn't repair. Although he was able to start the tractor, meaning he's not clueless.) Strength - 2(He was skinny in the film + we don't have a another counsler other than Jenny with 1 strength. 2 can work as well.) Clothing style ideas -
  3. Tina needs to be in the game, perhaps as another option for coming back when you die or escape early besides Tommy. Her psychological powers would seem to be cool in a video game to fight against Jason. I think Reggie would be a interesting addition to the game as a counsler. He's different because of his age. I think he'd have high speed & stamina, decent composure & luck. Perhaps even repair skills judging from the movie.