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Found 2 results

  1. Adding Reboot Jason And FvJ Jason Before we get started, yes I understand that they don't have the rights to Reboot Jason or FvJ Jason. I'm making this purely and simply just to give ideas if they were going to add them to the game. And who knows, F13 The Game was alot more successful than they thought so they might be able to get the rights to these beasts now. Reboot Jason: Strengths: + Can Run + Traps + Throwing Knives Weaknesses: - Morph - Sense - Defense Okay let me just start off by saying, I love the look of this Jason! Reboot Jason is probably my 3rd favorite look for Jason. I'm going to go through why I chose these stats for him. By the way, If they ever add Reboot Jason I do not think they will give him a Sprinting Animation instead of running and I don't think they will replace Shift for a Sprinting Ability either. I chose Can Run for one of his strengths because... well, he runs in the movie. I chose Traps and Throwing Knives because he seems like a more hunter style Jason. He uses Traps and a Bow in the movie. He's a much more realistic Jason. I chose Morph and Sense for two of his weaknesses because like I said, he's a much more realistic Jason. And I chose Defense for his last weakness because since he's more realistic that means he's not gonna have as much defense as any of the other Jason. FvJ Jason: Strengths: + Morph + Stun Resistance + Defense Weaknesses: - Can't Run - Water Speed - Stalk I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the look for FvJ Jason. However I do know that a lot of people love his design and I do think every on screen Jason should make it into the game. Alright, time to go through why I gave him those stats. I chose Morph as a Strength because he does seem to get from one place to another pretty quickly in the movie. I chose Stun Resistance and Defense for his other two strengths because him and Freddy beat the living hell out of each other. neither of them give it up even after Jason get his fingers cut off and his eyes stabbed. He's pretty tough in the movie and can take a beating. I chose Can't Run because he doesn't run. I chose Water Speed as a weakness because in the movie Jason is afraid of water even though in like almost every movie prior he's been in water . I chose Stalk for his last weakness because he isn't very stealthy in the movie. I would love to get these guys in the game one day. I know it's not likely but hey, I can dream. Thanks for reading this. And please, fill free to comment your thoughts and suggestions. I would love to hear your guy's feedback on this. - Deku Scrub
  2. Now, I know the topic of the Friday reboot is debatable: some people liked it, some didn't. But, I believe that, after Uber Jason, Reboot Jason would be a nice addition. Here's what the stats might look like: WEAPON: For a weapon reboot would probably use a basic machete. I know part 7 Jason uses a machete but there are like 3 Jasons with axes. Not 100% about the kills bc I'm not that creative. STRENGTHS: Reboot would definitely have traps as one of his strengths as he often uses traps in his movie. Another strength would be "can run". Now, this may be a crazy idea but I believe the not only should reboot run, but he should sprint. I know that sounds stupid but hear me out because I think this is justified and balanced. Justified because of the fact he's extremely agile in his movie and balanced because of his weaknesses. His final strength would be stalk. In his movie, reboot Jason is not only agile but stealthy and I think this would both make sense and be balanced. EDIT: another, alternate, strength could be throwing knives for the same reason as traps (this Jason was very dependable on "gadgets"). However, I personally believe stalk would be better and the other two should stay. WEAKNESSES: Now, as I mentioned earlier, reboot would need lots of weaknesses to make him fully accurate. But, since we only have three to work with, first I'll pick defense. This would make sense as Jason is only a human in the reboot, not a reanimated space-zombie parasite. In all seriousness though, I think this and health would be two weaknesses that help to balance out reboot. Now, the final choice was tough as i could have picked from any of these three but, I believe that morph would be a good weakness that could balance out reboot. Not only is this because he is already a very agile character (having full capability of his shift and a sprint) but it's the least plausible ability for him to have. Yes, we never see him shift in the movie but, he could always sense in some way by using his senses (idk). EDIT: I think stun resistance could also be a weakness for the reason that reboot is a human (I know 2, 3 and 4 [and 5] are also human but I think it would fit a fast Jason to be easier to stun [for a chance to get away]). Thank you for reading this pitch for the possibility of reboot / part 11/12 (depending on if you include Freddy V Jason). Please feel free to reply if you have any better ideas on how he could be implemented.
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