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Found 2 results

  1. I dont know what kind of drugs J.J Abrams was on when directing and filming this movie but GOD DAMN was it just full of inconsistencies, horrible retcons, illogical asspulls, and bad writing..... The fact the own ACTORS themselves even facially revealed how they felt should say alot....I get it they did REFERENCES from the old and added to the current but this is not how you do it! Why would you bring back a VERY old threat? Why?! WHAT POINT IS THAT? Spoilers..... SOOOOOOO WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL!? I could do a WHOLE page of confusing rants....but its not worth it.....the film is 5/10 stars for me.....
  2. This is just me going off. 99.9% of this forum won't give even less than a grain of shit about it. For those of you who don't have a clue who I am, or just don't care, I apologize. I'm just venting about real life crap, hence the post here in off-topic. I bit the bullet back in September and left my position, and my family, to go down to the Houston, TX area and assist with the Hurricane Harvey relief effort. It was 12-16 hour days, 7 days a week until we had power restored. When the project was finished, I came home and settled back into my previous job. Pretty laid back, 45-50 hours a week and a great environment to work in. Today, I got an email to inform me that I am being transferred to a job in Chalmette, LA Monday. That means that I have to travel through New Orleans twice every day. On top of that, it is a tight schedule, which means that it will probably be 70+ hours a week. To make things worse, the reason I'm being transferred is because the job I will be doing has been mishandled by the dumbass that has been doing it for over 6 months. So, I am being sent as damage control so that my company is not kicked off the project. That's fine, I like a challenge. I'm not happy about the time I'll be missing with my family, but I know how corporations work. I'm pretty good at what I do, so they want me to go put out the fires. Fair enough. One small problem may come about because the Project Manager for my company is a guy that worked for me back in 2009. I was forced to fire him due to absenteeism. (He missed 48 days in less than a year). He is not technically going to be my boss, but he is the Project Manager, and he can make my life miserable if he so chooses. I'm happy that he has worked his way up to where he is today, but I have no clue whether or not he still holds a grudge against me. I guess time will tell. Sorry about the waaaaaaay off topic post. I'm just a little pissed about the whole situation. Feel free to talk shit, slam me, or even play "My Heart Bleeds For You" on the world's smallest violin. /rant over
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