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Found 5 results

  1. So, I've set a new challenge for myself. Starting today, I will (attempt) achieve at least one solid rank up on my PS4 profile per day and document it here. I'll do so until I reach rank 113 and unlock weapon swapping. As of this post, I'm at rank 77. Ranks to go: 36 This means roughly 36 days. Meaning July 5th will be the last day I do this and actually get the unlock level. Hey, by then, they might have some of those glitch patches out, right? And maybe, just maybe, an alteration to the weapon swap unlock rank.
  2. I propose a simple thumbs up option after every round that gives points to everyone in the round. Players that accumulate points are more likely to be matched together based on the amount of points they have. This would build cooperation amongst the playerbase, promotes good sportsmanship counselors who are having a good time to stick together, and most importantly encourages players not to troll because there is a reinforced system that discourages toxic play. Only available in quickplay lobbies to deter abuse. No thumbs down option at all since it has no function other than to announce your displeasure to the group which can be seen as promoting toxic play.
  3. In this thread I will be giving my thoughts on every F13 starting at Part 2 as I watch them. (Might go back to the original 1980 version). So far only planning on reviewing 1-8, but if people like these reviews I will consider JGTH,X,JVF, and the Reboot I will not give a numbered rating such as scale from 1 to 10 as I personally believe that is a highly inaccurate way of rating and reviewing a film. I will give my thought on how much I like the Jason, the characters, the final girl, and of course the movie as a whole. So if you want to follow my journey watching and reviewing each movie follow this thread. At the end I will rank the movies from what worst to best imo and rank the final girls the same way Feel free to comment on my "reviews" or ask any questions
  4. So I finally reached level 101 and it got me wondering why this is the highest level you can get to, and it hasn't been a year since the game has been released. I am suggesting that the maximum level should increase every 4-5 months by 101 levels. (The maximum level is currently 101, then it would be 202, then 303 and so on) Every 101 levels, the counselors would unlock a new outfit, which you would then unlock a variety of reskins for as you level up. (These new outfits can be mix and matched with other outfits for that counselor) Also you would unlock reskins/bloodied/altered versions of Jasons current costumes (E.g You could unlock a red part 2 Jason at level 114 or a Torn up part 8 at 121) Aswell as a whole new costume every 101 levels.
  5. Would you prefer if you couldn't have multiples of same counselor? I thought of a system that seems fair to allow you some selection choice without a 'first to join' scenario. Like private, you opt in for Jason. Instead of choosing one counselor, you rank 7 on a tier you'd prefer to be. Some algorithm randomly selects one who opted in for Jason. After that it goes down your tier of counselors until everyone is assigned one. Extreme example. Everyone wants to be Vanessa most? One is randomly chosen. Everyone wants to be Tiffany 2nd most? Process repeats. You're the only one who ranked the nerd 1? You are the nerd. This method has it's pros/cons and might only be suitable for private matches. Just a wish list idea this stage in development.
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