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Found 13 results

  1. While there are quite a few people who feel thay the rage update given to us on January 2019 was a much needed buff, i beg to differ. I feel that it is ,as some people on reddit say, a "band-aid" fix for the beginner Jasons who didnt have the patience to ride the learning curve. To add to this as a jason player, I don't feel any sense of accomplishment when i kill an entire lobby with my OP abilities. Its been many months since the rage update and ive noticed that 9 times Outta 10, there will always be a group of trolls who senselessly smack jason all the way to rage mode. As a result, the penalty of their actions falls on the peaceful players who are focused on the objectives. Another problem with the rage mode is the spam grabbing. The stun invulnerability of post-rage Jason makes it such that counselors can be grabbed instantaneously after being saved . The only way you can escape a grab after rage is to hope for Jason's mask to come off because of which he is stunned momentarily. And this brings me to another grievance , once you're injured post-rage, doesn't matter if the entire lobby tries to distract jason, you WILL not survive. Again, we have to thank the stun invulnerability for this. I liked this game more than other games such as DbD because you can atleast fight back but now it has turned more or less into a game of waiting for your stamina to run out. There are alternatives I can suggest: - Make all stuns post rage "instant recovery standing stuns" , the ones where you dont have to mash buttons to recover from. This would result in a stun that is about a second long. Very quick recovery but still solves the issue of instant regrabs, being unable to heal when Jason is on top of you, being unable to distract Jason when he's on top of an objective and combat that feels very unrewarding/unresponsive. -Keep the rage abilities but make it such that the rage meter is unaffected/less boosted by counselors attacking jason so that we dont get the rage mode too early in the game as a result of a group of trolls. -Remove the stun invulnerability but give jason more throwing knives from the start. -Remove the stun invulnerability but make counselors recover slower from melee hits so that they cannot instantly hit jason after being slashed. I got many of these alternatives from Reddit, so Gun Media, kindly go through the F13 subreddits if you want to hear a wider range of opinions on this . (Note: After the rage update, everybody seems to be using only high stamina characters like Vanessa/Buggzy etc which I cant blame, so many of the other counselors tend to be unused because they just can't survive jason post rage, this is another proof that the game still needs some balancing. Not to mention the number of jason teamers have rapidly increased...)
  2. @mattshotcha (and everyone in general) Is this a bug or intentional? The flare stuns Jason AFTER the Rage icon in the corner turns red, but BEFORE the on-screen text appears.
  3. Plase eliminate the do not stun with rage because the game loses all the grace of survivor and Jason it's very easy to kill the lobby.
  4. Ive been a backer for over 2 years now, and its sad to say that this new patch has completely ruined my experience. the game unlike people were expecting now has LOWERED fear, and when Jason gets rage all that comes is people suiciding or leaving, as the new feel is "useless" not "oh shit lets be afraid". So many terrible things have come from some of these recent decisions, making him invulnerable to stun is completely game breaking, and makes it completely unplayable. You guys really didn't think about how quick he gets rage, especially with teamers, ive seen him get rage within a minute. Its sad to say that this game I used to play for hours on end, now has me feeling useless and bored.
  5. Alright, listen -- More recently, I've been getting complaints when I play as Savini Jason that he is overpowered, too strong, and that no skill is required to kill 7-8 players in a match. Why is this the conclusion? Because of his different music and his cool appearance? So, to educate myself, I've made an effort to play every Jason, even the ones deemed "bad jasons", and I can see why some are preferable over others, but I don't find the Jasons THAT much lacking. But why is Savini framed as a god-tier Jason? Let's do a quick run down on Savini Jason: Strengths: 1. Increased Shift Regeneration Speed, 2. Weapon Deals More Damage, 3. Increased Speed While Breaking Down Doors and Walls Weaknesses: 1. Slower Movement Underwater, 2. Cannot Run, Slightly Lower Top-End Speed, 3. Decreased Grip Strength So, I analyzed the strengths and weaknesses. Obviously, the shift regen is pretty significant. Part 6 and Part 9 Jasons also have increased shift regen though, and Part 6 has a reduced cooldown on his sense ability and it lasts longer, which Savini lacks. I'm more inclined to think that Part 9 Jason is the OP one, with Stun Resistance and Increased Stalking as well. Part 8 Jason can break down doors and walls faster too, like Savini Jason, but has MASSIVELY increased water speed. I can tell you firsthand as Savini Jason that I cannot catch a boat that is already in motion if I can't morph near it. As for weapon dealing more damage, Part 3 Jason has that as well, AS WELL AS increased Grip Strength, something Savini is severely lacking. I agree that Savini Jason is definitely not a "terrible" Jason, but each of the Jasons are tailored to different gameplay styles. One person might be REALLY good at Part 2 Jason because they know how to trap well, and would prefer to run instead of relying on shift and possibly getting juked. Sorry for the sort-of-long post, but I guess I just want to know why exactly Savini is OP, rarity or anything aside, I just mean solely based on stats. I have found that when I play a certain Jason, I have to change my mindset because I have different utility at my disposal and different resources to draw from, based on the Jason's strengths. Thanks for reading, - Nubcakes -
  6. When Jason is in Rage mode, he can bust doors and walls instantly. But should an angry Jason be able to get up from stun mode quicker?
  7. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR REAL PLAYERS: Some players don't accept be killed by Jason and leave the game when they are the server admin. This is a real shit and ruins all the experience and fun of the game. I am 140 and play in PS4 and i'm fed up of this kind of players. For that reason i make a decission, upload all the (shit players) user names in this forum to warn the good players. Thank you and beware the rage quitters and bad players. If you think the same, help us to reveal this persons and write they user name in this list.
  8. DUCE2


    We should all get XP for Jason s that rage quit. It's CRAZY especially when you have points and have found items etc.. All of that work for NOTHING. Dead By Daylight gives points... IJS!! what do ya'll think??
  9. Proposed new improvements to RAGE: During Rage, Jason now receives diminishing stun immunity against all weapons except Shotguns. What this means: When Jason has Rage, each time he is stunned by a melee weapon, firecracker, bear tap, or a flare gun, his stun timer is permanently reduced by 1% for the rest of the match. This stacks and means that if you were stunned ten times during rage, you now have a 10% timer decrease on your next stun. Shotguns are not affected by this and always stun for the same amount of time no matter what. During Rage, Jason now heavily damages the car when he performs the "E" action prompt. What this means: When Jason has Rage active, he can damage the car far greater than he normally would when performing the "E" action prompt smash. After this happens, a counselor will have to perform a small QTE repair in the front of the car before it will be able to start again with the keys. During Rage, pocket knives are now weaker. What this means: Once Jason has his Rage active, a counselor who stabs him with a pocket knife will only render Jason stunned for half of the time period that it would normally stun him. During Rage, fear is now amplified. What this means: While in Rage mode, Jason now amplifies the level of fear around him much greater than he normally would. Counselors get scared easier and their fear increases faster the longer they are near Jason. The max level of fear when the counselor has a dark screen will not go away until they get away from the vicinity of Jason. Additionally, there are two new ways for Jason to acquire Rage: Jason now instantly enters Rage Mode if cops are successfully called. Jason now instantly enters Rage Mode if he is demasked.
  10. Like Jasons. Might not be a good idea buuuuuuuuttttt....a great time for strength boosts So say a player sees so many bodies, they get mad and get a strength boost. Maybe a little composure? Not too OP. It's like you would do when you saw your friends dead, right? Not might be the best, but post it anyway
  11. Recently, I was playing a match as Jason. There was a storm near my area, and the power shut off as I was shot with a flare gun. I was super mad. But that moment got me thinking, have other people have had worse? What's your worst F13 moment?
  12. Not sure if this is even allowed but I'm hoping to establish a collection of players who play this game for fun and enjoyment. Competitive but not crazy. Frustrated but not raging. Looking for people who have no problem with how other players play as Jason, who think Savini J is perfectly acceptable and not "pay to win", who work together toward objectives and aren't offended by players who "lone wolf" it unless they try to take off alone after you did all the work, who come back as Tommy with one objective, help out by ANY means necessary, who don't mind spectating, who have nothing against shift+grab, who don't exploit glitches because that's ridiculous, who don't freak out when they die, who as Jason don't rage when counselors escape. I know I'm forgetting some stuff but I also know there's a good bit of you who share these same views. "It's such a fantastic game when it works and people are playing "correctly". I know that's a loose term and there isn't a right/wrong." Post your PS4 id or send me a message and we should be able to get a quality group going.
  13. I remember hearing that Jason's rage mode only last for a certain amount of time and while it's active you can instantly burst through doors and walls, and all other abilities are super charged but it goes back to normal when it runs out but I saw in several videos I watched of the beta sometimes people would activate rage and go several minutes (in one video I saw it was at least 5 minutes or more) before going near a cabin but still be able to instantly burst through doors. So I was wondering if the devs could shine a little light onto the rage ability. like when it's activated is there a certain pre determined number of doors and walls he can break through and once he goes through that number he can't do it anymore or is it on a timer or is it something different?
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