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Found 8 results

  1. Ive decided to make another thread discussing about the part dropping, yesterday I've made one discussing about what happened.... now I'm discussing WHY it happened, and what SHOULD have happened Repair parts that have been dropped will now immediately show up as an icon on all available Counselor maps WHY First off.... lets talk about the why, F13 is a team based game, and with that being said it requires a lot of cooperation for counselors to actually to be successful in the survival against Jason. Communication plays a YUGE factor in playing the game..... BUT LETS FACE REALITY, there are lots of players who don't have mics, that's just how it is. time and time again whenever you play in solo ques get ready to be constantly frustrated as half your team mates are beyond useless they are unable to either use the mic, or speak a different language. so now your chances slim before the game even began now...lets talk about WHAT SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED? now while the patch did help give the counselors a chance.... how should have it been done?, well its really simple I'm all for balance and I don't believe players should have a free mark from the get go, because players are simply picking up and item and dropping them at the same time, the balance needs to revolve around the WALKIE TALKIE 1.) if a player has a walkie-talkie, you should be able to see what items he has in the score screen, provided that YOU also have a walkie-talkie 2.) if a player has a walkie-talkie, you should be able to locate other players with walkie-talkies on the map screen 3.) if a player has a walkie-talkie and drops a part, it will be visible as a mark on the map to other players with walkie-talkies 4.) if a player has a walkie-talkie and dies, his death mark will appear on the map to other players who have walkie-talkies 5.) the objective (car, boat, police, phone) needs to be discovered before it appears on the map by players with walkie-talkies 6.) Jason will only appear on the map to players with walkie-talkies, if seen by players with walkie-talkie note... that if a player does not have a walkie-talkie, he will not be able to locate anyone, anything, or mark for other players UNTIL he gets one TLDR; part dropping mark is a good step in the right direction but needs polishing
  2. I looked at the games soundtrack and it lists the following songs apart of it... He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask) Friday The 13th XIII Live Before I Die Killer Summer of Heat (feat. Kristine) He's Back (The Man Behind The Mark) obviously plays during the credits and all of the other songs plays on the radio while in-game when those are turned on and switching through songs, however, for some reason Killer is not apart of that playlist. For the record I play on the PS4 and have no idea if that song does play on PC or Xbox. I have seen people say that Killer is indeed apart of the playlist for the in-game radio but never actually heard it play while in the game myself. Apart from the four songs listed above the other random song is simply an instrumental part of a song(no idea what it's called) with guitar/bass and drums playing from what I can tell. I actually made a video with the song in question... I'm really hoping that this song can actually be added apart of the in-game radios playlist because it is such a good song and is perfect for this game.
  3. I love being able to talk to other counselors across the map, however when everyone is talking over one another it becomes frustrating and I usually end up wishing I had never picked it up. Muting people who just talk constantly is nice, however, I would really love to be able to press a button to talk on the walkie... or not push it so that I can just talk to the guy in the same cabin as me and not broadcast it to everyone with a walkie.
  4. Whenever the generator is broken in the area the CB radio is at, it says he has been called but hasn't arrived. If you repair said generator it reverts back to saying he isn't called.
  5. I think Jason should be able to smash the radio to call Tommy, or if the power is out you can't use the radio. Give it an extra challenge! What do you think?
  6. On PS4: Anyone else notice the radio only plays the Misfits song? Also, is the Alice Cooper song supposed to be playable from the radio as well? If not, is it possible to do so? I would love to hear it during matches.
  7. If someone turns the radio on the cabin should show red on vision until it's turned off. As a way to offset this taking out power should kill the radios, too. I don't think it did in the beta.
  8. I've found many times in the table pocket radio, but I don't understand why it is needed and how to use it. Does anybody know?
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