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Found 5 results

  1. Tell me one player that never saw someone quitting from the game after the match has started. Matchs that should be 8 counselours against Jason, end up becoming four or five counselors against Jason. Rarely u'll play a full match due to the amount of quitters currently. What about Rage Quitters too? When Jason can finally grab someone, this particular player quit from the game before Jason can kill him. Frustrating for everyone, even for Jason who spent hours chasing that counselor. Should we have some kind of punishment for quitters? My idea is: if someone quit from a game, this person should take 5minutes of delay to start another match, this time should progress if this person quit consecutive times in the same day. 5minutes - 10 minutes - 20 minutes - 40 minutes. Or we shouldn't have any penalty? Whats ur opinion?
  2. So these two issues go hand in hand. XP is useless past a certain point and isn't a good motivator to not quit no matter what you do with it. It would, however, be more desirable if the perks we get as counselors were actually buffed enough to be powerful and worth spending cp on. As it stands now, according to the upcoming patch, the opposite is happening and its pretty embarrassing how little the devs know about their own game. The upcoming nerfs are the exact opposite of what should be happening. So, until perks are desirable, xp won't be desirable. Which means the only way to deter people from quitting as soon as the match starts because they aren't Jason or quitting mid-kill is to put some sort of cooldown for joining another match. You know, like a lot of other games do. They do this for a reason. And the fact that my last few games as Jason had an average of around 5 people who quit mid-kill is ridiculous. And I shouldn't need to point out the people who quit 3 seconds into that match who realize they aren't Jason. Quitting after you've been killed is fine. But quitters in these scenarios ruin the game and they can't keep doing this, something has to be done. If someone crashes they should be able to rejoin like a few competitive games like CS:GO and Overwatch do and avoid the penalty. And if that can't be done then, I guess tough luck if you crash. If Dead By Daylight does it that way I don't see why F13 can't. It's a much lesser evil, frankly.
  3. If Tommy leaves at the wrong moment his spirit will remain in the game just standing at his spawn point. It does not count as a player and cannot be spectated. Unless Jason kills that spirit the game will not end. New players do not know this and you have to sit and wait for minutes until the game ends because the time is up. This happen often. I should say at least 5% of my matches. Often you can tip of Jason where the spirit is lurking (there are only a couple of places Tommy spawns) but not always.
  4. Hey all! I didn't see this in previous posts but I may have missed it so apologies if it's a previously discussed topic. So, is it possible for a future patch down the line that regardless of the host quitting you don't lose your kills/repairs/points etc as it's beyond frustrating trying to grind towards the trophies and badges for the host to just quit and you're back to square one. I'm a fairly competent Jason averaging about four to five kills each turn and the amount of times I've lost those kills due to the host quitting is infuriating. Perhaps even a punishment for quitters like Gears of War used to have once upon a time? (In GoW2 I think...) Thoughts?
  5. It's become a real problem. I've played several matches where people just quit when Jason's about to kill them. It has the result of Jason getting no points for it. And then I had one match where we were about to escape in the car and Jason quit the match. This is turning into a thing. There's always been quitters before, but now the timing is too coordinated for coincidence. There needs to be a hard penalty for quitters or this is just going to keep happening. Especially since it's fueling the Idle Tommy Jarvis problem.
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