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Found 3 results

  1. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR REAL PLAYERS: Some players don't accept be killed by Jason and leave the game when they are the server admin. This is a real shit and ruins all the experience and fun of the game. I am 140 and play in PS4 and i'm fed up of this kind of players. For that reason i make a decission, upload all the (shit players) user names in this forum to warn the good players. Thank you and beware the rage quitters and bad players. If you think the same, help us to reveal this persons and write they user name in this list.
  2. Does anyone else think that Jason should get more Xp/points for the counselors that quit when they are in the middle of dying? There's a quitter bonus on Dead by daylight and I think personally it'd a good idea for this game as well when all the Salty players that rage quit when they are about to die.
  3. Of all the issues this game has, Jasons mobility, hitboxes, crashing... quitters however from the beginning, because people aren't jason, is one of the biggest, most obnoxious of them all. I love this game to death. Played it for days on end. I cannot stop. But during that time I've seen a lot of problems that aren't bugs or exploits. Devs. Please make a ban system where if people quit from the start, give them a ban for 30 minutes or 1 hour. Multiplying depending on frequency. Does it sound rough, some might think? No. Its really not. And I'll explain why. It is, as we all know, extremely difficult to win with few players versus an experienced jason player. Every player lost makes it harder. Losing 2-3 players from the beginning causes some teams to directly leave the whole match immediately. Losing 1-2 demoralizes everyone. We all know it. Jason knows it. Fewer players to search, help, assist, and a much smaller search pattern for Jason players. All of which make playing this game more frustrating than fun. I've noticed over the 66 hours I've put into this that this is becoming far more frequent now. There is roughly a 75-80 % chance that every single time you launch a match, 1-2 players will quit if they are not Jason. Every single match.... We need a system that punishes these players that sabotage the teams efficiency with their selfishness and lack of care. Please consider this. This is a team-based game. It falls apart entirely if people dont care and just quit. Some players will suggest a Jason queue mode. Yes, that could work too, but if that would be too long for some players, they would just continue this due to chances might be higher, or otherwise we'd end up with slower matchmaking because everyone wanted to be Jason. Either way, its deeply troublesome. A ban system is the most effective mean to have players respect the way the game works. Especially if its rough. These people dont care about point deduction. They leave the moment they die in games. Leave before becoming Tommy jarvis, which occasionally results in playerless Tommy NPC's that just hang around the map, afk'ing whilst Jason players are scratching their heads, looking at the scoreboard and everyone is dead. This is a huge problem, guys. I've been in 3 games today as I'm writing this, that all fell apart at the very beginning because 3 people left the moment it began, then the rest just followed because we all realized " We are gonna lose and it isn't even gonna be fun trying not to... " Last thing. Friendly-fire... has got to go. Trolls love it, players on voice-chat with jason players are ghosting their teammates and wound them for Jason to get easy kills. And thats without getting into your average guy who you try to tell not to sprint next to you, playing a stealthy character, resulting in him just getting offended and hitting you before jason teleports in your face and chops your head off. It is a colossal mess sometimes, guys. And the point deduction is utterly irrelevant to these players. They dont care about progression. There is literally nothing at all in place to stop trolls, teamkilling, jason partying and ghosting and quitters at the moment. So at least, remove friendly fire. Please do that. That'll at least prevent idiots from trolling you for absolutely no reason. And it sucks even more when you're really trying to play the game the way its meant to be played. Summarization = Friendly fire = needs to be removed. Troll tool. Quitters = We need a ban mechanic punishing those sabotaging matches because they aren't jason. I hope this will be heard and that other players can support this. Because if these issues aren't handled the quick-play multiplayer will become a troll fest and abandoned eventually for the singleplayer and private matches with friends. And that's just sad, guys.
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