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Found 12 results

  1. So does playing offline bots with playing as Jason earn the achievements or are the achievements disabled?....
  2. What is Adam,Kenny, and Deborah Race? What are the counselors backstories to have to attend the camp? What are the counselors legitimate height and weight? Who are official couples and who not? What are the trivia worthy facts about me? Gunmedia has the answers to this. ?
  3. Here is a top 13 reasons why Jason is king of slashers! 1. Has one of the highest slasher films with 12 films to date! (2 Excluding him only.) 2. Jason has one of the highest body counts in Slasher history. 3. Jason made it number 1 in a horror poll to see who is the scariest and he beat both Godzilla and Xenomorphs 4. Has the most memorable kills within the horrorverse from the sleeping bag kills to the nitrogen face slam. 5. Is one of the most well known and most influence slashers in modern pop-culture. 6. Jason faced Freddy and won! 7. Has multiple characters based off of him from Victor Crowley from Hatchet to Charlie from Charlies Farm. 8. His Hockey mask is easy to recognize. 9. Help create iconic actors through out the film industry. 10. Has the most actors to play as him. 11. Has dided multiple times and can't be put down. 12. Has numerous comics and music named about or for him. 13. Has a rumored movie in 2020 giving him 13 movies in total.
  4. I’ve only been playing for a week now, and i must say, best horror movie video game ever. However, are there specific dates, as of when the new content be released? Specifically the Paranoia mode, and the VC2? I saw the content map, but was wondering if the content had specific release dates, versus a broad window for release.
  5. Sooo whenever we received the, Friday, October the 13th Update, wasn’t everyone supposed to get the Bloody Jason skins??? Or am I wrong??? I’ve been backing the since Kickstarter, basically the beginning, where it all began, but anywho, just a question, do us backers get the Bloody Jason skins??? I thought everyone was getting the skins, or do I gotta buy a Disk Copy of the game, get the code for the skins, download the codes, and take back the game to get half my money back??? The skins shouldn’t be only for the people who just bought the physical copy of the game released on Friday October the 13th whenever us backers who originally preordered the game day one shouldn’t have to wait, I preordered the Physical Machete Steelbook Edition REV 2, and won’t receive that til next week due to shipping issues or something like that said in the email Randy Greenback sent us, but I feel like the skins should be an update similar to the Retro Jason update. I don’t think that I want and have to wait another full week to receive the skins, if the skins are in there with my copy, whenever there free now. That being said I just feel like all us backers should receive these skins now instead of waiting for our physical copies since we don’t have ours.
  6. Any announcement on the situation about a fix? I feel like we are having a lack of communication from the developers on the latest patch that worsen the problem. If you know anything inform me.
  7. So my memory is a little fuzzy an im not sure if it was ever covered in the movies, but does our loveable manchild Jason kill children? Or rather wld he? Theres never bin any kids at the camps in the movies (as far ad i can remember an i haven't seen them in a million years) so ive always wondered how he would handle a child victim. I think he wld pull a less comical Captain Spaulding, whereas he wldnt kill the kid, but wld definately scare the shit out of it. Make a little up close an personal memory. Is this discussable? Or is there clarified info out there im unaware of? Let me know what yall think!
  8. Hello there, i hope you can help me with four questions about the sense ability and fear. 1. So.. we know that Jason can sense the counselors fear (which one let them light up red), but how it works on the buildings, does the buildings light up everytime when a counselor entering or just if one of them have fear? (really hopes just if they have a high fearlevel...) 2. Will the counselors "REALLY" just lights up when the fearlevel is high or maby too randomly with a lesser chance? Will Vanesse with the lowest stealth show up everytime as Chrismastree with red lights or just if shes scared? 3. You see can notice on the minimap that you make noises as counselor with white circles, but the circles become bigger the more noise you makes... Can Jason see your blips from a farther distance or will he see them everytime no matter from what distance while sense is activated? 4.(one more question!) The counselor have one or two perks that allow you to avoid Jasons sense ability with xx% chance, but what it means? When the perk success, is Jason not able to see your blips while his sense is activated or you dont will light up? (sorry when my english is too bad) Thank you for reponses!
  9. I was on the Kick Starter website this afternoon and was trying to pre-order the Friday the 13th game when I noticed a popup saying Pre-orders are disabled. How can I pre-order the game? Thank you!
  10. So im one of those people that dont really know about pre-ordering just yet, since i still got some questions that i feel havent got answered. So heres the questions. 1. On the Steam page it says ''Cross-platform'' will this mean i can buy it on PC and my friends on PS4 will be able to play with me? (If that is the case, halleluja.) 2. What will the recommended PC specs for the game most likely be? 3. Do Jason's kills become unlocked as you progress in the game? and are there anything the counselors can unlock?
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