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Found 1 result

  1. @wes @Randygbk @GunMedia_Ben This is mostly meant for the devs. Personal opinions of players are fine but in the end meaningless and will be disregarded by me when updating this topic's OP. This is about questions and official answers only. If you have questions to add, please do so. I will update this post very frequently. If you have official replies/response on certain questions, please add a source that isn't vague / can't be misinterpreted. The game and official informations are currently filled with alot of inconsistencies and contradictions about alot of it's issues. Especially if you take official replies by various devs into account that were made on the various social media outlets and different forums (official forum, reddit, steam forums, twitter..). And to be frank... it's annoying as hell. I want to take a chance though and ask for some clear cut and specified answers to many of those that can't be misinterpreted. I think alot of us would really appreciate it. I hope one of the devs will take the time to finally clear up on alot of these things. And yes, you have to be aware that the things you say are interpreted like the words of a God when you talk about them. So please, take your time and be as clear as possible. If you can't be clear about certain questions at this time, please state so. It's completely understandable if you guys didn't make up your mind on certain things yet and some things can be quite difficult to fix/realize due to technical limitations or in your abilities. I'm aware of that. But it would be highly appreciated to know if that's the case. PS: If you have a better topic title, please put it forward. I had quite the trouble with it Making this a sticky post would also be appreciated alot. I'm afraid this gets drowned by alot of nonsense. ----------------------------- Topic #1 (Combat) This will be about the Counselor's and Jason's combat mechanics, including the Combat-Stance. Jason: 1. Jason breaking down doors in Combat-Stance. Intended or not? If yes, why? What's the point of the Animation-Method then? Note* If this is not intended and will be worked on, you'll also have to work on Counselors being able to hit Jason through the door he's currently breaking with the Animation-Method. Breaking it down in Combat-Stance is currently the only way to counter this. If you can't do that due to technical limitations, please at least acknowledge and state so. I can totally see that it's a hard nut to crack due to how the game currently handles combat. Official answer: - 2. Jason's Combat-Stance blocks in a 360° radius which provides him with complete immunity. Intended or not? If yes, why? Why not frontal 180° tops? Official answer: - 3. Jason's Combat-Stance allows you to completely negate the effects of Flares, Firecrackers and Beartraps as long as he keeps the block up. Intended or not? If yes, why? Note* Flaregun, Fircrackers and Beartraps still award you points for stopping Jason even if he totally negated it's effect when playing as Counselor. This is again one of those contradictions and inconsistencies if you take official replies into account about this very issue that float around. Especially when it comes to the Flaregun, there are some very vague replies floating around by some of you. Official answer: Counselors: 1. When in Combat-Stance, it is possible to hit Jason through the door he is currently breaking down with the Animation-Method. Intended or not? If yes, why? Note* This can currently only prevented by breaking doors in Combat-Stance for Jason players. Official answer: - Topic #2 (Item distribution) 1. As of currently, items that are bound to interactive objects and objectives, that are carried by players, can become unretrievable in general if certain situations are met. Intended or not? Is there currently a system in place that respawns these items somewhere on the map if they become unoptainable? If not, why? What are your plans on this issue? Note* This is not about the items glitching halfway below ground when players die. This is most likely gonna be fixed (at least I hope so). This is when people perhaps die on the water with those items or other means that aren't caused by straight up bugs/glitches. Official answer: - Unofficial answer: Items that get lost on the water supposedly wash up on the shore. 2. How does the distribution of items that are hidden in drawers/desks work in their current form. Are they preset at the start of each round? Are they randomized as soon as player interacts with a drawer/desks? If so, do certain Counselor stats have an effect on it (like Luck for example)? Official answer: - 3. Is there a maximum amount of usable/consumable items that are generated in a session and found in desks/drawers? Maximum amount of Pocketknifes? Maximum amount of Firecrackers? Maximum amount of FirstAidSpray? Maximum amount of Maps? Maximum amount of Radios? Official answer: - Topic #3 (Progression) 1. What exactly rewards CP at the end of a round and how are they given out in general? How exactly is CP rewarded after finishing a match? What actions reward CP? Is the CP amount given due to a level up always the same? (500cp each level up afaik) Are CP and XP connected in any way or form? Official answer: - List of Counselor XP gain actions Staying till the end of a round 500xp Hero 500xp (Killing Jason) Team escape 250xp (7 ppl escape) Escape 200xp Time bonus up to 200xp Fighting back 100xp Unscathed 50xp (escaping without damage) Not in the face 50xp (hitting with flare) Show yourself 50xp (de-masking Jason) Calling cops 50xp Calling Tommy Jarvis 50xp Hunter 50xp (shooting with shotgun) Trapper 50xp (trapping jason with beartrap) Pyro 50xp (hitting with either flare or firecrackers) Repair 50xp (includes cars/boat/generator) Stunning 50xp Repairing a car 50xp (Fully repaired car participation bonus XP) Repairing the boat 50xp (Fully repaired boat participation bonus XP) Breaking free 10xp (That includes Pocketknive usage) Arming yourself 10xp Doctor 5xp (Healing with medkit, self or other Counselor) Fortified 5xp (Barricading a door) Setting up a trap 5xp DJ distraction 5xp Found a part 5xp *Again, fellow users, if you have questions yourself, please feel free to post. I'll add them after validation.
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