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Found 1 result

  1. I’ve almost posted this idea a few times but never had it worked out all the way, maybe one of you can make it work. Wes mentioned that Perks could potentially be reused in new ways as part of the balancing that is currently happening and I figured now would be as good a time as any to bring it up. Using Psychic as my example (there’s no reason other perks couldn’t be used in the same way), I’m think we can adjust specific perks so they require a second perk to be combined with the first and your third slot maybe sacrificed in the process. Psychic is mostly useless and could even be seen as a liability because Jason can use its extra range to track you. This sucks, it seems opposite to how Perks should work and makes what sounds like an awesome inclusion from later movies, simply bad. First suggestion - Pyrokinesis Pyro is another perk that isn’t useful, I know they expected people to use it for tracking and I do track Jason but it isn’t worth a slot. I can’t imagine it ever being worth a slot. Imagine taking Psychic and then having to select the type of psychic you wanted to be. So if you took Psychic and Pyro you’re Counselor would gain the ability to bring up a flare gun sight, and mentally fire a burst of fire like pyrokinesis. This would use the same mechanics as the flare gun and would make these perks fun. To balance it you’d only have till rage for it to be useful, and you’re giving up that third perk slot. I think 2 shots would be fair but maybe 1 every 3 minutes or something would be better. Second Suggestion - Telekinetic Shield Combining Psychic with the firecrackers perk could allow you to activate the firecrackers effect on your Counselors model, basically giving you a radius that can stun Jason pre-rage. This can be used to regain stamina or run at Jason to make him drop someone. I figure you’d get one or two uses and it would activate by holding the left trigger (L2) followed by a right trigger tap (R2) same as shooting a gun. You couldn’t be carrying something when activating it but the trade off is part of the balance. You still trade that third perk slot so no doubling up on Psychic Powers. I think 3 uses would be fair as it only delays the inevitable. Third Suggestion - Telekinesis Maybe combining Three Perks could also work. You could combine Psychic with Slugger and Heavy Hitter to get a shotgun instead of the Flaregun. Using the same mechanics as the gun to fire a TK blasts at Jason. You wouldn’t get the original effects of the perks and instead get the ability to throw one Psychic stun. This may have a range limit, to balance it against the ability to stun Jason in rage. I think different combinations could could be used to give your Counselors other Psychic Powers, Clairvoyance for example (maybe using the unused picture of a Crystal Ball). I know these suggestions border on a Darin (call back to an old member) post but I think that maybe something can come out of it, thanks for reading.
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