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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, I'm Richie, and I do silly voices when I stream Friday the 13th. Mostly I do Shaggy or Kermit. if I am Jason I can easily be bribed to let you go with Scooby snacks (Drop your items.) As Kermit, I always say "Hi-oh!" to my victims upon meeting them. And if I happen to be Joker... run. There is no saving you. If you don't mind being on a stream, have a good mic, and don't get so loud that it will make headphone users ears bleed. You're welcome to join me for some games. Or you can just watch me on Twitch. That's fine too. I play on PS4. My PSN is NatsuPodcaster.
  2. I love playing Jason and would like to play against an experienced group of counselors. I am pretty good, but i'm looking to up my game. PSN is WoundCowboy
  3. Hello, I am new to the forums! My name comes from my days drag racing 5.0 mustangs 5 liter chevy eater! I am a fan of the Friday the 13th franchise and the game as well! I have been playing for a couple of months with my family and friends. I am currently lvl 65ish or so. I recently ran across the forums, I just wish I found them sooner! I live in Alabama and I am a college football fan as well, ROLL TIDE! Anyway, I play on the PS4 and my ID is the same as my forum name, pro5pt0. If any mature pals want to add me for some fun times with Jason please don't hesitate. I prefer private matches with friends over public lobbies. I look forward to playing with you guys soon. Thanks for having me!
  4. Hi my name is Kittygirl I am from United Kingdom. I want to make new friends. If you like to play Friday the 13th with me please add my PSN Pinkcatgurl thanks!
  5. Is anyone else having problems on Friday the 13th the Game for PS4 on error ce-34878-0? Problem? Sometimes when im playing the game online it outrights stops and gives me an error message this goes for both private/online matches.
  6. Hello, I'm devilsthunder, PSN player. I like to play to have fun and hunt trophies. If you'd be willing to help with this game with trophies, I'll return the favor as well. Hit me up at DevilsThunder if interested.
  7. Heyyyyy I want to play so I've come to this forum to find private matches seeing that, that's the only way to play the game! So plz add me on PSN and let's go! PSN: idomc3
  8. Post your PSN ID for Australia/New Zealand Players TeddySeijin david_tortorici moe9999633 OrrWhat1986
  9. Hi everyone, I have a question, its still not launched in the dutch (the netherlands, West europe) PSN stores do you guys know maybe when they are launching it?, Because i want to play the game.. -Randy
  10. Hello everyone! The name is either Toni or Rath. Just a college grad looking to break into the medical field at some point. I was super excited about this game once I started hearing more about it earlier in the year, and now I cannot wait for it to come out in near the end of May. I will be purchasing this game for the PS4, so feel free to send a friend request my way. PSN is the same as my forum name. Looking forward to gaming with many of you!
  11. so there is this weird issue, where some players cant join others players games/parties via the playstation 4 menu. for example i sent an ingame party invite to my friend who got the game on the regional PSN as me (Europe) he has no problem joining. BUT when i sent to a guy from canada who has gotten the game from the North American PSN, his Playstation menu only sends him to the PSN to buy the game, start his game (even if it is already running) or lets him request to watch my game. could this have to do with the Playstation Network not recognizing that it is the same game but from different regional psn stores?! When using quickplay in game the game itself has no problem adding me to lobbys with only americans or people from other psn store regions but i guess that is because of the servers are recognizing the games different regional versions as the same game and therefor add them together in lobbys. So the servers know its the same game and there is no problem But the PSN thinks its completely different games (like for example Uncharted and Fallout 4 are) based on the region PSN it is purchased / downloaded from hope i made the idea i have behind this error understandable.
  12. Hello all you sexy campers! Simple question here, is the game cross platform? Will all three platforms be able to play online with each other? THANK YOU ALL
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