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Found 212 results

  1. Is there any chance of adding a stat tracker maybe similar to badges so that us trophy hunters know how close we are to the requirements. I know that Xbox players can check their hero stats for games played etc so the infrastructure is definitely there. It would be nice to know how many boats have been repaired, baseball bat hits, counselors killed and how many games have been played and so on. I love the game but we have to admit it's coming to the end of its life cycle. Lobbies can sometimes be hard to find with matchmaking search times evidently increasing. On another note maybe its about time to lower the requirements. I know this will annoy people who have already earned it but the game wont be alive much longer. I'm not begging and I know its a long shot but it would be nice and may even spark other trophy hunters interest. Thanks to the devs for the hard work and dedication to the game.
  2. Hi All, I've just know switch version was finally announced (release day Aug-29-2019) (at my language Japnese Official web site https://twitter.com/friday13th_jp) I am playing this game in PS4 and wondering if i play with switch user or not. I remember developper told they will do this game under cross platform. Does anyone know if we can palay under all platform or not?
  3. Please use this thread to initiate and recruit for your own private groups on PlayStation 4. Please be specific on what you are looking for. Below are some examples. - My Gamertag is John Smith hosting a private match, I have 1 other looking 5 more send me a message if you want to join. - My gamer tag is Pamela Vorhees I am looking for an invite to join a private match. Being specific will help others know exactly what you are looking for.
  4. Hello! I saw in a reddit forum, that devs can look up the number of kills/matches we've completed, if we provide our PSN by messaging through the game website, so here goes: My PSN is NotZach02 and my brothers is maxcap31. Kill #'s and Jason/Counselor Match #'s would be greatly appreciated for the both of us. Been grinding for weeks, man. I'm not sure if bot kills are counting towards the 666/1313 kills trophies either. Every day I tell myself "I'm close! I can feel it!" then nothing. Thx in advance!
  5. I've been watching some streams of F13 on PC, and the 60fps really makes the game look much better. It's shame we only see half that for consoles. I understand it's for performance reasons, but I honestly would've preferred the 60fps with lower resolution if necessary to balance it out. Smooth, full motion makes the game a lot more immersive and is more important IMO. Anyway my question is - do you guys think this is something we can expect an update for in the future, and more importantly, is it even possible at this stage? I'd really like to think so.
  6. Hey, Has anyone else been having issues getting into matches on PS4. I know a lot of people were getting the outdated client error since the November update. But now it appears most people are able to play no problem. I will wait to find a lobby for 5-6 minutes before it says outdated client and then puts me in a lobby by myself. I've been trying to use the communities to find matches but the majority of the time I get the statement "Bypass Failure: Server not allowing new game session" or something close to that. Has anyone else been encountering this issue? I was able to play last Friday, no problem for a few matches. It would find a match within a minute or two at most and played fine. Which led me to believe they had fixed the issue. I have two PS4's and when I tried it on my second console it didn't work. Then when I went back to my primary, it had stopped working as well. I've tried to delete and reinstall to know success. Any suggestions or thoughts? Thanks,
  7. Ever since the June update, offline mode on my PS has had issue wtih the sound and it’s timing with the cutscenes. No matter what, the audio for Offline bots mode (where the counselors are just chilling until Jason comes by to kill Rob starting the game) is always coming way to soon before the scene begins. It’s not only for this platform the issue occurs. Most of the Single Player Challenges also get delayed cutscenes. I’ll list the ones that are undergoing this. -Power Struggle -Lights Out -Packanack Party -Snuggle by the Fire -Strip Poker -Jason is HERE -and occasionally Vacation Party has the issue during intro, freezing the footage but still going on with the dialogue. I know this game didn’t have much luck the past, but I only wish for this quick fix from the developers to make the gameplay better again. Content or not, this is all I would like for now.
  8. On the PS4 the matchmaking is seriously broken. I've waited an hour and joined one match to have the lobby drop when the game started. It says the client is outdated if it successfully puts you in a room. I have reinstalled the game and reset the PS4 and there is no change. My network is running fine with no issues outside of this game. This has been occurring since the patch updated about a week ago. Multiplayer is completely down for PS4.
  9. Hi, I have seen that the Spring Break '84 Clothing Pack DLC on PS Store description mentions "3D Game 3D Display with compatible 3D glasses (sold separately) required for 3D features." I own the game Friday the 13th and I play it on a PS4 Pro connected to a 4K HDR 3D TV but, I have not seen any option to enable 3D Stereo in the game therefore, I was wandering if you need to buy this DLC item to enable this feature since it's only mentioned in this DLC's description and no where else in any other websites. I do know that 3D is dying and that it's more likely that the dev mistakenly checked a check box that this is a 3D game when releasing this DLC but, if this DLC truly enables 3D Stereo, I will buy it instantly as 3D content are dwindling as such, I buy any and all 3D content without a second thought. Therefore, I am asking someone who own this DLC on PS4 and plays with their console connected to a 3DTV to see if they see any additional option to enable 3D. Thank you very much
  10. Hello everyone I am a PS4 streamer and would like people that enjoy this game and can play as a team to stream with. My psn is kklgry message me if interested. My YouTube is kukuland and my twitch is kukulandgaming.
  11. It can't find a game or if i cancel matchmaking it Will be in that canceling state forever i have the best internet what you can have in finland so it can't be my internet Edit: im new on the forum so hi... Im a ps4 player and i like this game alot but i can't stand that matchmaking is this broken atm on the ps4.
  12. I decided to make a PS4 Community for people looking to help others with multi-player video games.Have a mission that you need a hand with?Is a challenge mode slowing you down?All you do is post which game you need help with and the details about mode of play,characters,bosses,challenges,etc,and see if you can organize a team to tackle it.It can be for any video game,not just Friday The 13th.Anyone is welcome to join.The name of the community is Ranmaru's Help Wanted Room.Please drop in if you need help with a game,or want to help out someone else.
  13. Anyone else having luck? We keep trying to create a lobby and invite and no one is getting the invites. This is BS
  14. Hello, I'm looking to play some PS4 games only,however,i'm not looking to play Friday The 13th,since i only play Friday offline.Was wondering if anyone had the following games for PS4? Resident Evil 6,Resident Evil Revelations 2,Cyberdimension Neptunia- 4 Goddesses Online,Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands,Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate,Toukiden 2 and Bladestorm- Nightmare.I'm more of a co-op person,not really inti player vs player games.PM me if interested,and thanks for your time.
  15. Having trouble finding games in the AU servers, and don't have any friends who play this game. If anyone would be interested in playing add my PSN - little-miss-sb. Please make sure you mention the game and you are from the forum or I won't add you.
  16. I was in a restroom and this dweeb decides to body block me, and gets me killed. Jason oh boi goes for me instead of chad that's in the open. I had my body near the wall while that doofus kept t-bagging in the open lol. I don't know if they were teaming who fucking knows lol. Also it was your typical chad who done did it.
  17. I swung a grab towards Deborah near the orchard, and made it to my next objective after killing her. When I swung my weapon accidentally some kind of light show happened with neon particles when a surface is hit, and the syringes glow lol. Is this a game reference to the NES Friday The 13th?. Also when you kill a counselor just by swinging I saw the limb cut off is that new?.
  18. After the most recent patch the PS4 lobby wait time is longer and I 've noticed a rise in the troll hosts who take advantage by cooking the time and follow up with Jason helping. There are times when I've waited longer to play the game then actually playing the game. QP seems to be broken.
  19. Does anyone have an issue after hosting a couple matches their PS4 errors the game out? I've been getting it alot lately and it's really aggravating! Someone said it's my PS4 but it doesn't do it with ANY other game and never errors out when I'm not host! I also have great internet and stay in the low gray-low yellow connection in-game! I hope they patch this as it's really aggravating and I don't want people to think I rage quit like a bitch and especially with the salt mines incoming I don't want to end up with punk-asses!
  20. My PS4 just blue screened on me again. It only does this on Friday the 13th. Anyone know why? Between this, and the lag I get often, this otherwise fun game becomes ridiculous to play. I've stopped playing this game several times and then picked it back up again because I want to play as new characters or enjoy the double XP weekends. But I can't because this game keeps crashing or lags so bad I can't enjoy my time. I want to play this game but it frustrates me so much how laggy it is and how it drops me into blue screen. (It's the only game that does this.) How do I fix this and who else is having this issue?
  21. The Counselor Conquest tournament on PS4 is officially over. After some intense fighting for survival (and stacking bodies) through Crystal Lake Small, to Packanack, then onwards to Higgins Haven, and the final face-off taking place on Pinehurst, the winning team is our very own neighborhood The Scream Team! I would like to thank all of the other teams involved in the tournament for some nice games. I would especially like to thank my team: @malloymk (our team capitan), @ikarikh, @Shadesofjoe, and some of our non-forum members, JuFred13, EspeXspe, joeh1134, with myself rounding out our team as our designated Jason. VERY, VERY good games, you guys!!! If anyone would like to know the teams we faced and the scores we/they got, just scroll down to check out both @malloymk and @Shadesofjoe with match rundowns and an image of the scorecard.
  22. I'm always looking to make more friends.. I absolutely love getting to know more people so if you're interested in playing FT13 or any game for that matter, add me on PS4. Username: BangkokHard If you guy's play on PS4 and want new people/friends to play with, don't be shy leave your username below and i'm sure someone is bound to add or talk to you.
  23. Hello, I'm Richie, and I do silly voices when I stream Friday the 13th. Mostly I do Shaggy or Kermit. if I am Jason I can easily be bribed to let you go with Scooby snacks (Drop your items.) As Kermit, I always say "Hi-oh!" to my victims upon meeting them. And if I happen to be Joker... run. There is no saving you. If you don't mind being on a stream, have a good mic, and don't get so loud that it will make headphone users ears bleed. You're welcome to join me for some games. Or you can just watch me on Twitch. That's fine too. I play on PS4. My PSN is NatsuPodcaster.
  24. Hi everyone, I'm new here and since searching for a solution here didn't help i thought i open up a new topic. while i found two threads that were marked "solved" for that issue they didn't really do anything for me. so here is what's going on: i play on PS4 and since i updated the game two weeks ago i wasn't able to play one match. i join a lobby, ready to play, it starts loading, i'm in the game walk around for 10-15 seconds and suddenly get the above Error message "Could not retrieve game connection details.". While other online games (Uncharted for example) work just fine i have only trouble with FT13th. Before the update i was able to play and had a ping of around 75-100 ms (that was in early january), now i get a ping of way over 200 ms and the only thing that changed between then and now is that i updated the game. i restarted the game, restarted the PS, disconnect and reconnected the router, checked if the router blocks any outgoing connections, everything is fine (like i said, i can get into the game, at least sometimes, and get kicked out. other games work just fine). i'm kind of frustrated since this game is the reason i bought PS plus for a year. so is the error connected to the very high ping? and if so, why is the ping that high suddenly (i don't have the fastest internet ever, but i got a solid 35 down and 10 up). i'm very thankful for every help i could get for the problem. kindest regards, Mathias Update: i connected the PS4 with a new Ethernet cable to the router, my pin went down on around 75-110 again, the problem still exists.
  25. I’m Tommy. I live in NYC. I want to kill Jason with some of y’all. PS4 name is tommynorcal and I’m usually on Sundays and some weeknights. I play with a mic and need to re-sharpen my skills after a hiatus! add me if you’re down.
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