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Found 219 results

  1. Hello! I saw in a reddit forum, that devs can look up the number of kills/matches we've completed, if we provide our PSN by messaging through the game website, so here goes: My PSN is NotZach02 and my brothers is maxcap31. Kill #'s and Jason/Counselor Match #'s would be greatly appreciated for the both of us. Been grinding for weeks, man. I'm not sure if bot kills are counting towards the 666/1313 kills trophies either. Every day I tell myself "I'm close! I can feel it!" then nothing. Thx in advance!
  2. While there are quite a few people who feel thay the rage update given to us on January 2019 was a much needed buff, i beg to differ. I feel that it is ,as some people on reddit say, a "band-aid" fix for the beginner Jasons who didnt have the patience to ride the learning curve. To add to this as a jason player, I don't feel any sense of accomplishment when i kill an entire lobby with my OP abilities. Its been many months since the rage update and ive noticed that 9 times Outta 10, there will always be a group of trolls who senselessly smack jason all the way to rage mode. As a result, the penalty of their actions falls on the peaceful players who are focused on the objectives. Another problem with the rage mode is the spam grabbing. The stun invulnerability of post-rage Jason makes it such that counselors can be grabbed instantaneously after being saved . The only way you can escape a grab after rage is to hope for Jason's mask to come off because of which he is stunned momentarily. And this brings me to another grievance , once you're injured post-rage, doesn't matter if the entire lobby tries to distract jason, you WILL not survive. Again, we have to thank the stun invulnerability for this. I liked this game more than other games such as DbD because you can atleast fight back but now it has turned more or less into a game of waiting for your stamina to run out. There are alternatives I can suggest: - Make all stuns post rage "instant recovery standing stuns" , the ones where you dont have to mash buttons to recover from. This would result in a stun that is about a second long. Very quick recovery but still solves the issue of instant regrabs, being unable to heal when Jason is on top of you, being unable to distract Jason when he's on top of an objective and combat that feels very unrewarding/unresponsive. -Keep the rage abilities but make it such that the rage meter is unaffected/less boosted by counselors attacking jason so that we dont get the rage mode too early in the game as a result of a group of trolls. -Remove the stun invulnerability but give jason more throwing knives from the start. -Remove the stun invulnerability but make counselors recover slower from melee hits so that they cannot instantly hit jason after being slashed. I got many of these alternatives from Reddit, so Gun Media, kindly go through the F13 subreddits if you want to hear a wider range of opinions on this . (Note: After the rage update, everybody seems to be using only high stamina characters like Vanessa/Buggzy etc which I cant blame, so many of the other counselors tend to be unused because they just can't survive jason post rage, this is another proof that the game still needs some balancing. Not to mention the number of jason teamers have rapidly increased...)
  3. Please use this thread to initiate and recruit for your own private groups on PlayStation 4. Please be specific on what you are looking for. Below are some examples. - My Gamertag is John Smith hosting a private match, I have 1 other looking 5 more send me a message if you want to join. - My gamer tag is Pamela Vorhees I am looking for an invite to join a private match. Being specific will help others know exactly what you are looking for.
  4. I didn't bring something new just would like to hear is there any plans so far about "Cross-platform" ?
  5. I have just started trying to play this game with a friend of mine on PS4, but every time we try and make a party the other member can't join. There is always a connection "error" and so we can never play the game. This is not an issue with us, as we regularly play in parties together in other games. What's going on?
  6. For anyone who hasn't seen this, here is Larry breaking down the oral arguments portion of the lawsuit that took place on thursday. Side note is that he clearly says that even after the lawsuit comes to an end, there WILL NOT be any content coming to the game, none at any point. Hopefully for those who for whatever reason keep holding out foolish hope understand that the game will remain as it is from here on out.
  7. Ever since the June update, offline mode on my PS has had issue wtih the sound and it’s timing with the cutscenes. No matter what, the audio for Offline bots mode (where the counselors are just chilling until Jason comes by to kill Rob starting the game) is always coming way to soon before the scene begins. It’s not only for this platform the issue occurs. Most of the Single Player Challenges also get delayed cutscenes. I’ll list the ones that are undergoing this. -Power Struggle -Lights Out -Packanack Party -Snuggle by the Fire -Strip Poker -Jason is HERE -and occasionally Vacation Party has the issue during intro, freezing the footage but still going on with the dialogue. I know this game didn’t have much luck the past, but I only wish for this quick fix from the developers to make the gameplay better again. Content or not, this is all I would like for now.
  8. Hello Everybody, I got this game for the PS4 on Christmas and I think this is a great game. I've been playing almost every day since. Initially, I got killed a lot but now I'm somewhat competent. I usually win the game by either running to the police, hitching a ride in the car, or the timer runs out. I have yet to win the game by using the boat or driving the car on my own. I have met a few friendly Jasons who let me practice driving the car in a private match so I gained a little skill in that regard. However, I have a long way to go. One thing I noticed about this game is that it's very important the counselors cooperate with each other in order to either defeat Jason or escape. Way too often, players run off, do their own thing, and don't communicate with each other (some players don't have even have microphones). This forces me to be a "lone wolf" character a lot of the time. I originally started off playing as either Kenny or Vanessa. Then I tried Adam and AJ. Now I mainly play Fox. IMHO, she seems to be best lone wolf character. I would love to play with other people who will either be a friendly Jason and thus let me get some driving practice in or who really understand the value of teamwork and owns a mike. If either of those items appeal to you and you own a PS4, please send a friend request to odista2000. Again, I think is a great game and I look forward to spending more hours playing it. Cheers, Odista2000
  9. Is there any chance of adding a stat tracker maybe similar to badges so that us trophy hunters know how close we are to the requirements. I know that Xbox players can check their hero stats for games played etc so the infrastructure is definitely there. It would be nice to know how many boats have been repaired, baseball bat hits, counselors killed and how many games have been played and so on. I love the game but we have to admit it's coming to the end of its life cycle. Lobbies can sometimes be hard to find with matchmaking search times evidently increasing. On another note maybe its about time to lower the requirements. I know this will annoy people who have already earned it but the game wont be alive much longer. I'm not begging and I know its a long shot but it would be nice and may even spark other trophy hunters interest. Thanks to the devs for the hard work and dedication to the game.
  10. Is anyone else experiencing the extremely annoying voice chat bug on PS4 where you can hear people just fine in the lobby, but in the match everyone becomes high pitched and completely inaudible? I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to stop it. I overheard some people talk about it the other day so I know it’s not just me. It’s been going on for months at this point. I’ve reported it to Jason Kills Bugs but I don’t know if it’s widespread enough for them to actually look into it.
  11. Hi All, I've just know switch version was finally announced (release day Aug-29-2019) (at my language Japnese Official web site https://twitter.com/friday13th_jp) I am playing this game in PS4 and wondering if i play with switch user or not. I remember developper told they will do this game under cross platform. Does anyone know if we can palay under all platform or not?
  12. I've been watching some streams of F13 on PC, and the 60fps really makes the game look much better. It's shame we only see half that for consoles. I understand it's for performance reasons, but I honestly would've preferred the 60fps with lower resolution if necessary to balance it out. Smooth, full motion makes the game a lot more immersive and is more important IMO. Anyway my question is - do you guys think this is something we can expect an update for in the future, and more importantly, is it even possible at this stage? I'd really like to think so.
  13. Hey, Has anyone else been having issues getting into matches on PS4. I know a lot of people were getting the outdated client error since the November update. But now it appears most people are able to play no problem. I will wait to find a lobby for 5-6 minutes before it says outdated client and then puts me in a lobby by myself. I've been trying to use the communities to find matches but the majority of the time I get the statement "Bypass Failure: Server not allowing new game session" or something close to that. Has anyone else been encountering this issue? I was able to play last Friday, no problem for a few matches. It would find a match within a minute or two at most and played fine. Which led me to believe they had fixed the issue. I have two PS4's and when I tried it on my second console it didn't work. Then when I went back to my primary, it had stopped working as well. I've tried to delete and reinstall to know success. Any suggestions or thoughts? Thanks,
  14. On the PS4 the matchmaking is seriously broken. I've waited an hour and joined one match to have the lobby drop when the game started. It says the client is outdated if it successfully puts you in a room. I have reinstalled the game and reset the PS4 and there is no change. My network is running fine with no issues outside of this game. This has been occurring since the patch updated about a week ago. Multiplayer is completely down for PS4.
  15. Hi, I have seen that the Spring Break '84 Clothing Pack DLC on PS Store description mentions "3D Game 3D Display with compatible 3D glasses (sold separately) required for 3D features." I own the game Friday the 13th and I play it on a PS4 Pro connected to a 4K HDR 3D TV but, I have not seen any option to enable 3D Stereo in the game therefore, I was wandering if you need to buy this DLC item to enable this feature since it's only mentioned in this DLC's description and no where else in any other websites. I do know that 3D is dying and that it's more likely that the dev mistakenly checked a check box that this is a 3D game when releasing this DLC but, if this DLC truly enables 3D Stereo, I will buy it instantly as 3D content are dwindling as such, I buy any and all 3D content without a second thought. Therefore, I am asking someone who own this DLC on PS4 and plays with their console connected to a 3DTV to see if they see any additional option to enable 3D. Thank you very much
  16. Hello everyone I am a PS4 streamer and would like people that enjoy this game and can play as a team to stream with. My psn is kklgry message me if interested. My YouTube is kukuland and my twitch is kukulandgaming.
  17. It can't find a game or if i cancel matchmaking it Will be in that canceling state forever i have the best internet what you can have in finland so it can't be my internet Edit: im new on the forum so hi... Im a ps4 player and i like this game alot but i can't stand that matchmaking is this broken atm on the ps4.
  18. I decided to make a PS4 Community for people looking to help others with multi-player video games.Have a mission that you need a hand with?Is a challenge mode slowing you down?All you do is post which game you need help with and the details about mode of play,characters,bosses,challenges,etc,and see if you can organize a team to tackle it.It can be for any video game,not just Friday The 13th.Anyone is welcome to join.The name of the community is Ranmaru's Help Wanted Room.Please drop in if you need help with a game,or want to help out someone else.
  19. Anyone else having luck? We keep trying to create a lobby and invite and no one is getting the invites. This is BS
  20. Hello, I'm looking to play some PS4 games only,however,i'm not looking to play Friday The 13th,since i only play Friday offline.Was wondering if anyone had the following games for PS4? Resident Evil 6,Resident Evil Revelations 2,Cyberdimension Neptunia- 4 Goddesses Online,Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands,Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate,Toukiden 2 and Bladestorm- Nightmare.I'm more of a co-op person,not really inti player vs player games.PM me if interested,and thanks for your time.
  21. Having trouble finding games in the AU servers, and don't have any friends who play this game. If anyone would be interested in playing add my PSN - little-miss-sb. Please make sure you mention the game and you are from the forum or I won't add you.
  22. I was in a restroom and this dweeb decides to body block me, and gets me killed. Jason oh boi goes for me instead of chad that's in the open. I had my body near the wall while that doofus kept t-bagging in the open lol. I don't know if they were teaming who fucking knows lol. Also it was your typical chad who done did it.
  23. I swung a grab towards Deborah near the orchard, and made it to my next objective after killing her. When I swung my weapon accidentally some kind of light show happened with neon particles when a surface is hit, and the syringes glow lol. Is this a game reference to the NES Friday The 13th?. Also when you kill a counselor just by swinging I saw the limb cut off is that new?.
  24. After the most recent patch the PS4 lobby wait time is longer and I 've noticed a rise in the troll hosts who take advantage by cooking the time and follow up with Jason helping. There are times when I've waited longer to play the game then actually playing the game. QP seems to be broken.
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