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Found 15 results

  1. So with the recent dedicated server update on Xbox One my matchmaking seems to be broken. I keep being dumped in an empty lobby on the F13 Official AP servers. I wait for hours and no one seems to join. Before the update i was finding games after a long time of searching but now i can't find any games at all after hours of searching. However, for some reason, when I queue with my friends (4 of us) I find a game within 30 seconds or less in the F13 US servers. I did some testing by hosting the search party and we all ended up in an empty AP server. So I honestly have no clue whats going on because my friends only live a few miles away from me and we have the same internet provider and internet plan. To add to that, whenever we find a match my ping is lower than theirs mine being around 65ms and theirs being around 89ms. Anyone else having this issue and found a solution?
  2. •I am not one to ever post on a forum or even create an account based on the problems I’ve been experiencing, but this is special...• *** HOSTING & MATCHMAKING PROBLEMS *** To my dismay, I took a break from the game for a couple months in hopes these kind of problems would be fixed... yet i come back to them being even WORSE. WHY on earth is it nearly impossible to join lobbies? I read constantly about this “salt mine” business and how you’re put in low priority matchmaking for being a quitter which is a great idea, but it’s not being PROPERLY executed in game and leaves not only myself, but hundreds of people disappointed and frustrated. WHY did I play 40$ for if I can’t play the game. Of course it sucks when you join a LOBBY and the host quits mid-game or you get kicked for whatever reason eg(host quit and you got kicked in process, you quit because game glitched, you turned off to console to reboot game etc), but adding to that and not being able to join back to PUBLIC matching for nearly hours and being STUCK trying to form a private lobby in hopes of getting a group together is just wrong... absolutely disappointed. ** The more I read, the more I see problems and no solutions** KICKSTART game or not; problems like this should not persist. It’s absolutely not functionable.. I am a huge fan of the game context and how the game play has been other wise. Just wish I could ACTUALLY play the game. *** IS THERE A POSSIBLE SOLUTION TO THIS? *** Some sort of clarification would be super. Console: XBOX ONE
  3. With the release of the Roy update, came a de-buff to the amount of pocket knives available per match. (3 or 4 if Tommy Spawns.) This nerf effectively created a more balanced game, (based on the majority of the communities perspective on the balance) which caused more Jasons to quit complaining over the imbalance that the counselors have the edge in the game. Now you may be wondering, why did I bring this up? Because my point is that there shouldn't be a reason for Jason to start going merry-go-round with their Meat Cleaver or Axe. Even though the update fixed balancing with too many pocket knives, there are still Jasons who still use their blades to hack people to death. I understand that one of the reasons why Weapon Strength might be a thing is because sometimes Jason can get teamed up by literally everyone and get constantly bullied and stunned over and over, but it isn't fair when I get chased by Jason as Deborah for 7 minutes straight, and I'm at a state where I'm out of stamina thanks because he can have the ability to run, except, I have 1 out of the 3 knives total in the map, and he can reward himself with a very easy kill. It's really not fair and balanced from the view of a counselor. Let's also mention the fact that if you go through a broken window once and get hit by their weapon, you will instantly be in the limping state, same applies to getting hit by a throwing knife and going through a broken window. To solve this problem, just simply remove weapon strength but give him a weapon strength buff when 3 or more counselors are within 6 meters of each other and nearby Jason. This criterial buff will apply to ALL Jasons in the game. This solves the problem with the easy unfair rewarding kill potential that Part 3 and 4 Jason's can receive and the counselor's ability to harass Jason. -Qcici
  4. hi first of all i bought this game yesterday and i joined a game and i see an icon on the people who are talking but i cant hear them and if i talk they can hear me so the problem is i can't hear people talking and they can hear me talking pls quick fix mic : logetich g430 windows : 8.1 playback and microphone windows settings are default so no need to be worried about the langauge in the playback and microphone settings i reinstalled the game i verified the game cashe and i tried to run it as an adminstrator and its not working i reinstalled my mic and still not working and i asked a lot of streamers they all said thats weird problem ! so pls someone help me im done i can't play the game correctly
  5. I bought the game today, so did three of my friends. They are all able to get online with no problem. I am currently connected to the internet talking with them on discord, but I keep getting this error. Please help me, I have wanted to play this game for a while.
  6. Hi! Friday Team , Almost issues on The PC version. 1. We waiting so long in the lobby ( No body coming in the lobby ) , Look like no people in this game 2. Please bring worldwide player can coming in the lobby random a Internal country coming to lobby. We want to playing with american player , EU player , Asia Player. I hate to playing with the same host country. Ex. I'm Thai Player right? I go the lobby and meet all Thai player in the lobby same time. It's not fun !!! We need a different country in the lobby , Has American , EU , Aus , Asia mixing in the lobby. 3. Can you roll back to the beginning. I luv to play Friday 13th like a first time you guy made. A First time very greats !! Everything awesome not like poor this patch ! 4. Up to you guy ! Now you guy can see about a player on-line this game not over 4k player and on Twitch TV live steam not over 800 to watching. You guy see a Dead by Daylight , It's has many player to playing. I promise I leaving to play DBDL and choose to play your game everyday! Cause' I support your game and luv Jason. Please reading and check a sound of a real Friday's 13th player. Before I stop to playing this game. It's very sad. Thank you so much.
  7. Every time i press quick play, the game tries to search for a server for like 3 minutes and then it will create a lobby every single time (i can't even host if i wanted to, my ping is garbage and every one has like 600 ping) and i don't want this, ¿how do i stop this problem? This is ruining my game. This wasn't happening before the small maps update, and the hotfix kinda helped (not really).
  8. Hello, After play for a while this is my lists of suggestions and bugs what i see. BUGS: 1. Only on "crystal lake" i dont see glitch on the roofs where some cheaters hide from Jason, and he cant do anything against them. Fix roofs glitches/exploits hidespots. 2. Game crash so often its so annoying. 3. Empty lobbys: quick match, then u alone in lobby. 4. One time our match even everybody killed and/or escaped cant over. Match over when all time reach 0 minutes. 5. Sometimes Jason even sound of killing someone done, je still keep walking with person in he's hand Thisis what i think most annoying what I personally see/find. SUGGESTIONS: 1. Please remove double lobby! Quick match, then we waiting people, then we see another lobby? Shy whats the point? Again whaiting? Match must start immediately after first main lobby after everybody ready, so we dont wasting time. 2. We need host migration option 3. We need penalty for betrayed maybe 10k or something serious, so people start really think if they planning to kill u. Also I think if people out map location or use some exploits also must receive huge penalty 4. From all Jasons what we have only two can run, only two (part 2 & 3), please in future dlc add Jason with who can RUN. 5. More BLONDS hairs counselors like in MOVIES! 6. For every dlc add achievements. For new maps, for single player, for play every new counselors, new Jason etc. 7. In my xbox live security online options I block sound, messages from everybody who not my friends. So i must dont hear anyone except my friends and dont SEE descriptions on the screen during gameplay coz they must MUTE automatically because my xbox system security. Friday 13th game only game so far I play not work properly with security of my xbox security settings. And last one maybe most important for me: Version for XBOX ONE X please in native 4k! Thats for now. Hope more quick xbox one receive updates in future;) THANK YOU FOR GREAT GAME:)
  9. Hello ladies and gentleman! This is my first topic and I hope it can be useful for players and this game's developers. One of my biggest problems with Jason gameplay are the Jason(s) stats. More specifically Jason 3 (optional), Jason 7 and Jason 8. And Savini Jason is perfect Jason 3 (optional): This Jason seen to have very basic gameplay due to his stats. His way of killing seens very direct: Go to his victim and kill them. People keep saying I'm bitching about Jason 3 needing changes but for me, a Jason with these stats will never be the Jason from Friday the 13th: Part 3. Gameplay Style: Hunter Stats: +Can Run +Grip Strenght (Replace) +Weapon Strength -Stun Resistance -Sense -Stalk (Replace) Suggestions: Replace +Grip Strenght and -Stalk. For me, no Jason need to have bad Stalk since it is the way he killed most of his victims in the movies. And with +Grip Strenght, the Jason 3 players will just ignore everything and every method and pursue their targets without strategy since he is a running Jason. I don't know about his new strenght and weakness, so please comment below what it should be. Jason 7: Oh boy! Where do I begin? One of the Moderators called Kodiak said Jason 7 was supposed to be a grappler Jason, but can't see the point since his Strenghts are terrible. His -Shift and -Can't Run make him unable to reach running counselors and cars, thus making him very slow. What's the point of having +Sense if he can't reach counselors? Also, +Water Speed doesn't make a good balance to his abilities since no one is dumb enough to enter in the water unless if it's by boat (take in mind that some maps doesn't have boats). Gameplay Style: "Grappler"/Stalker Stats: +Sense (Replace) +Water Speed +Grip Strenght -Traps (Replace) -Can't Run -Shift Suggestions: Replace +Sense and -Traps. His +Sense needs to be replaced with +Stalk which I think it would be a great addition to his gameplay. This Jason looks like that "one-chance" type of gameplay which he needs to wait for his prey but if he fails, it will punish him and with this update, he can have the right tools to adopt this playstyle . But since the combination of +Grip Strenght and +Stalk might be too OP, I think -Shift will balance him more. And as a bonus, I removed -Traps to help him get a better control of the scenario (however, I don't know what to put in its place. So please, comment below what weakness should replace it). Jason 8: This Jason is one of the best Jason(s) in the game simply because of +Destruction which most Jason players love it since destroying locked doors is annoying. But I feel some of his Strenghts are really random. Why does he has both +Stalk and +Destruction? There's any kind of combination these abilities can do? Gameplay Type: Strategic Stats: +Stalk (Replace) +Destruction +Water Speed -Sense -Can't Run -Grip Strenght Suggestion: Not much go say here except that +Stalk doesn't seen to fit him. Jason 8 needs +Morph. I think it will give him total control of the scenario. Then he can smash all the doors before the counselors arrive, place traps under the smashed doors and go into the water more often to wait for the Morph cooldown. I also this his weaknesses are perfect! His -Sense will make it harder for him to locate counselors and his -Grip Strenght will discorage Jason 8 players to stay next to houses and do environmental kills.
  10. I find it odd and slightly annoying that people escape before the final player is decided. It's unlike the movies. The final survivor should have the increased chance of escape. I suggest having Jason start strong and then lose his abilites (or longer cooldown) when there's only one character left. So then like the movies only the final character has the best chance to escape.
  11. Anytime I get a game invite or a party invite and I accept I get a connecting to game or party message on the bottom right corner and it will just roll and roll and roll and I have to back out to dash board and manually exit the game and start over. This is for Xbox. Anyone else have this problem?
  12. So on June 20th we were supposed to all receive clothing packs, 13000CP, and double XP this weekend coming up(23rd-25th) I just went on at 3:30AM the 21st and my clothing is there but no cp. Im poor and have no good perks and I need that cp. What's going on, HELP!!!!
  13. Apologies if there is a dedicated thread for this, but I couldn't find one and haven't seen it brought up for a while. I know many people play private matches and select Jason manually so this isn't an issue. But regarding random pick and particularly quick play, this is by no means resolved. Here's what I read in the PS4 patch notes from June 6th, on the official Facebook page: "Increased effectiveness of Jason and Counselor spawn preference options. Shuffling the possible Jason list 3x as much to help randomness." Now this is all well and good, but the fact that I always have Jason preference on, and played in the same lobby for something like 6 hours and was not picked to be Jason even once means that something is very wrong. And that has happened on a few occasions, rarely for that length of time (and only because hosts don't generally stick around that long) but for hours nonetheless. And I've noticed a few things which I'm going to list here: Keep in mind this is still speculation, but I have enough reason to believe it's a possibility too. 1. The host of the lobby is picked as Jason far more often than anybody else. 2. Newcomers to the lobby have a higher chance of becoming Jason than players already in the lobby. 3. At some point, for some reason, it seems that some players in the same lobby for an extended period of time are kicked out of the shuffle entirely. 4. To be included back in the shuffle, it seems that switching to a different Jason is a possible solution. This has occurred a few times now, where I have changed my Jason selection after waiting for hours, and became Jason the very next match. Again, this is all speculation and it is hard to determine otherwise due to the amount of testing and especially time needed to make certain. It could very well be a pointless endeavour to even attempt. But these notes I've made are based on consistently playing almost every day, and what I've seen has convinced me enough to make a post about it. So I imagine the best solution might be to eliminate randomisation entirely and replace it with a system that actually provides fair opportunity. Otherwise fix the algorithm or whatever glitch that is affecting it, because the current system is clearly broken somehow. It is not fair how some players only experience 1 or 2 Counselor matches between their Jason matches, while other players are not picked at all for hours on end. There is something wrong here and I'd love to see more discussion and feedback from other players here to shed more light on the topic.
  14. Anyone facing problems trying to play Friday 13th (PC VERSION) with PS3/XBOX 360 controller? I had played many recent games like Ghost Recoon Wild Lands and Fallout 4 with my EA Sports PS3 controller and I never had any problem, but in this case, Friday 13th doesnt even recognize thats a controller pluged in. Is there any configuration I can change so I can play using the controller? I also tried to use a normal USB PC Joystick and nothing happens... Thnx for the attention guys.
  15. Hello, I recently bought this game on the ps4 it's great however in a game that is so crucial on Mic use, mine isn't working. On the lobby screen the symbol is black, and in proximity to other players they cannot hear me. I changed the setting to output to outside world however nothing changed. I would appreciate it if anyone had any ideas what the problem is. Thank you!
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