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Found 1 result

  1. My collection of pro tips for why we should have an open door. I'll extend the list upon learning new advantages. 1. head start For the first 2 mins Jason has no shift or sense. If you have an open door and he enters, and you have high stealth, you can pop out the other door or window and sneak around and back in. Jason can't sense you and he's more interested in trapping cars and fuse box. 2. time saver The most obvious is that it saves time and let's you find items faster and again if you run into trouble refer to reason 1. How much time does it save? Well i know some people have already searched 3 houses while some was still prepping one house with barricades and traps. 3. no doors later. If you barricade doors Jason will break them early game giving you nowhere to rest for stamina when you really need them. 4. Broken Windows and locked doors! Open doors save you from jumping in broken windows. This is the greatest reason. 5. helpful to others rushers. If you see open doors provided by others then you can breeze through them in search of items without being slowed down by a window. 6. Window body blocking. If Jason shifts to an outside window and and blocks you from entering, while the door is locked you're pretty much screwed. You pretty much trapped yourself outside. Hopefully you can make it to another window... thats if you're still alive. 7. Window knife throwing.. While you climb a window you leave a free shot in for pro Jasons to throw a knife or two then run up and whack you through the window. 3 hits for just climbing. https://clips.twitch.tv/HorribleBitterPuddingFrankerZ 8. Shift grabs? No! Most of the barricade lovers argue that shift grabs (people shifting through doors will happen). Um no... You got a minimap and you're running to a front door. If Jason disappears of the minimap then it's pretty obvious what he's trying to do but most of you still run inside regardless. My advice just turn left or right and run for next cabin. If you get shift grabbed at an open door, then you can only blame yourself. Or if he's not in shift and you feel confident then you can stun him with a bat then lock your self inside to recover stamina. 9. Cars available pre-shift. When a team goes full speed then cars will be fixed pre-shift. 10. less stamina drainage. When you're running from Jason you have to find where the access point will be. If you see a building barricaded you have to run around the building looking for a window. Depending on the building it might only have one window and you ran around the wrong side. With an open door you can conserve your stamina and avoid running around an entire building to find a window that may be on the other side of the building. suggested strategy. Tell everyone to add firecracker perks while in lobby. When match starts then tell everyone to grab the shotguns and flare guns and run to the 4 seated car with the fuel, battery and keys. When Jason pops up then throw the fire cracker at the battery area and fuel area and get the two people hopefully two 'AJs' install it while Jason's stunned. If Jason is not stunned and attempts to throw a knife at the battery or fuel chick because he can't get close because of crackers. Simply run up and smack him with the bat while he's distracted. Jason falls down and everything should be fixed. Someone jumps in the car to start it. Jason stands up. Someone shoots Jason with the gun. Jason falls down 4 people get in and drive off And 3 get to die or try escape by cops (assuming they were called). With this plan you only need firecrackers, a bat and a shot gun.
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