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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I'm slowly getting back to playing F13 more, and most of my friends list has no one on and has no one playing this game. An I had a long friends list from launch from posting a post like this before. I'm looking for new friends to play private with on the regular, mainly late at nights in my time like right now since I work a lot through the weekdays and off on the weekends. I would like to be apart of a group that does mic all the way and people that actually communicate and pull things off as a team. An not stay silent just cause. My username is Tyler_Love, feel free to add me. An anyone else is good to post here looking for new people to play with as well.
  2. Heyyyyy I want to play so I've come to this forum to find private matches seeing that, that's the only way to play the game! So plz add me on PSN and let's go! PSN: idomc3
  3. Looking to play. Servers won't let us play. Add my gamertag if you want to play jakeyTS93 Add also gamertag zombieblood1150
  4. Hi everyone, the beta will be open to the public tomorrow for who ever pre-ordered the game. You get to play for 5 days straight, they extended a day to compensate for F&F players but it counts for Pre-ordered people too(People who brought the game after the raising was finished). I don't have many people on my steam to play the game with. So I'm making this thread for me and anyone else who else looking for a set group of people to play with. I know people are on discord and will do groupings but it will be good to have your own set of people. To do private matches with and parties with as well. So to start things off, my Steam name is Krilt. I prefer counselors, and my main is Jenny Myers and my 2 other choices are Preppy guy and Jock (who is not in the game yet till full release). So, go ahead and friend me now if you'd like, I think tactfully and take things one step at a time when I'm going to play. Trust me I can get scared and will run-away quickly, I will save other counselors if they get stuck in a choke hold when I have a weapon at hand. (I know it sounds like I played the game already but I haven't, listening to the forums and ign's gameplay videos really help, lol.)
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