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Found 18 results

  1. Add me on psn (only if you play fairly frequently) @LOUD_KILLA420
  2. Please use this thread to initiate and recruit for your own private groups on PlayStation 4. Please be specific on what you are looking for. Below are some examples. - My Gamertag is John Smith hosting a private match, I have 1 other looking 5 more send me a message if you want to join. - My gamer tag is Pamela Vorhees I am looking for an invite to join a private match. Being specific will help others know exactly what you are looking for.
  3. Please use this thread to initiate and recruit for your own private groups on Xbox One. Please be specific on what you are looking for. Below are some examples. - My Gamertag is John Smith hosting a private match, I have 1 other looking 5 more send me a message if you want to join. - My gamer tag is Pamela Vorhees I am looking for an invite to join a private match. Being specific will help others know exactly what you are looking for.
  4. This part has been added for clarity. The purposes of this thread is to discuss the various ways that offline or private counselor matches could be done. If also contains suggestions for other modes that could be experimented with. I think there's a lot more that could be suggested, so if you have an idea, please post it. The rest of this first post/page are discussing one specific idea, a Night of the Living Dead mode. It is quite a long read and tries to do something different with the game. The rest of the modes starting on the next page are not nearly as long and stick closer (for the most part) to the core of F13. I hope you enjoy reading them. So I've been kicking around this idea, even mentioned parts of if in the Nintendo map thread, but I think I should just write it out and see what you all think. It's just an idea, so don't be too upset, just give your criticism(or not) and move on. I love Friday the 13th the game, the independent nature of its creation is part of that. There are few properties that generate the same level of fandom from independent beginnings. One of these properties is Night of the Living Dead, and it just so happens to be in the public domain. Basically any one can build something in that universe without fear of legal repercussions. The popularity of zombies can be attributed to this legal freedom. This game we all enjoy was incredibly lucky to even exist, the rights issues alone are staggering and anything that is made in it's world is gravy in my opinion. It can be more than what it is though, without losing anything it can grow and change. Not everyone has to like everything, or play what they don't want to, but options are good for longevity. If this was single player it wouldn't even be a concern for online play, it would just be a map exploring mode with minor zombie annoyances. With it set on easy there would be a set number of them to contend with, normal difficulty they would group up and keep spawning, and on hard mode the rate of spawn would simply increase as time when on, or you could select fast zombies that could run a short distance. As a private match multiplayer mode they could be added as a change of pace for experienced groups, or be added to a match with Jason as moving obstacles for the counselors. Jason would also want to avoid decapation as it would mean no zombie player. As a DLC it would generate some income, and not effect players who have no interest in expanding the game. Zombie players, rather than escaping or leaving a lobby at death players could have some PvP back in the game in a fair and more balanced way. Zombie players wouldn't look any different than the bot zombies but would be way more dangerous without being over powered. You could still bash them down with a weapon while avoiding bites but they would wait outside windows, group up to destroy doors and have intelligence to plan using the bots as cover. The atmosphere in the camps, the mechanics of barricading doors, fear effects, bots and many different looks for counselors, all the things that would be needed are waiting. In the original movie it's just a group of strangers trying to survive, they barricade doors, hide and sometimes fight back. Each of these things can be accomplished with little change to the existing game world. The big house maps would be a lot of fun with extra threats wandering the map, without Jason you could have 7(8, Tommy) counselors vs 1 player zombie at the start. Host would select the number of bot zombies in the lobby. The zombie players would attempt to stop escape, by using the bots as helpers. Killing a counselor player turns them into a zombie player, unless Tommy is called. If Tommy has been called he is randomly selected as normal, but he brings friends with him as the dead counselor players also return as zombies players now. Their old bodies stand back up and it's a new game, eat your friends. -Things that could or would need to be added A grab and bite attack, unarmed attack to damage doors/windows using the prompts for Jason. The ability to crawl for some bots or player antagonists. Maybe some new skins, but really using the existing bloody skins or amputee skins could work. Extra barricading features would be nice, and cross over with the regular game well. 2by4's, nailguns, hammers/nails have all been suggested in other threads. -New Zombie Player Powers, using as many mechanisms that already exist as possible Sense Life, works just like Jason's sense power but houses don't light up, just counselors. Sense based obviously. Shepherd, lets you call zombies together in a mob around you, they follow along unless distracted by counselors or another use of Shepherd, thirty foot radius around the player zombie. If you lead them to a cabin they will attack the same objective as the player zombie, so if you attack the door they will attempt to break it down even after you stop, letting you slip away to guard windows or the backdoor. If the players escape you would activate Shepherd again and start a pursuit, or leave them attacking the cabin as you chase the escaping counselor alone. If you lead bots to an objective like the car or phone fuse you can set them to guard it by using you action button, zombies are the trap they don't place them. (Players can bear trap zombies, there is no escape from them if your a bot, a player zombie needs to use the next power to get away.) Possession, lets you use a form of shift to change zombie bodies. Basically you fly around the map till you run into a zombie not controlled by another player. This power is used for moving around the map so it lasts until cancelled. If you end the power before running into a bot zombie and no bot zombie is close to you(same thirty foot radius), a new body pulls itself from the earth. Your old body becomes a zombie bot and does what it would normally do head for noise. The number of unearthed bodies you can create is set to the limit of zombies that are allowed to spawn on the map, or a set number per player zombie, three maybe. You can possess a zombie in a cabin but not unearth one, these have the same limitations as trap placement, as the hole effect will only be a re-skin of the trap leaves. With an animation of you standing up, like when you jump out a window. Shift based power, could be used in other potential modes as well. Unearthing is the name I'm using for the animation of rising from the ground. Raise the Dead, allows a zombie player once per match to summon the Living Dead from the ground around a target car or cabin. Twenty foot circle in front of the players zombie, placement is random, and any damage they have incurred is still present. If the max number of zombies on the map exist, those farthest away from players crumble to the ground. The number of them that spawn via unearthing is controlled by the number of counselors present, and the counselor players luck total or some other balancing equation. This would best be saved for the end game or car escapes, it's not meant to over power the counselors, just give the Zombie players a way to Morph in some friends. -The Car and the Boat/Swimming The Car. The car is a problem. Working out how to stop the car could maybe be a forum problem. I do have some ideas but they maybe might over power the zombies. This one might work for now Shift/Flying into it with possession and the smash happening automatically, then a zombie unearthing right in front (doesn't use one of the players unearthed bodies if a smash happens and they are limited). The car will be the ultimate zombie bot killer, and I'm sure players would love to get their GTA on. The Boat/Swimming. Swimming works just like for Jason, the in game reason is the water is filled with zombies and the zombie players can move around under the surface of the water. When they flip the boat or drowned a player it is a random zombie that does the deed. Swimming would also give the zombie players a way to switch back to their preferred counselor body, you enter the water walking or with possession, and when you climb out your back in the body you selected in the lobby. -Perks Some Perks work for zombie players, and could even give them certain surprise advantages. The Sneaky perk that lets you climb through windows faster for example, could allow a zombie player to climb through windows(unless window barricades are added, zombies without the perk can't use windows). Thick Skinned, tougher zombies. Friendship, more damage when using Shepherd. Feel free to come up with your own below. Here's a list of all the perks, https://fridaythe13th.gamepedia.com/Perks. Some Perks would just not work, it would be interesting to see the meta in this mode though. -Items Firecrackers, these attract zombie bots, and can stun zombie players. Med. Spray, works as normal, but doesn't heal bite damage. You can be infected, and change. Pocket Knife, allows one escape from grab as per normal but can also be used to kill a player Zombie. Head shot instead of neck, needs new animations. To kill a zombie player you have to assume Combat Stance with no weapon equipped, then attempt to get close and strike. Weapons, these work as normal you beat zombies down, they break as per normal, you find more and repeat. Zombies are hard to kill, pieces will be smashed off before they run out of health, the Devs will have to balance this part, it's just too big to do here. Player and bot zombies are restricted from using weapons (Yes, the zombies in Night used tools but crudely, and it would make it unbalanced.) Car/Boat Parts, the zombies can and will pick these up and carry them with them. Sometimes they will take them to a vehicle and stand around waiting like they are remembering their past life(higher the repair skill the more likely it is to happen). Or they could wander in to the graveyard making a pile just to create a different goal point, when zombies pick up parts they appear on the large map still, allowing counselor players to track them. Zombie players would have a set a set number of lives. In a non re-spawning game you'd run out of bodies, and unearth all the extras your allowed. In a game with a set re-spawn they could just keep coming back, so to make it possible to kill them permanently you have to stab them in the head with a Pocket Knife, this should be hard to do, possibly requiring the Zombie Player to be stunned first or have run out of unearthed bodies. It should be risky to take out the Zombie players but maybe one of you can come up with something fair? So yeah that's a lot to digest, and I've tried not to go on to many tangents. I'd appreciate feedback, and will probably add more just cause it's a fun idea. If you like any part of this, or would change anything let me know.
  5. My in game mic hasn't been working since about a month after a purchased the game. It sucks because whenever I go into a private match they boot me because they can't hear me. It shows that I'm talking but nobody can hear. Mic works in party's and in other games, this is the only game that gives me this issue. PLEASE HELP!!
  6. Please use this thread to initiate and recruit for your own private groups on Steam. Please be specific on what you are looking for. Below are some examples. - My Gamertag is John Smith hosting a private match, I have 1 other looking 5 more send me a message if you want to join. - My gamer tag is Pamela Vorhees I am looking for an invite to join a private match. Being specific will help others know exactly what you are looking for.
  7. Hey everyone, Just petitioning people to share their Steam name with me so that perhaps we can get a private match happening. I prefer an immersive style of play - ground rules = NO costumes or emotes, and Jason can't shift. Respond with your name if this takes your fancy and I'll add you. P
  8. Jason's Grab and Hold: Jason's grab distance is very long. Nerf the distance of his grab. He's able to grab through walls in come cases. A lot of Jasons don't want to do environmental kills. They insta-kill you when they grab a hold of you. Make it so the XP is GREATLY given to people that use environmental kills. Jason Glitch: There was a glitch where Jason walked into a bear trap continually did his animation of him trying to get out of the trap. We all hit him with bats, machetes, flare guns, and a shotgun. It did not phase him, and he continued doing the animation. Please fix. XP Gain in Private Matches: When the game released for Xbox One, no one could play Quick Play, but that is not the case anymore. Even though Quick Play is a little buggy, it works now. Please remove the XP Gain from Private matches to prevent players from farming XP, and so they can play Quick Play also. Even consider putting a little message in the main menu noting that Quick Play works now. Quick Play Improvements: I push Quick Play, I wait 10 seconds, I find a match. However, I am the host, or I find one person in the game and continue to wait. Quick Play still needs a little improvement. When there are a least 5 players, the countdown starts. That's fine, however, once there are 8 players, the countdown should start right away from 10 seconds to make it so people must stay and start the game. The players are unable to leave the game unless the quit out of F13, but even then should be counted as an abandonment. In-game, the Host will play, but if they do not get Jason, they leave. Same thing goes for some random players that do not get to play as Jason. The Host will sometimes leave as well when they are the first to die. The message that warns them that the game will end if they leave does not work, for the people that leave do not care for other players. Please make it so the Host changes to someone else in-game. Once the game starts, please make it so they are unable to leave the game until the game starts. Then, they have to wait 10 minutes before they can leave. Otherwise, they will receive a punishment. The punishment should be temporary bans. The first leave is a warning. The second is a 5 minute ban. The third is a 10 minute ban. The fourth is a 15 minute ban, and so on. Counselors that play the game often don't go into game chat on Xbox, have a message that reminds them that they need to be in Game Chat for the best experience. Counselors that play the game also don't contribute to playing with the team. They usually run off and hide for the entire game in one area, usually in the corner of a house, or in a camp tent at the very edge of the map. I'm not quite sure if this will help, but you could make it so people get a message that lets them know they will be removed for idling to get them moving so they make a little noise for Jason to find them, especially if they camping in a tent or outhouse the entire game.
  9. After I finally made the choice to buy the game after hearing how fun and buggy it is, I noticed I had friends who have been playing already by making private matches and sometimes just waiting it out to join a public match. When we noticed we had enough people for a private match and they decided to invite me, I noticed that I could not join them. Neither their game or party in-game. I'd accept the invite and nothing would happen or change in-game. I'm thinking it could be something that needs to be port-forwarded through my internet connection. I've reinstalled the game and still receive this problem. I've done some of the normal Ps4, which is the system I'm playing on if that matters, ports through my modem to see if it helps, as through test, it makes my connection go from strict to moderate in other games with a nat type of 3. Will update this if possible if I find a fix or if port forwarding has helped. The game is great! Just sucks to have to go off of hope in finding matches within 5 or 15+ minutes. *Edit* - I can now join friends, parties, and matches effortlessly. Either the update, porting, or both, worked.
  10. Trying to look for people who also play! Hit me up and add me! PSN - Cubekrazy
  11. So I just brought the game today and I didn't get to play as Jason even once so I wonder how does that work then I notice that when you are in a lobby in quick match there is always a guy in the lobby how as a red arrow besides is name and that he does not have a ping. So I figured that when you hit quick match you end up in the lobby of a private match because the dude with the red arrow always is Jason or one of is friends. So for this game to be fun you need to make official server with a server browser witch is totally neutral which means that nobody gets to decided the maps or who is going to be Jason because im pretty tired of hopping to be Jason and never getting it so had a sever browser or make it so that when we hit quick match we don't end up in private match lobby with a guy who decides who is going to be Jason. If not then this game is doomed to failed . its fun but with a server browser and official neutral server thing would be better!!! thanks.
  12. The servers have been down, so private match play is all that we can do for the moment. The suggestion is to make private match options for counselors and Jason. For example, during a private match, you can take away some of Jason's abilities or counselors perks to even out some of the game. To be honest, the game is missing an element. Maybe this can provide those that think Jason is way too overpowered a sense empowerment. I know there are some that can make it through the entire game without dying, but most games I have played, all counselors died within 10 minutes. Maybe you can throw the options of time restriction as well.
  13. im tag is Ix PinkiePie xI so send me a message and i will try and get you in the lobby
  14. Suggestion: the ability to open up a private match to outsiders if you don't have enough people. Basically speaks for itself – I usually find out my friends are busy on other matches when I'm on, but I may have a few friends available for a private match. It would be great if you could start a private match, get as many people as you can and then have the option to open it up to strangers who want to slot in a game. Thoughts? Seems like that would be an easy patch.
  15. Has anyone been successful with inviting a friend located in a different country on PS4? I'm in the US and my friend who is in the UK cannot join. He is given the option to view gameplay. We also tried this vice versa with no success.
  16. Hey looking to start a private much because quick match isn't working. Send me your GT My GT: OneManApocal
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