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Found 3 results

  1. Dunno if it's already in, but i'd appreciate an opportunity to spectate matches. I made one topic before regarding practice, and this is another way to do it. You can choose to spectate random matches, or a friends match spesifically, OR some sort of system that highlights high ranking players (according to the leaderboard, assuming it doesn't get hacked from day 1) so you can watch that. The big hindrance i can think of is by letting someone spectate a friend, they might basically get 360 degrees vision for the player, and can be used to stack the tables against jason, which obviously wouldn't be fair. That being said i'm sure the devs can think of some sort of workaround to that if it's an option.
  2. I'd like to suggest a tutorial mode of sorts. Not only one that tells you how the game works on the basics, but a limited sandbox where you can test out diverse tactics with static npc's, or npc's that follow a set path through a house (maybe even something you can manually adjust so you can test out how to catch someone running in a spesific pattern) Experience has taught me that sometimes in online games you'll encounter something you think is complete bs, but after trying it out in a more controller enviroment (static npc's, bugging a friend to join a private game so you can test it) you figure out what exactly "it" was and could play around with scenarios to figure out what works and not. It'd require some work, obviously, but it helps raise the general skill cap for those that bother to take the time to learn. You might see something that looks unfeasible online, then head to this practice mode in order to work out how it was done and how easily you can recreate it if it was a viable escape strategy from jason (for example). Thoughts?
  3. I think local play is necessary for just about any game that requires some level of cooperative gameplay. It could also be convenient in situations where your internet is not working, and you instead decide to play solo with computers, and choose whether or not you wish to be Jason. Maybe you could set the COMs (whether Jason or counselors) at certain levels of difficulty for practice? This could potentially make a local co-op game more convenient, say in a situation where you're showing your friend the game and they've never played before. This can also help improve your skills, whether you're trying to hunt down counselors or outsmart Jason; or if you're just sick of playing online altogether (for some reason). Anyway, let me here your thoughts!
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