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Found 1 result

  1. (God, I feel like I'm robbing other people's suggestions. Sorry if I am.) Ginny Field: The Psychologist Trope: The Secondary Final Girl Overlook: Ginny is a courageous young woman that beat Jason's ass by hurting him with various materials, such as a chainsaw, a chair, etc. She even managed to trick Jason, making him think she was his mother. At the end of the movie, Jason eventually grabbed her through a window, which could've been a hallucination. She manages to keep her cool within the entire "battle-royale-with-jason" (i don't know, lmao.) sequence. Stats: Composure: 8 (She doesn't freak out as much when she sees him and even keeps quiet under the bed, but she pees herself.) Luck: 4 (She was lucky enough to find the weapons around, even "stunning" Jason at the end. So, she would have some luck.) Repair: 4 (She was able to do everything she could to prevent herself from dying, even turning on a chainsaw at the end. But, she couldn't turn on the car.) Speed: 7 (She was able to run from her car all the way to that cabin, so I thought she was pretty fast in that scene. Plus, she ran to Jason's shack as well.) Stamina: 6 (She ran all the way from her car to the cabin, then from the cabin to the shack, oh boy.) Stealth: 3 (While she seemed kind of stealthy, she did pee on the ground, making Jason stay and trick her into thinking that he left, but she also kept quiet in the shack.) Strength: 3 (She kicked Jason in the you-know-where and she pushed the car door on/against him to make him fall, and she threw a chair over him (technically, kind of a rko with a chair) Gameplay: The "main idea" of Ginny's gameplay is to be somewhat of a repairer, but being the main "sweater girl" due to her stats. While she seems like Tiffany, she has better stats than her, but also worse stats than her. Similar to Tiffany, you can just do whatever you want because of your high speed, stealth, composure, and stamina. Appearance: Ginny sports a long-sleeved, button up in various different colors. She also wears khakis or jeans. While you can't really see her shoes, she probably wears some type of sneakers or any other type of shoe. She has long, flowy, ginger hair that gets ruined later in the movie due to her either sweating or getting wet (???) Note: If the Devs can't use Ginny's actual name, suggest a name for me Creativity matters, right? She "unlocks" at level 53. Ginny's "op counselor" skill on a scale from 1-10 would be.. a 6. She's mainly for the sweater, but the majority of the time in QP matches people don't even call Tommy.
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