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Found 2 results

  1. Hey this an edit of the original post where I tweaked a few ideas on this buff or rework. Right now I'm working on unique buff ideas for each Jason so people just choose P9. I'm open for constructive criticism and ideas. Possession is a new passive ability exclusive to Part 9 Jason where Jason can possess the corpse of a counselor he has killed. This ability would replace Stalk and maybe Rage Mode. How it works is a button prompt will appear over a corpse which, when pressed Jason will disappear, the corpse would regain all limbs and heal all injuries then stand up with Jason controlling them. The counselor wouldn't be affected by fear, would have infinite stamina, and max stats. In counselor form Jason cannot shift or morph however he is always in Stalk and doing repairs would sabotage objectives making them take much longer to complete for other counselors. Jason will also be able to climb through windows in this form but when grabs a counselor his body explodes blood before turning back into Jason, now ability to kill his prey. I know what you may be thinking, "this is OP" and to that I say good. Jason should be OP with some restrictions which can be in place with lack of morph and shift in counselor for and with stalk and rage being taken away. Well you maybe thinking "if Jason uses then it's a free kill" and to that I say no. Jason in counselor form wouldn't be able to pick up weapons and friendly fire. The only things he could do is sneak into cabins, sabotage and the grab which would blow his cover. "Everyone would just play part 9 Jason all the time" well I'm working on a solution for that by giving each Jason a unique buff. This idea is for fans of horror, suspense and need a challenge as counselor. I'm open for constructive criticism with your thoughts and opinions on how this could be tweaked. ----------------------------------------------------- In summary Jason Strengths: - Shift - Stun Resistance - Possession Weaknesses: - Can't Run - Low Hp - Traps Possession Form Strengths: - Counselor Map - Stalk - Max Stats - Infinite Stamina - Window Climbing - Sabotage Weaknesses: - No Shift - No Morph - Stun Resistance - Low Defense
  2. A post by @LawDog had me thinking of a new mode: Possession One player starts as Jason No one can see who picked which counselor at the beginning of the match, or the Jason player is assigned only when the match begins The Jason player has to kill or possess counselors The body of the counselor possessed by Jason deteriorates as the match goes on, causing the need to possess a new counselor or be easily identifiable/grow weaker XP bonuses for sabotage Escape or maybe the Jason player can only be stopped with that stupid Voorhees dagger Anyway, just an idea. Thoughts? Ideas? I'm pretty sure this isn't an original idea but I wouldn't want to see possession inside of the regular game mode.
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