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Found 53 results

  1. Ok folks, Lets hear what issues you find to be critical to improving the game. I'm allowing multiple votes per item. If I've left something off you really want to see happen, please add it into you comments and give details! 😁
  2. I love my repetitive polls and my excessively long answer choices. 😄
  3. God, I have to stop making polls.
  4. Which one do you choose? #MakeMuffinComeTrue PD: This is just for fun. I hope nobody gets offended with this.
  5. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Whats your Horror Movie Trope?

    Which trope do you accurately portray in a horror movie?
  6. I voted for Part 3 holding the machete (classic) and Part 7 holding the axe because of the NES Jason release cover. <--- (for those that either forgot or don't believe me)
  7. A poll to end all polls! This is a recurrent topic and most polls are biased or incomplete at best. So... I decided, why not! I am curious to see what the results will be. I will try to make this list as complete as possible within the limitations, there is a maximum of 20 options. Keep in mind you can vote for multiple characters! Here we go!
  8. Since the tons of issues that last patch gave us I wanna know if you people still playing the game. I am since launch and with the issues of the last "patch" (if we can call that patch) I can say that im out, I don't touch the game since two weeks.
  9. I think the night time in the game looks too much like an overcast morning. I think the lighting system needs to be retooled to make it spookier. I played around with a screenshot to make it look more like real night time without simply making it darker. Which one do you like best? Original: Variant 1: (Realism) Variant 2: (Alan Wake Style) Variant 3: (Skyrim Style)
  10. I personally don't want another custom Jason but I would like to see if you would or would not want another custom Jason.
  11. This poll may be flawed, since the events of SP challenges can pass in a completely new scenario. Due to this, this poll will be closed soon™. Note: This is a multiple choices poll. My choice is Jarvis House and Pinehurst. Jarvis House because, even though the main houses have a tight space (especially the Vacation one), they are full of detail and probably will have lots of things for counselors to do when Jason is Stalking them. Pinehurst because of how large the main house is. I'm sure it will be a challenge for Jason to catch all the Counselors inside the main house in a limited time! Imagine how tough it will be!
  12. I’m just a mega fan of the movies!
  13. Hey folks, I've never done a poll on here, but I figured I ask a few questions and see what kind of feedback people give. Looking to the future for F13:TG, what kinds of improvements would you like to see? Edit: you can select multiple choices.
  14. Mine is Part 4 and Part 7. P4 because of the bloody would in the forehead. So awesome! P7 because of the cracked part revealing his teeth. It just looks cool as f*ck!
  15. Which main lodge/house is your personal favorite? Points that could make it your favorite could be how it looks, how fun it is to cat and mouse there, etc. I know that my favorite is Packanack Lodge because it’s the most visually pleasing to me. The Vacation House came in at a close second for me. I didn’t include anything from the Camp Crystal Lake Maps, sorry. I also took a bunch of pictures but it won’t let me post them for whatever reason.
  16. As the poll suggests and another poll I wish I had more choices for. Once again was a lot of fun to do! I'm still debating on which one to pick myself.
  17. In Jason Goes To Hell The Final Friday, people have visited the abandoned Voorhees house which is at Camp Crystal Lake. Camp Crystal Lake in the game has no main house or building but in the movie it does. So why not have the Voorhees House in the game? The Camp Crystal Lake map is kinda boring with out a main house in my opinion.
  18. Don't you guys think the -Shift weakness is way too crippling for the Jasons that have it? I mean, Shift is a vital tool for Jason to catch counselors. Without Shift-Grabs, catching counselors is much harder (especially for walking Jasons). But it's weak counterpart is horrible! It has both a longer cooldown and a slower speed. It's also both the reason Jason 7 sucks and why I keep bitching for a Jason 4 rework. I find it unfair because other weaknesses have just a longer cooldown. So, I'll give a poll for you to choose what it should be done.
  19. Jarvis House by far. The red/brown color scheme together with the tall bush makes it very creepy and wonderful. Also, the Vacation House rocks!
  20. So this is something that community member Laphin brought up and got me to think about. I always thought Jason needs something still that makes him more sneaky or scary in a way that he isn't yet and while stalk was a great addon, I agree with Laphin who suggested that Stalk should be with Jason from the start of the game. Whether it's kept as an ability or somehow reworked as a passive, I would be fine with either and that's up to you and the devs. So what do you think? Feel free to comment no matter what option you choose.
  21. I have a feeling it will be a axe kill pack.
  22. I think it is the Jarvis House (no wonder why I love this map so much). I love it mainly because of the environment colors.
  23. Mine are Canopener, Stunner, Chop Suey, The Jarvis, Last Breath, Shishkebab, Eviscerate, Doubletap, Fireaxe Throw, Decapitate, Kneecapper and Candy Dispenser.
  24. Mine are Head Crush and Two-Handed Choke. The first because it's fast and brutal. Also because it feels very Jason-ish. The second because it's so intense! I almost feel like the counselor being strangled is me when I see it. So uncomfortable! And the final stomp on the head is great too!