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Found 77 results

  1. Which of these gets under your skin the most?
  2. I think the night time in the game looks too much like an overcast morning. I think the lighting system needs to be retooled to make it spookier. I played around with a screenshot to make it look more like real night time without simply making it darker. Which one do you like best? Original: Variant 1: (Realism) Variant 2: (Alan Wake Style) Variant 3: (Skyrim Style)
  3. This seems to be one that the player base is on the fence about. @mattshotcha, keep an eye on this one.
  4. We all know that no new content is happening. This is a very touchy topic for some, but one that's worth discussing nonetheless. Have at it everyone.
  5. Every person on this forum was driven here by this particular game. What is your motivation for playing video games overall?
  6. I don't know if this is permissible, but it would be a nice option down the road. @mattshotcha, would the developers ever consider this?
  7. This has been a recurring topic lately. How do you feel about it?
  8. There were an interesting couple of questions that came to me recently. What are your thoughts?
  9. We all know that new content is off the table. What would you have liked to see the most in the way of offline content?
  10. Fair Play

    Gamer Types

    Everyone fits into one category or another.
  11. I saw this pop up in another topic and thought the data collected would help the developers out. Keep an eye on this one @mattshotcha.
  12. I know the patch has left a number of people bitter. I also know there are players still surviving as various counselors. I think sharing some success stories may give hope to those who are struggling a bit with surviving.
  13. This seems to be stirring up a lot of debate. @mattshotcha, this may help you get a feel for how the members feel.
  14. Fair Play

    Road Trip

    If you could fix up a four seater and take a trip with three characters from this game, who would be your ideal choices?
  15. This poll is just to get a rough idea of what percentage of the people here have access to Savini Jason.
  16. It's a simple poll. Pick the answer(s) that correspond to your reasons for playing this game. ?
  17. Fair Play


    This has been a topic of debate popping up in a lot of threads. How do you feel about it?
  18. A poll to end all polls! This is a recurrent topic and most polls are biased or incomplete at best. So... I decided, why not! I am curious to see what the results will be. I will try to make this list as complete as possible within the limitations, there is a maximum of 20 options. Keep in mind you can vote for multiple characters! Here we go!
  19. Enjoy your holiday people!
  20. Ok, Lets hear what you guys think about the current perk system. The Devs are busily fixing bugs and whatnot at the moment, so in the meantime I"d like to get some poll feedback regarding an aspect of the game that gives quite a bit of heartache. My thoughts: 1. Legendary Perks are mostly worthless. I like the concept of having an additional boon over a standard perk, but otherwise I'm underwhelmed. 2. I hate the CP lottery. Seems like a pointless waste of time, and it always has been. Could we please get something better? 3. Can we have perks that are better balanced and more useful across the board. Too few useful perks. Too many situational or irrelevant perks. Please Devs, think this through and get back to us with something exciting and better implemented. 4. The perk system is probably one of the single biggest offenders in terms of letting the game get stale. You can't get the ones you want and have to count on chance to throw you a bone. You can't invest time and TLC into upgrading them to higher levels (once again, you are a slave to chance). There are few "good" perks and a whole lot of laughable ones. You can not even have all of the existing perks at the same time. Perhaps this was done with the thought process that you'd make players choose which valuable ones to keep and which ones to throw away? Newsflash, you could have had just one one row of 10 and covered all your bases with a few spaces to spare for miscellaneous crap perks. 5. Why are there still old unused art assets in the perk roll line-up? You might think about taking those out at some point so we all don't have to keep explaining there is no "pocket knife" perk.
  21. Hi, @wes @[IllFonic]Courier @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben I've seen "Update History" on PS4. Version 1.25 Engine upgrade from UE4.13 to UE4.18. Various bugs fixes. That is really too small patch notes. People will get confused this. Make sure you are a developer to full patch notes on PS4 and XB1. If you can't do a full patch, just make look like overwatch patch notes like here, Overwatch - Update History Version 2.43 - Please visit https://playoverwatch.com/console-patch-notes/ps4 for more details. Which you would choose this full patch note OR visit site official for patch note details more. Friday the 13th: Game - Update History Version 1.26 - Please visit http://f13game.com/patch-notes/May24th/ for more details. OR Friday the 13th: Game - Update History Version 1.26 - Please visit http://forum.f13game.com/topic/19233-patch-05242018-bug-glitches-and-general-issues/ for more details. Please leave your comment and vote for a poll which is better.
  22. I find three perk slots limiting, I would love to make better builds with 4 slots. For example Sneaky, Scout, Hypochondriac, Medic. I find this build very dreamy to have. Also three is a odd number so lets make it even XD. I want to earn CP at the end of the match, and I think there is max level players who spent their cp, and didn't save their cp to spend. You have to level to earn cp which is a bummer. I think 500 or 1000 cp would be nice after every match.
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