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Found 2 results

  1. hey man are you cool? (is he cool?) everyone smokes right? there should b weed in like 4 outta 20 cabins, that might sharpen ur senses an make ur minimap larger or more detailed for a short time or totally freak you out and make ya think the boogey man is right behind you! side effects may include forgetting where the keys were... either way u can say ya only did it as a camp counselor in college for the exp ;] flirt emoji?... they screw like rabbits! 2 players can choose to bang in an empty cabin for 30 seconds (cause cmon chump...look at that butt, you aint foolin no one.) hella exp bonus, but that 5 stroke joke can be heard all the way across the map. they are all sluts and horndogs, so ya gotta give em points for trying lol exp for flirting and rejecting thru emotes have no fear, beer is here! but its gonna make ya dizzy enough to trip and fall if ya run...might end up passing out and snoring until jason shows up and you pass away!
  2. Can you just give Jason the kill? I have killed at least 3 Counselors who were hiding and none of them counted towards my badge, and it forces me to finish the animation. Please at least count the kills towards badges even if the counselor leaves. It is really frustrating when this happens. A good Idea is a counselor in Jason's sights leaves the game it should count as a kill for Jason. Maybe call it a Heart Attack.
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