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Found 5 results

  1. Okay I’ve been noticing a lot of people complaining in regards to the amount of pocketknives available to counselors( Which is understandable considering Jason’s recent nerfs) I’ve also noticed on discord and here on the forums a desire to buff high luck characters such as Jenny or Chad. Mostly because luck is seen as useless. So I thought of a new(ish) mechanic that will make both high luck characters a more attractive choice while also forcing players to choose the use of their pocketknives wisely. I’m not exactly sure how many pocketknives are in game but if I were to estimate I’d say 8. Instead of having 8 pocketknives available to counselors the number should be split in half. The missing knives should be replaced with switch blades. For this mechanic to work switch blades would act as regular pocketknives, meaning you could escape Jason’s grab and disarm traps; However this will be based on luck. Meaning if you try to disarm a trap as Aj with a 1 luck there’s a large chance you might get trapped in doing so. On the flip side someone like Chad would have a significantly higher chance in disarming a trap withought getting caught. These same rules apply to getting grabbed by Jason. I think something along these lines can make luck build characters a more viable option. An addition like this could also up the tension and not make players so rely so much on a pocketknife.
  2. Allow me to preface this topic with the fact that I absolutely love this game. After giving it a quick rent to get a feel for the volume of the player base, it was an immediate buy for me. My gaming sessions since have been largely composed of portraying and evading the iconic hockey-masked killer. Even when I tried out the similar title Dead by Daylight, I couldn’t but feel a preference to load up the former game. That being said, this criticism comes from the intention of further improving what I believe to be a thoroughly engrossing experience. So, to the subject at hand, I realize that this has been a topic of debate for some time now, but I’m going to throw my thoughts into the discussion in the hopes of contributing to a solution. Let me start with a brief anecdote of my experience with the issue: Having started as Tiffany Cox (not quite my main, but variety is the spice of life or, as I’m sure you’ll guess to be the impending case, death), I successfully hid from Jason (Part II) in a cabinet despite a high fear level (He cut the power!). Feeling pretty good about myself, I ventured out into the night and found the sabotaged power box. Upon taking a deep breath for confidence (Tiffany being the mechanical savant that she is), I set to work making the necessary repairs to restore power and---success! Continuing on my way, I came across the phone box and, not far away from that, the fuse! Wow (what was her luck stat again??)! All the while, I had managed to avoid further harassment from Jason. Making my way toward the phone box, however, my learning curve kicked in. I decided to look for traps near the objective. Sure enough, my investigation paid off! Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But Blackwater34, did you have a pocketknife that you could use to disarm the trap?” Sure did! But here’s the kicker: There were three traps all neatly arranged in proximity to the phone box and lovingly covered with fallen leaves to await the ankle of a frantic and unsuspecting counselor. What could I do? I wanted to keep my knife for when Jason inevitably showed up. I had to trip the traps one way or another (I mean, admittedly, I could have abandoned the objective, but…really?) and I DID have a med-spray with 2 charges (Gotta love that perk). Here goes! SNAP...spray…SNAP...spray…JASON MUSIC…Combo “Murdered” into submission. Now, from that story, you could probably identify my criticisms of the systems in play for Jason’s traps: 1. Having to use a vital inventory item to thwart a resource that, admittedly, isn’t quite as vital to Jason. 2. Having no recourse in a situation where an objective is positively inundated with traps (when executing certain stages of said objectives requires a decent amount of legwork on the part of the counselors). 3. Jason becoming alerted even when a trap is disarmed without the introduction of hapless ankles (admittedly this wasn’t in the story but this is what I understand to be the system in play). 4. Jason knows where these objectives are, so peppering one with traps is as quick as game-start-morph. So, at risk of being remiss in my criticism of the issue, I propose my solution: Let counselors disable Jason’s traps as with any other bear trap. I do not believe this would in any way mitigate the lethal nature of the resource save for the aversion of rendering objective locations absolutely inaccessible. They are already camouflaged decently well (in exterior environments) and are easy enough to overlook. If a counselor is cautious enough to check for them at vital locations, he or she should be rewarded for his or her better judgment with the opportunity to crouch (thereby avoiding a dead giveaway interaction icon for anybody just wandering about) and disarm them while, at the same time, remaining vulnerable to Jason in taking the time to do so (just as with the other traps). Well, my 2 cents become 20 bucks, but I think you get the idea. I would thoroughly enjoy constructively discussing this topic with anyone who has been likewise been affected by the issue or who is a genuine advocate of the mechanics in place. If you read this far, thanks for taking the time! If you’re looking for the tl;dr, scroll a bit more: tl;dr : Jason’s traps at times render objectives inaccessible to counselors despite the pocketknife disarm system. Possible solution: Allow counselors to disarm Jason’s traps in the same way they would any other bear trap.
  3. A way to help balance things with traps would be to set the spawn rate of knifes to match the number of Jason's trap. This would make playing against part 2 Jason not such a chore, and giving the councelors away to counter when all the objectives are locked down. The balance is, they still have to burn the knife to cut the trap, and have to decide if they want it as a tool or means to selfishly get away from Jason. I'm aware that tanking and spraying is an option, but as soon as you do that you summon jason. And no, I'm not a noob, I have over 300 hours This would need to be playtested, and maybe the 1 to 1 knife to trap ratio is too much, but it might make the game more interesting and helping prevent a compete no win for the councelor.
  4. I tried searching for what I'm about to post, and couldn't find anything specific. This suggestion might remedy Issues players are having, I.E. shift-stalk-grab-kills/jason spamming grabs/players NOT playing the game the way It was Intended. Make the Pocket knife a weapon you can pick up, like a baseball bat, wrench, etc. When Jason grabs you, you still get the Instant break free-lose pocket knife result the only difference-It will eliminate the reliance on pocketknifes/hoarding. Now, to balance gameplay.... Make all weapons have a 'help-you-break-away' feature. Example, If your character Is healthy and equips a skillet before Jason grabs, your chances of breaking free(composure) should drastically Increase-and of course Jason's ability to perform a GrabKill should decrease-because the skillet can 'stun' Jason (also It's smaller, realistically you would be able to use It better in extreme close proximity). Another example, If your character Is wounded while holding a baseball bat, and Jason grabs you, the reverse, You will have a harder time breaking free/Jason will have an easier time preforming a GrabKill. The smaller the weapon the easier It Is to break free/harder It Is to fight and vice-versa the bigger the weapon the easier It is to fight/harder to break free. Balance will come from players.....using teamwork ??? I don't think this will alter combat In a negative sense. IMO, it will eliminate pocket knife hoarders, force people to play correctly, and lastly make people 'get gud' combat wise.
  5. First off I am loving the game greatly its a lot of fun to play with people, but I do have suggestions for fixes, besides matchmaking and bugs. First and foremost, I think the games greatest strength and weakness is its Executions Jason can perform, They look cool, you feel deadly, but they are used way to frequently to the point that a good Jason player will abuse this system for an easy win. It makes surviving a grab pretty much impossible unless you have a pocket knife. I have learned one rule as a camp councilor, Don't get caught, and if you have a pocket knife, still don't get caught. Most Jason players I have seen, just grab and execute as soon as it lets them, the extra points is not incentive enough to use environmental kills, but I do have a suggestion to fix this, and make the break free and combat stance a little more viable. Make executions available to use on low health opponents. So that for one, Jason will need to actual use his swing, and two give the other players a chance to actually break free. Also this will incentive the Jason player to seek out environmental kills. Since you should keep these as an instant kill. Hopefully this will help the surviving players to actually survive, and make Jason use some tactics other than Shift to target and grab followed by immediate execute. Shift I think also needs some work on Cool downs, but I'm still uncertain with that. Lastly, We should have a reliable way to dodge a grab from Jason, I noticed most Jasons wont really try to fight, when they can just grab atm, but this might be fixed if executions are based on health and not on Just a grab and a cool down. One last suggestion, allow exp to be awarded to players who die, for every player that escapes, I normally will play the martyr and sacrifice myself to let others escape, so I should get some martyrdom points lol, but that is your choice. HauntedXile
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