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Found 3 results

  1. Do you think if jasons grab did a little damage to counselors it would help gamplay since the pocket knife and med spray increase ?
  2. So as a Jason player. There is nothing more frustrating then coming across that one counselor that has 3 pocket knives in their inventory or the 2 counselors that have 2 pocket knives each. Suddenly you feel like the entire team of counselors has them and you have to slash everyone to death with broken melee mechanics. As a counselor player, having those pocket knives certainly makes you feel more carefree about getting close to Jason, especially with all the nerfs and bugs Jason suffers from lately. You feel invincible because even if he somehow grabs you, a pocket knife will be immediately used. My idea is very similar to the old 'making grab a skill check' event, but instead of grab being a skill check event. Lets make the pocket knife itself a skill check event each and every time. I was thinking once again to base this off of stats that don't matter nearly as much as they should, like composure and strength. For example High Strength Counselors - Less Skill Checks High Composure Counselors - Slower Skill Checks Low Strength Counselors - More Skill Checks Low Composure Characters - Faster Skill Checks So basically its the same idea of grab being tied to a skill check event, only instead of it being grab. Its being tied to the pocket knife. Characters with good composure or strength would have it easier and counselors with bad composure or strength would have it much harder. More Rules For Balance - You are allowed 2 fails on the skill check - If you fail the 3rd skill check, the knife breaks and Jason gets to perform a grab kill UNLESS you obviously escape via tapping out of his grip like normal - If you have more than one pocket knife, it DOES NOT MATTER. You can only use one pocket knife and if it breaks, you have no time to use another one unless you escape the grab and Jason grabs you again. If you use one pocket knife, you either pass the skill check and stab out of Jason or you fail and he gets to grab kill you. This idea overall would make pocket knives as rewarding as they are for counselor, but without the simplistic 'grab and be set free' mechanic as seen now.
  3. I'm certain these have all been mentioned in other threads and I apologize in advance if I've missed these threads as I didn't feel like checking through each and every one posted. But these are my personal suggestions for changes: 1. A reporting system for players on console that could include a "create a clip" option if you're in spectator mode. There have been so many instances where I've wanted to report people attempting to or successfully exploiting map glitches or someone purposefully leading Jason directly to other counselors. Obviously, this won't stop someone that could be in party chat calling out locations of counselors if they're dead and spectating as well or not walking Jason directly towards a counselor, but there have been many times I've encountered a counselor sticking by Jason's side as they lead them to others. 2. A reporting system on consoles in general that might have safety measures implemented so it cannot be abused.. such as not allowing a single account to report another more than once. 3. I have seen this mentioned and commented on other threads suggesting a "vote to kick" feature. This would be very handy, especially if made so the vote cannot occur until after the round is over so it wouldn't be abused to just kick Jason and receive free survival XP. 4. Something i haven't seen suggested yet- I have pretty trashy internet. Not bad enough that it affects me playing in other lobbies where the host has more adequate internet, but bad enough that I'd rather NOT be made a host of a lobby when I'm trying to find a match to play in. I'd love the option to opt out of hosting a lobby. I feel like this could make it easier to find lobbies with open spaces rather than being put in a lobby alone where I am host... 5 times in a row. I understand it could make my matchmaking experience take longer, but I'd be willing for that wait in order to avoid having to re-queue every time I need to close a lobby where I am made host.