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Found 9 results

  1. COUNSELORS (Teenagers) SHOULD FEAR JASON We all know that our dear Jason has become a barbie no one is afraid of him anymore, nowadays if u are playing as Jason, and in case u are against some experienced players of counselor this is what will happen. 1.Counselors will be provided with an absurd amount of medical kit and stun weapons. 2. Escaping will be a secondary goal to them and Trolling Jason will be the main goal. 3. Jason will be stuned SEVERAL TIMES, over and over again, seconds after the last stun and will continue without stopping. 4. Meanwhile, the counselors will be using the "wonderful new emotes", to dance and troll Jason while he is stunned. 5. In the middle of that, arround all those counselors, if u grab someone, u will be punished with more stuns, if u try to kill someone with M1 they will keep healing themselves over and over again. IT'S NOT FUN ANYMORE PLAYING AS JASON Obviously, there's a chance that u play against less experienced players, who don't have the knowledge of how to turn the game into a hell for Jason, and during those matchs the game is actually balanced, people are worried about running away and not forming a gang to kick jason's ass. My ideas is: 1. Drastically reduce the stamina recovery the longer you are close to Jason 2. It's ridiculous that Jason can be stuneds several times in a row should be a waiting time for two consecutives stuns or more, like 15 - 30 seconds. 3. Emotes should cost a lot of stamina, Emotes should be used for communication or in safe places, NOT AROUND JASON, COME ON! 4. After the police arrive, all pocket knives should become unusable, this would avoid trolling on the road, and i rly think that should be an Skill Check to use pocket knifes the difficulty should be according to your "repair stats", characters like Vanessa they already run a lot, pockets knife shouldn't be good with those fast counselours. 5.The gamen need to be more about "hiding and trying to escape from Jason", than "running in circles around him" One more thing, i would like that one dev play as Jason against the best players here in the forum, just to taste hell for a second ? srry about my engrish :~~ No toxic comments pls, i'm just talking and giving suggestions about my opinions, no one is obliged to agree with me, xoxox ;**
  2. Less Pocket Knifes, Less Chances To Survive...? It's understandable of why there are so many complaints about pocket knifes... For example, when you are playing as: Jason Voorhees and want to do a GRAB KILL, but CAN'T. Why...? 1: Every time I grab this one counselor, this counselor has like 3 pocket knifes on him/her. 2: It's more easier to disable traps do to so many pocket knifes, you have like 4 or 5 counselors with pocket knifes, also make it 6 when Tommy Shows Up. I know how everyone feels when it comes time to play as Jason Voorhees and having to put up with the pocket knifes. I can see both point of views from playing as Jason and the counselors... Before I even discussed what's unfair to counselors and the disadvantage, please take the time to put your selves in the counselors shoes knowing how much counselors have to go through, just like how I put myself in Jason's shoes and discussed his issues and disadvantage. [Jason Voorhees Issues & disadvantage: At the top of the page^^^] Jason Voorhees now have a huge advantage over the counselors. Now that there are less pocket knifes in all the camps, Jason can really have his way with the counselors poor souls. What can we counselors do now? Nothing much because... 1: Not every counselor is going to use his/her pocket knifes on the traps that Jason sets up, because most of us just want to keep it for our selves to get out of Jason hands once when he grabs us right after he does his shift and then GRAB. 2: Also now we are forced to use our own bodies to trip Jason's traps because of the lack of pocket knifes now. Having Aid Spray won't matter much, now that we are going to be lacking of Aid Spray. 3: Not every counselor finds pocket knifes. It can be just that one counselor with 3 pocket knifes, but for someone else... Have you ever been that counselor when you actually have totally nothing on you at all? Please just take note of that. 4: When finding a pocket knife, it encourage some counselors to actually try to be a hero and help out more when it comes down to fixing things or trying to kill Jason. I say that's a lot more better then having a counselor hiding underneath the bed through out the 20 minutes of the match. 5: (This relates to number one in away) Not every counselor is going to use his/her pocket knifes on the traps that Jason sets up because not all of them are team players. There are still those that helps Jason by opening door and such. Now his J-O-B is easier then ever. This is all the reason what I can list for now, even though I pretty sure more of you will have your own reason and such...
  3. Should all Pocket Knifes be deleted from the game? Make this Game Pocket Knife FREE? In my last forum I only gave my opinion and only wanted to hear everyone else opinion. I gotten nothing but a WAR and everyone arguing with each other. I read some of the comments and both sides actually have very good point on why they should have left the Pocket Knifes alone & Why they should make it less Pocket Knifes... But now, for those that wants less pocket knifes in the game is starting to make it sound like there shouldn't be Pocket Knifes at all and the game will be perfect that way. Let's Make A VOTE
  4. At launch you could search through several houses and find nothing of use besides a weapon. Each match consists of endless searching draw after draw, it's a bit bland and extremely repetitive. With the new update scaling back items we've run into the same issue. The problem isn't the total amount of items its the limited quantity especially on these huge maps. I have two suggestions to fix this along with some examples. First, items should be also be found outside cabins and drawers more consistently and within Jason's cabin. Campfires are great, but how about spawning items along the beach (not just when someone escapes or dies), within the forest, along the road, etc. Increase chance to spawn @ specific locations dependent on the item. So, it's likely we will find a wrench in the repair shop and a flare gun in the boat house as opposed to in the forest on the ground (though there should still be a very small chance that makes it possible). This makes searching feel a bit more like searching. You're looking around the cabin for anything useful (besides objective items and weapons). There should be an abundance of items that counselors need to decide what to keep and what to leave behind. Second, itemization needs more variety in the game. There are very few items to be found within the campgrounds and the newly introduced towns (Jarvis Residence & Youth Center). Counselors search endlessly (and frantically) through cabin after cabin just to find... well nothing now. A whole town with nothing to equip yourself to escape or fight - seems a bit silly. To give you a better example of what I'm thinking about here are some simple examples that I would hope (though I'm an expert by no means) easy to implement. Generators: Counselors can attach Generators to Electricity Boxes before they are broken to keep the power on for an additional amount of time after Jason breaks the box. Perhaps this causes the lights to flicker (as it does when it's destroyed) while in use. That can make for an interesting chase and kill, eh? Backpacks: Increase Inventory by 1 - 2 slots or ability to carry boulders with less speed penalty Toolbox: Counselors can repair the radio with a toolbox. Rosemary Beads: Counselors are able to hold their breath much longer and do so quieter. Also prevents sense detection for 30 seconds (can be used outside or inside) Epi-Pen: Increases Counselors top speed by a specific number for a short period of time (3-5 seconds), after 1 minute your max stamina is reduced for an additional minute Scissors: 100% increase speed to escaping Jason's grasp, after 1 minute your max stamina is reduced for an additional minute Hammer & Nails: Adds defense to barricaded doors for an additional swing from Jason. Prevents an undamaged door from Rage Mode. Lanterns: Place able light object that illuminates a small area reducing fear for 30 seconds for those in range for its duration. Boulders: Reduces overall top speed significantly but can be used to destroy bear traps. Firewood: Increases Campfire light radius and temporarily reduces fear but effect is lost very quickly outside of its radius. Compass: On use it reveals the location of cops may arrive from, with a % chance to be inaccurate. Flippers: Silly, but I was trying to think of something that would increase swimming speed significantly. Life Vest: Like a pocket knife for the water, prevents one drowned death from Jason. Bandages: Increases top movement speed when limping. Road flares: Player made way points that are put on the map for other counselors. Crowbar: Grants the ability to unlock locked doors (not barricades) As you can see, none are game breaking - but allows for a more dynamic game play experience from a counselors perspective. Yes, Jason should have an advantage but as players we spend 90% of time playing this game as a counselor so there should be more ways for us to play. My goal was to create ideas that are focused on escaping Jason and not fighting. These items should all be consumables like everything else. The update is fresh and fun, but overall the game is still a bit stale and now that there is less to do than before. Thoughts?
  5. The newest update isn't bad or anything, but I felt that they should have kept the pocket knifes and just have less aid sprays instead. Some of you may be thinking it'll be the same all over again, but it really wouldn't... With less Aid sprays counselors can collect damage without having a countless of Aid Sprays on them. Which they can't get so far once they are injured. Also by just having less Aid Spray, it'll force us to rely on our teammates to help us when we are in need which is a good thing. Because this will cause us to work together even more and protect each other and uses our Aid Spray on each even more then before. Also there is a reason why Jason can also Slash other then Grab all the time. But you don't have to tell me, because I do love playing as Jason and love to Grab instead of slashing. So, YES. I do know where you guy are coming from with this. But I think the idea of having less Aid Sprays is really a great idea. But I do believe us counselors are going to need our pocket knifes back soon! As of now it's too early for those to understand what I'm trying to say here and are also happy with this update. But we all have to play as counselors sometime and eventually will face the music if you know what I mean. Reasons why should there be more pocket knifes now and less Aid Spray:
  6. TLDR at the end. So I'm sure it has been mentioned countless times since these updates have hit, but I've gotta ask. Why is Jason less dangerous now than the councilors? Why can I get stunlocked, and every person I grab just happens to have a pocket knife? Why aren't pocket knives actually rare? I've been running into players regularly who have more than one, which is awful considering the increased difficulty of actually landing a grab since a previous update. I seem to recall the devs saying over and over that Jason is supposed to be "overpowered" yet the only way he poses any kind of threa now is when someone happens to lack a damn pocket knife and is caught by themself. The only way to play around that is to melee people instead, but unfortunately the hitboxes are all kinds of awful and councilors can both start with and have increased healing from med sprays, which should also be rare. The med sprays only matter if you manage to damage someone, because the odds are higher that you'll simply get stunned over and over, even in combat stance. Before posting this I played a match where I was literally stunned every single time I got hit and every person I grabbed had a knife.; actually, in the last 4 games I've played as Jason, only a single person I grabbed didn't have a pocket knife. As for melee in general, Jason's mask can be knocked off very quick by melee characters with the right perks, and if a decent group sticks together and has the sweater, it's incredibly unlikely that you can play against it. Between the stuns, horrid hitbox, the inability to use sweeping attacks to hit multiple people, and the fact that you can get ganged up on without any repercussions as a councilor (because the poor decision to remove friendly fire was made) it's near impossible to play against a group of people unless they're absolutely awful. Now you might say that Jason shouldn't go after a group, but when all of the survivors have managed to come together, you're left with no choice. The game is so in favor of councilor now that I've lost almost all enjoyment for playing Jason. The main draw of this game is Jason and to kill or be killed as him, so I can't help but wonder why the hard earned money I spent backing this game by buying the underwhelming Steelbook edition and DLCs went towards decisions that made Jason so laughably weak? Don't get me wrong, it's possible to do very well as Jason, but if you're playing against a good group of individuals or even a very average group that sticks together, chances are high that you won't accomplish much. I'll keep playing the game, but I definitely won't have Jason as my preferred spawn anymore. The short version is that the game is highly in favor of councilors and they have far too many options to utilize against Jason. Pocket knives and med sprays should be rare, and the healing perks are absolutely broken. The ability to stunlock and grief a Jason player is depressingly easy to do and makes him a non-threat so long as you have one or more get out of free cards (pocket knives and healing sprays). Melee in general is too much for councilors, and it's near impossible to play against a half decent group that sticks together and intends on using the sweater strategy. Jason isn't a threat 1v1 in most cases and is simply a joke vs groups, which isn't always avoidable.
  7. Just wondering if this is a Perk? I've never seen it. I have epics of every other thing, fire crackers, bat, med spray, haven't seen knife. Also, what determines how much cp you get after each match? Is there a scale for each thing you complete during a match? Can you leave me a link to look at?? I get 100 sometimes and get 300 other matches and I don't know what gives me less or more cp for each thing I do?? Please help!
  8. Hello everybody I just wanted to ask if someone ever got the perk on the pic below and if yes the what is it because I always see it while rolling perks but I never get it and I want to know what it is because I think it's a perk that you start with pocket knife so if someone has it can you please tell me what it is? Here's the picture:
  9. Hey, so I have an idea for pockets knives, I think you should be able to use pocket knives like they are now, but also have another way to use them during a grab, it would be extreme risk for high reward. When Jason grabs you and you have a pocket knife, you could hold down the button for using the knife to start one of those QTE circles, this QTE would be based off of strength and composer, rather than intelligence and repair. If you succeed in the QTE without failing more than ounce, you stab Jason in the eye or something, stunning him for a much longer time and maybe weakening his sense ability for 15 sec or so. But if you fail, you lose the pocket knife and lose the ability to mash to break Jasons grip, this also greatly increases Jasons timer on his grip before you break out automatically, so Jason can walk around with you as long as he needs. Also during the QTE circle Jason could not walk with the counselor or execute them because a struggle animation would start. What do you guys think?
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