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Found 5 results

  1. Happy Mardi Gras everyone. I realize it is not as big of a deal in a lot of places as it is here, but I know many cities around the world celebrate Carnival, Carnaval, or Mardi Gras. I'll be honest, I like the parades and the traditions, but I am ready for these people to GET DAFUQ OUTTA MY CITY!!! The population of New Orleans swells at leas 350% every year during Mardi Gras, especially this final weekend. Tuesday is Mardi Gras Day and the following day is Ash Wednesday. That is the day that many hungover tourists should be getting on a plane or in their cars and heading back home. It can't happen soon enough for me. Traffic has been jacked up for a couple of weeks due to street closings for parades, the added people, etc... I'm just ready for it to be over. The only problem is that Mardi Gras is the beginning of festival season. I love this city, but these people party too damn much!!
  2. So we've all been there; you fix up everything, call the police, get Jason's mask off, and get killed. You know you've done everything you possibly can to help your team, and thankfully someone calls Tommy! What happens next? The guy who died in the first two minutes gets Tommy and uses him as a second life to run with the cops. Tommy Jarvis is a huge game changer for the counselors and in the right hands can save an entire team, however, he is something that should be earned. This isn't a 100% guarantee to fix the cowardice in Tommy players, but it will definitely reward players who do deserve to play as him. When two players die/escape, the game should measure out who has the most score. The player who has the most score will return as Tommy; as that player has worked harder or done more. I personally am sick of AFK players coming back, or seeing Tommy be killed with no idea on how to play the game. Thoughts, suggestions? If two players have the same score, then it can just do it randomly like it does now. Can we please get Gun Media's attention on this, as this is a pretty simple way to vastly improve Tommy.
  3. the game is great so I order Friday 13th Game for mobile
  4. Hello all. It would be amazing if Friday the 13th could have a new additional game mode called "Realism" or "Hardcore" mode where Jason is a very scary threat and surviving as counselor's is a satisfying challenge. It's been something my group of friends and I want so bad for this game, and it would be the one mode we would never get tired of playing! We don't like how frustrating and clunky it feels playing as Jason now, while also being a little too common to survive and escape with counselors. This mode would be absolutely loved and incredible for the more hardcore players! New Realism / Hardcore Mode: (New Game Mode for F13) Minimap for players on the bottom right is disabled Any perks equipped to counselors are disabled and not active. You will not be able to tell who is dead or not when pulling up the player scoreboard (death screams in game will still be heard) Pulling up the map will not update what objectives have been complete or are currently in progress. Counselors can no longer check their map to find the location of Repair Parts that have been dropped. Music sound queue for Jason is disabled until you (or someone) spot him or see him in your sights / screen visual radius Fog will shift in and out during certain areas making surroundings slightly more ambiguous. The closest power generator to the phone now needs to be ON or repaired in addition to the phone box in order to call the police. When counselors "stumble", they now lose 10% of their stamina. Counselors can no longer escape the main road exits with the car when driving in REVERSE, and must turn around and go forward with the car to successfully escape. The car now permanently breaks and cannot be used after FIVE times of Jason smashing the car. Throwing Knives by Jason can now head shot counselors which will put them instantly in a crippled state Throwing Knives by Jason are now unblockable and cannot be blocked by a counselor that is in combat stance guarding. Please vote if you agree there should be a more challenging mode to play with friends and other like minded players!
  5. There is never a prompt to use the closet kill in game. Please fix.
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