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Found 2 results

  1. I've been thinking. It seems that Jason's tend to fall into two roles. Aggressors and Controllers. Now this isn't based off of anything other than observation and playing them all many times. Certain Jason's defiantly have a specific play style where they tend to shine when I'm playing them. How do you all feel about the way Jason's "feel" when played? Could it be that Part 7 is considered the weakest because he doesn't have many "strong" traits to help define his role? I play him as an aggressor because he is just not well suited for objective control despite great situational awareness. Part 2: Controller *Lots of traps for objective control. Great Morph to get to traps and objectives quickly. Part 3: Aggressor * Can run and deals more weapon damage. Grip strength (subjective) Part 6: Controller * Weapon reach for short range advantage combined with knives and shift. Best short range controller in the game. Sense bonus - once again caters to a short range controller style. No trap penalty allows for good objective control. Part 7: Aggressor (barely) * Fastest weapon speed. Increased grip strength (which matters little in the current meta). Fast water speed (subjective). His bizarre super hearing lends itself to controller play, but it seems to be lost on the fact he doesn't control well. In this case I think it just helps him find prey at greater distances. Part 8: Aggressor * Destruction and stalk. Fast water speed (subjective). One of the best aggressors in the game. Part 9: Aggressor *Stalk and stun resistance (subjective). Also has shift which leans towards controller, but the given the lack of controller features, he seems better suited as an aggressor. Seems best as an ambush hunter. S Jason: Aggressor *Weapon reach, damage, and destruction. Shift leans towards controller, but in this instance he works more like Part 9 where shift is an aggressor trait. His weapon reach and lack of trap penalty allows him to work fine in a controller role as well but his flavor definitely seems more savage. NOTE: I should state by Controller I'm referring to objective control and influence of Jason's immediate area in regards to reach and situational awareness. Aggressors are those who excel at dealing damage, pushing through fortifications, and exhausting counselors with a brutal onslaught. They beat the counselors into submission or ambush them when their guard is down.
  2. So, before I completely get into this know that these are the ways that I personally play the Jason's. I previously made a forum page talking about how I feel about Jason, so this is just something to kind of help people understand how to play Jason. Know you can play Jason however you choose to, but this is mainly for new people who want help learning the game. Part 2 Jason : Now, when I play as this Jason, the first thing I think of is his traps. There are a couple way's you can place them, but no matter what there are three spots you need to put these traps. 1 Spot is at the phone box fuse, this will ensure anyone who attempting to call the cop's is now dead as you will know they are trying to call them. Then one at both vehicles, if car's put it at the battery, if at a boat I would personally recommend not putting traps at boats as they are easily avoidable and a waste. Other places you can put these traps however since you have 7, I would recommend putting them at "Generators" if you destroy the power boxes. I especially recommend putting one bye the generator that the players can call Tommy Jarvis at since it requires power while the phone box does not. Once your traps are setup and your game plan is done, it's time to hunt them down. You have a very high morph so if someone steps in a trap, teleport, kill them, replace trap if you have any, then continue about your day. If you have spare traps make sure you use them when you can, if you kill someone carrying a valuable item, trap it. If someone steps in a trap, re-trap the spot (Unless they fixed the trapped location). One of the biggest things to pay attention to is if there is a boat, watch it, you are slow in water so it's your biggest threat, you only get one chance to stop it. Next, avoid putting your traps at the drive side car door, it can be avoided if you place it wrong and sometimes it is hard to know if you placed it incorrectly. Part 3 Jason : Like I said with the other Jason, make sure you put your traps down, you have a few so make sure they are down before you start killing players. Know however with this Jason, your main goal is to not return to these traps right away. You do not have a high morph, so if your about to kill someone its best to kill them before teleporting away even at risking the vehicle being repaired. If they are being slippery, start swinging, abuse this. You have higher damage then most Jason's so even though some people will be mad at you for only swinging, just do it if you need to. If someone is climbing through a window, swing once then grab as the swing will cancel the animation if you hit them where as the grab will miss them. You are a killer, this is a starting class designed to help even the newest of players be able to kill anyone. Part 6 Jason : Know that this Jason is extremely hard to play when you are against more experienced players for the simple reason that it is not that hard to dodge a knife if you are purposely trying to. With that said it is not hard to miss a knife if you learn how to time it right. This character, loves knives. You want to try and use these up fast just so you can get back to normal killing as these will help you pick off players a lot sooner then most people think. Throw 3 knives, person is now injured, boom they are now dead cause you can catch up to them, or just throw another knife and kill them making it so you don't have to waste time chasing or shifting towards them. You start off with 6 of these, so use them while you can without wasting time grabbing others around the map. Remember as well, you have a faster shift, so if they fix the car it is alright. You can just press shift, move right in front of the car (Since your shift speed is faster then it) then boom, they crash and its back to the chase. Part 7 Jason : Now, this Jason I cannot really say much about cause as I said in my past forum post this to me is the worst Jason to play as, therefore I only play this Jason mainly to challenge myself. Try to only trap 1 car and trap the phone box with this Jason, cause you never know when that last trap of yours will help you. Not to mention most of the time players try to focus down one car so it's just all around better to save the trap. Next, if there is a boat, focus on it carefully as you have great water speed to stop it. You will be able to catch up to it in no time at all, so try and wait till they reach far out to the exit then catch them so people cannot get the boat right away. This will cause the boat to be far in the water requiring players to make lots of noise to alert you to their attempt at escape. Finally, just play Jason like normal, hunt players down and kill them. Focus mainly on your grabbing as your weapon does not have increased damage and you want to use that grip strength perk the best you can. Part 8 Jason : This Jason, is a monster. This to me is probably the easiest and most straight forward Jason to play hence it to me is the best. First setup your traps like all Jason's. Then if you want to be a bigger douchebag then destroy all the generators. This will cause the players to be "Feared" and therefore they cannot gain their stamina as fast. Next, start chasing and destroying doors, you take them out in 3 hits locked, 2 hits unlocked. If the player is running they cant run forever as they are feared and cannot go into lighted areas to remove it because you cut out the power. This will make it so eventually they will get caught as you give them 0 time to recharge and it recharges slowly. Another fun tip to know when playing this Jason is even if there is no player around where you teleported, when setting your traps up destroy doors in the area. You take them down in 2 hits if they are unlocked which in turn will give the players who run to that area less time to take a break as there is no door to protect them. You can do this with other Jason's as it takes them 3 hits to destroy unlocked doors while 6 hits to destroy locked ones which is very helpful, but this Jason is designed to just make the players have 0 chances of taking a break. Part 9 Jason : This Jason is designed to just be a hunter. Similar to Part 7 Jason you just focus down players and place your traps wisely. The only difference is with this one you actually have a little speed because of your shifting ability. So try and play this Jason the exact same way you would play Part 7 Jason. It's pretty simple to understand and usually by the time you are a high enough level to even use this character you will have already played every other play style, making this character fairly simple for you to play as he is just a killer, he does not focus on map control or anything. - There you have it, those are my tips on Jason and how to play them or at the very least how I play them. Remember, you can play Jason however you want as the game is about having fun, it is not a competitive game. Try to enjoy yourself as Jason, me personally I have been doing challenges lately when I play as Jason. Examples are "Destroy all generators before killing players", "Each player you grab you must release 1 time", "You cannot kill players until a vehicle is fixed or the police are called", and more. It's about having fun and not a lot of people like it when you just instant kill them and move on trying to get it done as fast as possible like it's a speed run. Have fun and feel free to discuss your own thoughts or how you play a Jason.
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