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Found 13 results

  1. Sorry if this isn't where this goes, I tried looking and did not find a specific place for this. I'm just looking to meet some new people (adults like myself preferably) with mics who actually like to focus on playing the game well and completing objectives, not just trolling which has unfortunately been my experience with groups so far. If there's anyone out there like me then add me on ps4 Space_Pharaoh
  2. Hi all, I have come to believe that the community of F13 players that is routinely encountered on public servers is quite toxic. My localization is Europe, so I speak from that vantage point. I think the situation has been festering for some time, and was initially brought on by the long period of a nerfed Jason, not to mention the preceding addition of bunny costumes and dance emotes. This has led to a widespread infantilization of the player-base, and with this a complete change in the dynamic / core gameplay of F13 online. A case in point; if bunny/wonder-woman counselors wish to pass the time actively attacking Jason in a group, Jason responds in kind by slashing wildly and pursuing them only to slash and slash some more, until they die. This is incredibly monotonous, boring, and is a pathetic spectacle to witness. The erratic spinning / dodging that Jason does to avoid their strikes is comical to watch from a 3rd-person standpoint and completely undercuts any survival-horror element that the game might otherwise have. If you think that this is how the game ought to be played, then I question whether you actually know what kind of game you're playing here, and you might do better to launch Call of Duty or Quake and relieve yourself, or perhaps play the Sims and enjoy your virtual doll house . . . Ask yourself a sincere question - what is the main attraction of F13? The answer is . . . . . JASON! Both to play as and to run away from. What the hell is the whole point if the dynamic shifts away from this central idea? I am then at a loss to tell you what kind of game I am playing. Despite the fact that the latest patch addressed the nerfed Jason somewhat, it still has not done enough to dissuade the type of player who thinks that the objective is to try and beat up Jason and dance from doing just that; the kind of player who will call whoever is playing Jason a "pussy" every time he gets stunned during his slashing rampage (sigh). I know this forum's users have lots of ideas on how to redress the balance issue, and I know they've all been mentioned before, but I am just voicing my opinion and hoping that the situation improves as time moves on; the devs have a lot of work to do.
  3. Things are beginning to reveal itself since the new UPDATE I NO LONGER AM HAVING ANY ISSUES WITH THE GAME. I AM GIVING THE UPDATE A CHANCE AND NOW GETTING USE TO IT. THIS TOPIC IS GETTING OLDER BY THE HOUR. ALSO IN MY EYE'S THIS TOPIC IS FINISHED. FOR THOSE THAT WANTS TO JUST CLICK ON TO THIS THREAD AND DISRESPECT PEOPLE OPINIONS AND JUST WANT TO ARGUE, GO KICK ROCKS! WELL... I THINK I'M DONE HERE, ENJOY FRIDAY THE 13TH AND THE NEW MAP AND KILLS EVERYONE! This is my 3rd day playing Friday the 13th on it's new update. I taking notice how more people are even RAGE QUITTING or SUICIDE. I also took huge notice that most of my friends aren't playing Friday the 13th now and starting to go back to GTA 5, Monster Hunters, [Dissidia Final Fantasy] (NEW GAME) and other games that they played before they played Friday the 13th. It's very sad that they are leaving Friday now. It hurts me the most because now when I look at it, Friday was the game that brought us all together. Friday the 13th was the game that pulled me out of GTA 5 because it was SO addicting. Now it's just me and a very few friends are playing now. I have so many friends for what now? How and where did I make so many friends from? Friday the 13th. But now, that's basically finished... Not everyone have the same games to play with each other on. In the first thread that I made, I post/commented that I was going to just give the update a chance, but what's happening now is BULL. I also stopped making comments on the first thread to read most of everyone's comments before the Staff locked it do to arguing and rudeness. Also coming to find out the staff had to locked it twice because of the same issue. WHERE'S THE RESPECT for other people opinions? Also telling others to get use to the UPDATE or get the F off the game and play another game like OverWatch or so... That is very disrespectful and wrong. Also now your wish is becoming true. Players that loves to play as Counselors are beginning to leave and stop playing Friday the 13th. How do I know? Because most of my friends are leaving, which really makes it a good example. This is becoming a mess and a problem. Right now the game is favoring Jason, which there are those that's not liking it. [Which you guys are calling NEWBIES that just signed up to state that they are not liking the update] In my own opinion, the game is suppose to be fun by playing as Jason and Counselors. It's suppose to go both ways. Now it's one sided and you all know it. We are about to have ONLY Jason players around and sadly for Jason players not everyone can be Jason at the same time. This is WAY OUTTA CONTROL! Can we all come to an understanding that this game isn't balanced at all between Counselors & Jason? Can we all just respect each other and work together to have this game be FUN by playing as Jason & Counselors...? I'm hurting right now because I don't want us to fight and I don't want to lose all my friends because of a stupid UPDATE. This is ridiculous! Please just be honest with each other. You guys don't like this game favoring Counselors and also don't like this game favoring Jason. Can we all get together and make this game fun for everyone then?
  4. Sup all! I've been addicted to Friday the 13th The Game ever since I decided to take a break from Smash Bros 4 on Wii U (Mainly addicted to Street Fighter and older RPGs). Friday the 13th is the first non-fighting game I've played in a while and i'm loving every minute of it. Aside from games, I also enjoy 80's horror films, shonen jump anime, and the usual smut you see on Cartoon Network/Adult Swim! Sadly I've only watched Friday the 13th parts III, VIII, and X in my lifetime, so i'm not super knowledgeable about the movies other than the basics. I only own this game on PS4 and I mainly made this account to read upcoming content updates and report my share of bugs/glitches.. Feel free to shoot me a message if you're seeking a player on Playstation 4 to get some games going with (or Wii U Smash 4...) hashtag #Jennyforlife
  5. Hello, I am wondering where I can report players for cheating? It ruins the entire game whenever someone goes outside the map and then I have to wait for the session to complete in order to gain my xp. Anyone know where to report these players?
  6. Alright, first of all, I am going to say that I AM NOT SUPER AMAZING AT PLAYING JASON. However, yes, I do use Savini Jason. I played a game the other day and was doing pretty well, I killed a player before i even unlocked Shift and ended up preventing the 4-seater from getting away. I got immediately flamed for "pay to play jason, no skill" and told "you don't even make the game fun, you're jason, you're not supposed to grab kill every time". It was essentially just players raging because I was killing them. I don't understand, the point of playing Jason is to kill counselors, it's like, his entire job. Why am I getting flamed and getting told to "Go back to Dead by Daylight" just because I'm not a goofy, fun, animated Jason player? I'm usually way too focused on finding people to be all goofy. Sometimes I like to kick back and have fun with friends, but with randoms, I like to play seriously so I can get that No Survivor xp bonus. Plus since everyone received 13k CP, perks of the average counselor are substantially better than on release, so Jasons have to work a good bit harder now to claim kills. What does everyone think about this? I was getting flamed on this guy's stream for just playing the game well. I don't see how I was in the wrong but the entire team of counselors was raging, pretty much immediately as soon as I was playing Savini. Savini isn't even the best Jason, people just place a stigma on him because he looks cool. Anyway, sorry for the rant, I had to vent this one out. - nubcakes
  7. For a week now, every time I get to be the host of the game no players are added to the lobby, just my own user profile. I wait a long time and nothing happens, if i quit and start quick play again i can join another users game. This happens every time now.. bit of a drag when you get kicked playing jason and never get to host a game. I am in europe and not sure if other players are experiencing this. Please help Illfonic.
  8. It would be perfect for people who uses glitches, teamkillers, or butthurt players.
  9. Is this dead already? Trying to find matches on PS4 and either end up hosting a lobby, or finding one with a couple other people in.. Not getting many full matches?
  10. I started the game, I went into the barn, I looked for more objects, a survivor attacks me in the back and I defend myself, I try to flee and Jason catches me and kills me. It does not hurt the other survivor and they go together. Conclusion: the two players communicated by voice call in a PlayStation 4 group, the survivor told Jason where the others were to win the game by cheating. Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXGRM4HRCHw&feature=youtu.be The nick of the toxic user: bethysniper05 By this I want to show that there are players and players who do not respect the community, and I think they should be sanctioned for dirty play. <iframe width="1903" height="716" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/TXGRM4HRCHw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  11. We have 3. Looking for more. Put your gamertag
  12. Need people for our lobby. We have two people. Message me xDamnedGamersx
  13. So I'm so happy this game is coming out I would love to experience with the Friday the 13th family. I would prefer players who have a mic but I'm cool with players that don't. Leave your gamertags below ????????????????
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