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Found 5 results

  1. So you can't play offline on pc, because each time I try playing against bots without internet connection the game gives me a fatal error, in any configuration, and, in any map... I tried restarting the game and playing it with Steam set to offline mode, same error, I tried unplugging my ethernet cable, same error. The only way I could play against bots truly OFFLINE was by starting an offline bot game mode with internet, and then unplugging the ethernet cable.
  2. It seems you guys are working very hard to fix the game and to get things fixed faster you reach out to the community to report bugs. I feel if you want to fix the game from being broken you should make a new mode for players that will benefit everyone. The new mode should be Sandbox Dev Mode. An offline mode where you can load a map and control every aspect of how a game would load and start. You can load in idle characters and change to control whoever you want. You can reload the map on the fly and be able to do stuff. Maybe implement AI in the future so simulation. Of course have this mode reward no XP/CP but players could freely explore the map, learn what does what and where and experiment. They game should only load the stuff of the current engine builds and then we can see if problems can be replicated and essentially break the game a lot faster then with all the lobby waiting and reloading.
  3. So while being dead and spectating the rest of the game. We have a few options. Spectate the living players. Camp Cameras and look at your dead body. I figured when you look at your body you should be able to cycle through all the other dead bodies. Since the dead that don't come back as Tommy have nothing better to do unless they leave game. Thoughts?
  4. As most of you may have experienced, there have been a fair few people who decide to become inactive in the game you're currently in. One way to avoid this from clogging up time in game is to implement a feature where we can vote to kick player who have ONLY been idle for more than 2 minutes. This does not include that of hiding, this is of intentional AFC (away from controller) It would be a great addition to the games features since it will allow players to continue with their games a it out waiting an additional 10 or so minutes on a player who is not even there.
  5. Disclaimer: This is just feedback I am throwing out to the community and the team working very hard on this game. Note I have put in over 20 hours of the game with both Quick Play and Private Matches. The core game at the end of the day is something unique and very special. When I review things critically I go for an entertainment/continuity value. This game, is extremely authentic with the franchise, and I hope there is quite more to come as we wait for the final product to release. One main pieces of criticism I have seen is counselors need more adjusting, especially Vanessa. I have seen people venting about the movement speeds for the counselors, from walking, jogging, and running. Players need to be very conservative with their stamina because it is probably one of the most crucial elements for their survival from escaping Jason, running to a car to repair it, or trying to swim to a destination. Now one thing I feel why we are limited on stamina is due to the survival aspect. Look at the movies these teens can only run so far, and running from one side of the map to the other would be not as authentic to the franchise? I mean of course some characters might be more in favor than others which is acceptable. What I would recommend is have either an item like Gatorade to boost stamina or increase the speed of stamina regeneration for the counselors. Also perhaps consider buffing walk speed or the crouch speed. Next, I feel morph should be delayed a bit in the beginning of the game. It feels like an extreme fast pace of hide and go seek. If Jason is a competent player, he can easily guess where players spawn and get by them very quickly in the game. I have seen players die in the first 30 seconds of a match which is a little crazy. Again I understand in the films that some of the teens die very fast when Jason is on the scene, but then the players who are dead now have to wait about ten minutes or so till they can play again. I feel then a match needs to be longer than something fast paced. Honestly those two are my main pieces of criticism for the core mechanics of the game everything else has been quite enjoyable from calling the police (and figuring out how the phone box works and how it alerts Jason if you goof up once), contacting Tommy Jarvis, repairing a car to flee, and of course being Jason. Also firecrackers, can they at least hurt Jason a bit or something? After that, what I really want to talk about is making the game even more authentic to films. I understand there are limitations and time restraints for pushing this product to hit an early launch for 2017 but hear me out first. Let’s talk about our main hero of this game and series Tommy Jarvis. Tommy is amazing because most of us have seen the movies and connect with him. One of the only males to kill and survive from Jason multiple times. With that, in this game Tommy acts a little different than he did in the movies. He doesn’t seem as authentic as to how he did in Part 6 as in this bad ass who is ready to take down Jason once and for all. Players on the subreddit have reported that he seems sort of weak. He’s scared of Jason, freaks out when he sees a dead body, and his sense of panic. It should be more adjusted in a way where Tommy is empathic to seeing a dead counselor rather than panicking. He should be more like, “Fuck, there goes another one,” instead of “Is that a dead body!?” Another thing which I was confused about, maybe I did not discover it but he needs more dialogue to Jason or perhaps add a taunt button because that is what he did in Part 6. When Jason was about to kill Megan Garris, Tommy was able to get his attention because of the relationship they have. “Come on maggot head!” I am aware that line was in the trailer you guys put out to promote Tommy is coming, but he never has said that in the beta. Tommy is a hero character and needs to be a bit more of a threat to Jason that is what I would like to see in the final product. I want the player who is controlling Jason to be like “Uh oh, that Tommy is going to be a pain in the butt.” My last piece of feedback would entail players having an emotional connection with their counselors. When I watch the movies, I usually find a couple teens I connect with, like, and hope they might perhaps survive from Jason. What I am getting at is have some dynamic intros (more than just the camp fire scene before the match), with counselors doing things together perhaps playing pool in the rec room, going for a walk, canoeing on the lake, having a pleasurable time in a tent together, and the list could go on and on. It could help bond players together to their counselors and other players in the game because they have special interactions together. I wouldn’t mind more dialogue between counselors in the game too while a match is going on. I WANT to get attached to these characters and try my damn hardest to save all of them from Jason. Instead of just playing Vanessa only to care about her speed. That has to be my biggest gripe is seeing all the players play her because of her speed; meanwhile, I am in the ten percent of players who do not player he because I like to be different.
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