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Found 57 results

  1. This is a simple one that would be very helpful, especially for those of us who like random counselors. A quick reminder at the beginning of the match of what you selected as that counselor's perks would be great, as I like to equip different things for different counselors to vary my playstyle.
  2. I had a great idea of an extra perk given to all Jason’s; let’s call it, startle. Basically 1 time per match the Jason player is able to use a 5th ability given to all when they get into rage mode that allows Jason to teleport directly to a counselor and grab them immediately. This will “startle” or scare the crap out of people playing online and also guarantee a kill if there’s 1 left and you save it or use it at a random moment in a match. With how many pocket knives are spawning maybe this ability also nerfs the knives and gives you a kill immediately. In all of the movies there is at least one death where Jason is never shown and out of nowhere he gets a quick kill. Same principal and would be awesome. Obviously it’s frustrating in a counselor POV but with how easily the counselors seem to be able to beat up on Jason, it would be nice to have some fun again and kill out of nowhere. Anybody else think this is a cool idea?
  3. Should they increase the max perk limit from 30 to higher? I know some people like collecting the different perks, and it seems like there are more than 30. It makes it harder to collect them all if you are only limited to store 30 of them in the bank.
  4. It used to be fun to play Jason but now it's no fun so many people play counselors so much that it's to the point you can't get many if any kills unless there are a majority of newbies playing. Here are some of the major issues with being Jason and if it don't get fixed soon i feel interest in even playing Jason by the majority will dwindle and without Jason there is no game to be played. So please fix and consider the following below and please all if you agree rate this posting and leave a comment if enough people speak up maybe we will be herd. 1.) It's so unfair that counselors can see gas, battery and keys on the map i think this should at the very least be reduced to the small map not the large map. 2.) Counselors can block and strike when playing Jason now you can block but not strike if you try it takes forever to do so Jason should be able to block and strike at the same rate a counselor can to make this fair. 3.) Counselors have been invisible a lot here lately i think this is a bug that seriously needs fixed can't kill what we can't see. 4.) Jason 4 used to be able to knock down a bolted up door with just two strikes i feel this should be re enabled again. 5.) You all really need to add at the very least a 3rd step to calling the cops the fuse is still very close to the phone if not in the same house further it's to easy to fix the box make a call and boom game is pretty much over b4 it begins so many Jason players quit once they hear the cops as they just started the game i also feel the cop perk to shorten time should be taken away and the police response time should be increased to 8 minutes. 6.) Jason's grab range needs increased it's way to easy for the counselors to get away just a wiggle when they hear the shift and boom gotta wait for recharge by then counselor is in a house. 7.) Jason part 7 as iv stated many times is way to under powered i want to play him more but he only has 3 traps and is very slow he needs more traps at the very least 5. 8.) The game provides way to many knives not only did each game have four pocket knives before the Tommy upgrade but now there are five including him. 9.) Jason's kills don't always show up proper when you grab someone sometimes usually most the time you have to use a crappy kill due to it being the only one that lights up red or risk losing your catch. 10.) All Jason's need to be a little faster even the Jason's who run are slower then all counselors light jog not even their run their light jog making it very frustrating when playing Jason and your slow as a snail. 11.) Counselors can hit Jason through the door and windows while he's trying to break or knock them down a bat or wrench or machete should not be able to go threw a door while it's still up or a window that's not broken. 12.) It's way to easy for counselors to stun Jason even Jason himself with powerful weapons such as part 3 and 4 Jason have to hit a counselor even those without the thick skin perk more then once to cripple them yet counselors only have to hit Jason once and he get's stunned forever. I feel counselors should have to hit Jason at minimum twice esp when Jason has a counselor grabbed before he gets stunned. 13.) Counselors get perks but Jason don't please provide Jason with perks such as sight sense last longer, stun time shorter, faster pace, stronger weapon, stronger grab, more knives at start, more traps at start, ability to see Jarvis house so Jason can kill power to it early, map shift loads faster, traps turn blue on map when set off this way if multiple traps are set at dif locations players won't go to the wrong place by mistake, throwing knives stun counselors, bigger target graphic when throwing a knife making it easier to hit target, throwing knives that will follow and hit a counselor like a tracking missiles etc..... One possible solution I have thought of to keep all happy is offering all there changes and provide say online game difficulty options such as "play against fearless Jason" This mode would be a match for advanced players in this online mode all changes mentioned above are implemented and for those who want an easy game as a counselor they play an online game as it is now calling it easy online mode this way counselors who want more of a challenge can have it as well as those who want a better, faster, and stronger Jason can enjoy also. Or just say hard online mode and easy online mode. Lastly I preferred playing the game much more before the developers wrecked Jason all to hell and gave all the counselor players all they wanted and then some on a silver plate it's to easy to escape Jason in most games even by the experience Thanks this is all i can think of right now if anyone wants to add to this or give their opinion please do so but please if your not one who even plays Jason and haven't or don't plan on it then don't complain about this posting for you have no idea. Sincerely, Chris
  5. Hello everybody, My highest perk is the epic night owl (reduction to the fear penalties from darkness) perk with +59% Darkness fear resistance bonus and -2% noise generating penalty. I was just wondering, what is your highest perk percentage you got rolling out perks?
  6. Is it possible to have some type of implementation system when selection perks to NOT get the same perk constantly, based on what you have already chosen. For Example [I have uncommon, rare, and a couple epic, Already. I see it as a waste of a roll if I get anything already under these categories, with those specific Perks again]. I KNOW we can sell them back. I just didn't know if there is something to be done to take those perks out of the equation if you already have it in your perk inventory. Thank you.
  7. In most states the legal definition of gambling encompasses the following: Using CP (in-game currency) to pay for perks, falls into this category. With everything that has been going on with EA, and that fact that states are currently in the process of drafting legislation to control gambling in games, do you think that the current perk system is sustainable? P.S. While EA is referenced, this question is in regards to this game only. How will current, and future, legislation affect the game? Nothing else.
  8. I know, there has already been a topic on this. But, I have changed mine up a bit, instead of copying the other person's topic. My idea is similar to the Dead by Daylight perk system, if not exactly the same. Other counselors can also have these perks. So, let's get to it. Vanessa Sprinter- Run twice the speed of your normal speed for 3 seconds (Unlocks at lvl 45; only activates in chases; drains some stamina; cooldown 45 seconds) Windows can save your life- If Jason tries grabbing or slashing at you while you try to get out/in a window, you will go invincible for 2 seconds and you will automatically start running (lvl 40; Also, this is a build where the windows are fixed; normal stamina; cooldown 30 sec) Shh, Quiet!- When you go into a hiding spot, the noise is reduced by 10%/20%. Also, Jason cannot sense your sound blips for 2-5 seconds (again, gets triggered in chases only; doesn't drain stamina; lvl 37; cooldown 10 sec) Fox Picker Upper- You equip weapons/parts/items faster (no cooldown, can happen any time, lvl 35) Don't touch me!- When Jason grabs you, there is a 10% chance a skill check will appear to immediately get out of his grab (I know, I'm ripping off Decisive Strike, but there is a difference, there is a chance, not an immediate skill check; if you have a knife, the knife will not go in his neck; lvl 40; 2 times per match) Silent Mechanic- When you fail a skill check, there is a small chance that the sound will not play (Again, similar to technician from DBD, but this will only happen exclusively to repairing the phone or car, but if you're the last one alive, then this can apply to any escape route; lvl 45) Mitch 6th Sense- When Jason is near AND is in stalk, an audio cue will play, notifying the player (unlocks at lvl 26) High Turkey- Another Jason related perk. If you spot Jason, the scream that was added in the 10/25 update will play AND Mitch will scream like crazy, causing everyone in the area to get alerted (Lvl 33; cooldown for 7 seconds) Keeping calm- If you are in a hiding spot, and you are not holding your breath, there is a 5/10/15% chance that the voice cue will not sound, tricking Jason that you are somewhere else (lvl 49; no cooldown) Adam Edgy- You have a higher luck increase while this perk is active, and you can find items better (luck increase by 2-3, no cooldown; lvl 20) Radio Dude- While a radio is on, you get a 2% speed increase for every action, excluding calling the police (lvl 31) Buff- Your strength is increased by 1%. (No cooldown, lvl 36) LaChappa Nerdy Birdie- After jumping/going through a window, your repair speed is increased by 2 to 3%. (No cooldown; lvl 16) Trap Senses- Counselor/Jason traps are visible to you within a 32m range. (lvl 20) Spy- When you start the match, the auras of escape objectives/parts are revealed to you for 5 seconds (lvl 28) Buggzy Bodybuilder- Same as Adam's perk, but your strength is increased by 4%, which is not alot (lvl 17) Protector- You will get 200xp for protecting a counselor from an attack (lvl 22) Just a scratch- When you are critically injured, you are able to sprint, but your stamina cannot regen due to fear rates (lvl 35) AJ Rocker Chick- Jogging speed is increased by 25%, which is not alot. Lvl 7 Girl, please- You have a higher chance to stun Jason when he grabs a female counselor. Does not apply to males until lvl 60. (unlocks at lvl 14) Crazy Lixx- After stunning Jason, you have a 6% speed increase. Drains half stamina; cooldown of 30 sec. Lvl 27 Chad Lucky Douche- The duration of calling the police is decreased, along with driving the boat and car. If you have the perk that increases vehicle speed, it stacks. (Lvl 10) Know your ways with girls- When around female counselors, their fear DECREASES by 12%. (lvl 22) Such a Bastard- If you try to hit someone with the car, they instead will get pushed to the side (lvl 37) Jenny Home Girl- Jenny's repair/stun time is increased if she is the second to last one alive (lvl 26; 2% increase) The Final Chapter- You will be prompted with a skill check if Jason crashed the car to stun him if you need to make that quick stun/escape (lvl 42, 20 sec cooldown) Oh my god!- 6% chance that dead bodies will not startle you (ranges from 6, goes all the way to 9%; lvl 59) Kenny Head Counselor- Every counselor who is still alive receives a 4% action speed increase, but can only be activated if injured. this excludes hurting yourself through a window (lvl 30) Driver's License- If you crash, there is a 20% chance that the crash will be prevented; ranges from 20 to 50% (unlocked at lvl 62) Decoy- You are able to place an object that spins around in a circle, causing noise blips so you can distract Jason. Similar to radios, but you can carry them around (unlocks at lvl 95; can only carry 3; they will be placed in your inventory with x3 at the bottom of the icon, and jason can destroy them. you cannot fix them or pick them back up once placed) Tiffany Sticky like lip gloss- When YOU place a trap, and Jason steps in that trap, he will need to spend a longer time mashing E, X, or A to get out of the trap. (lvl 29; cooldown 30 sec) Scavenger- When standing near a pocket knife, firecracker, first aid, key, fuse, etc, will display a yellow aura for 2 seconds (unlocks at level 35, cooldown of 95 seconds) Faster- When you are near another counselor, there is a 3-6% speed increase to whatever they are doing, such as opening a door, window, going under a bed, repairing, etc (Unlocks at level 72; no cooldown) And now, last but not least, Deborah! Always Prepare for what's coming- When you start a match, you are equipped with a walkie, a map, a first aid, and a firecracker when you spawn (No cooldown, unlocks at lvl 150 when the patch comes out; also, the perks that allow you to start with those items DO NOT COUNT, so if you try to equip those, they will not equip) Coming Home- When running to the police within a 32-64m range, you will instantly heal + your speed will increase by 2%, similar to adrenaline from DBD (unlocks at lvl 132) Sweater Chic- When Jason senses you, the outline of your sweater will appear. Cooldown 90 sec; unlocks at lvl 122 I know, those were crap and might get moderated or get called terrible, or might get locked. But, I tried. If you liked this, I might make a Jason perk suggestion in the future. Thanks!
  9. Hope to use this for things that wouldn't be considered an overhaul of the game but more of an update on some features already in the game. While some will obviously be larger changes hoping most are realistic and achievable in terms of code/script loads and a production standpoint to improve on features already pretty solid without complaining too much. Would rather it be a more constructive suggestion/feedback list. First one: When getting perks we obviously have the Plus and Negatives displayed as a percentage but it would be a worth while idea to have another bar in each of the Counselor stats that actually show what the perk does to the corresponding stats they effect. So having something that E.g. has a stamina buff but speed nerf actually appearing on the respective bars would be an idea to have it when you equip that perk it's displayed as a blue notch and you get a better idea of what it is actually doing for/to your character. Terms of cost it would need a U.I. update, possibly some code .cpp changes then handled by metadata would be required for this. Then again it would maybe just need the U.I. and metadata to display the percentage that is already handled by the perk itself to show it. Not sure if this has been in yet. Apologies if Duplicate.
  10. Jenny Myers is a tank for composure. I currently have equipped the Night Owl perk for 58% darkness resistance. Controlled breathing - 22% (faster composure increase while hiding) And Ice Cold - 49% (reduction of fear of dead bodies) For some reason I think Ice Cold may not be that good. Is there any sources of how much fear rises from seeing a dead body? Lone Wolf or Nerves Of Steel are interesting choices. Nerves of Steel is overall fear resistance right?
  11. are all vehicle perks fixed? are they working,? and i would love to have a list for the max perks %'s for every single perk would be nice somewhere, ^^
  12. If I choose a perk for a character who has max stats in a certain area e.g Deborah having the repair perk (she already has 10/10 in repair skill), or Jenny having the escape artist perk (already having 10/10 composure). Does it actually make a difference to that skill as they're already maxed out or am I better off choosing perks that boost lower skills they may have?
  13. I have tried playing with almost all the counselors -- but I just seem to enjoy the game more when playing as Chad. He's fast, recovers stamina quickly, and makes the coolest faces. But fixing crap with him is a nightmare. I have to go through, like, TEN tiny little fields to get him to fix something. Needless to say, it's time consuming. Which, of course, is the whole point. I keep rolling the dice to try to get the "Tinker" perk for him, but have yet to come across it. I'm just worried once I finally do get it, it will only give him SEVEN fields to get through when repairing -- rather than the 2-3 that Deborah has. Has anyone tried Tinker with The Chadder? I just want to know if I should keep trying to get that perk, or if it's not worth it.
  14. Now that Jason has been nerfed. Can we finally have perks for Jason? 3 slots or 2? I have seen SO many people in game bully Jason until he quits since the patch its pretty cringy. Okay I get it the range for the grab kills was OP and rage inducing but also satisfying (as Jason). Give Jason at least perks to use? Increase sense range by x% or run speed by x% or car start up decreases when near a vehicle by x%? Right now Jason is not even threatening, compared to before. Jason is the driving force of this game. Games will be boring soon once Jason starts dying on a regular. Make Jason lethal again with perks would be fair? I think this would make Jason more customizable and more fun.
  15. Hello everyone. I have a epic sucker punch perk but really can't feel any improvement on stun chances compared to when I didn't use it. So my question is: is it just a feeling or is it one of the perks who still have to be debugged?
  16. Many counselors have stories of perks they "Accidentally" sold when trying to sell a different perk. While I may rue suggesting this as a preferred Jason, let's have a "Perk Call Back" system where after deleting a perk, the perk then goes down-screen into a "To Disappear" queue, where the perk flashes slowly, and is held for a limited time of about 30 seconds. If a mistake was made, the player will have 30 seconds to go down screen and "Call Back" only the most recently sold perk which is now sitting in the "To Disappear" queue. Any perk in this "To Disappear" queue vanishes forever if a second perk is deleted as doing so causes the second perk to take the place of the first perk deleted in the "To Disappear" queue. Finally, if there is a perk in the "To Disappear" queue, make it so that players cannot delete a second perk until they review and confirm the perk that is about to disappear in a pop-up dialogue that appears as they are about to sell a second perk. This whole system, as described here, will prevent accidental deletions while at the same time, not allowing counselors to cherry-pick from multiple deleted perks.
  17. I really don't do that. After watching a youtube video when the game released I remembered a guy named CharminExSoft telling you the most important perks you need. Would you think the Dev's will make future plans to add new perks that you may would want? Like a perk that's the same as the one you once had but it just has higher green percentage and a bonus that comes with lower fear and yada-yada? Or a completely new perk that can trump 3 perks you have all out all at once? Something I think is good food for thought. It was just on my mind lol.
  18. Do perks which increase a specific stat, such as Stealth, actually increase that stat if it's already at 10?
  19. Right so I hadn't rolled for perks for ages once I hit 101 so I checked my co I had 40k and did a marathon run on spending now a few times I seen some pictures of perks flashing by that I can't find on the net or asking people, but they've also seen them flash past too. 1. Is a hand holding a knife, unused starts with a knife perk? Or pocket knife has 2 uses? Or even stuns Jason for a bit longer? Or maybe start with a machete? 2. An eye not the one with a trap next to it I know that perk, it's just an eye, no idea what that could be 3. Some kind of crystal ball? If I can get images I will but I'm using a ps4 and it's a bit hard to get them on there, so if a pc user could? If you have or know someone who has rolled these perks and know what they are then please let me know. Also on a side note, any noticed a weapon swinging noise? We all hear it at the same time too
  20. Asking all members to please help @Gertz go through this list so we can inform the devs of exactly which Perks are working and which aren't. Working Perks will be listed in GREEN and broken Perks will be listed in RED. Please keep the thread free of too much unnecessary discussion. Simply state the Perk Name and if it's working or not. The goal is to get the list color coded as quickly as possible, so focus on the Perks that haven't been classified yet. Or if you disagree with the status of a certain Perk, post proof showing otherwise. Color codes will be added as we move forward with this. (Note: This was started in another thread. But in the interest of clarity and making the list easy to find, I wanted to make sure it was the OP of the thread.) Link to reddit post requesting this information: Perk Name Positive Effect Negative Effect Additional Effect Adrenaline Rush + Grab Stamina Boost - Stamina Regen None Aquanaut + Swim Speed - Sprint Speed + Swim Stamina Controlled Breathing - Hiding Fear - Stamina None Easy Listening + Radio Stamina Regen + Noise None Escape Artist + Grab Escape - Grab Stamina Boost None Evasion + Dodge Speed + Damage Taken None Firecracker + Firecracker Radius + Noise Start with Firecracker Friendship + Damage per Nearby Teammate - Stun None Grease Monkey - Car Start Time + Boat Start Time None Grinder + XP Gained - Melee Damage None Heavy Hitter + Bat Stun Time - Stamina Regen None Heavy Mover + Barricade Speed + Noise None Heavy Sleeper + Tent Sense Avoid + Fear None Homebody + House Sense Avoid - Stamina None Hypochondriac + Healing + Damage Taken Start with Medical Spray Ice Cold - Corpse Fear - Sprint Speed None Lead Foot + Car Speed - Boat Speed None Level Headed + Sense Avoid + Noise None Light Foot - Sprint Noise + Fear None Lone Wolf - Solo Fear - Melee Attack None Low Profile + Sense Avoid - Sprint Speed + Crouched Speed Man At Arms + Weapon Durability - Melee Stun None Marathon + Stamina - Sprint Speed None Medic + Healing + Damage Taken 2 uses per Medical Spray Motorboating + Boat Speed - Car Speed None My Dads A Cop - Cop Time - Car Speed None Nerves of Steel - Fear - Sprint Speed No Fear Mini-map loss Night Owl - Darkness Fear + Noise None Potent Ranger + Tommy Damage - Not Tommy Damage None Preparedness - Fear - Sprint Speed Start with Large Map Psychic + Voice Range + Noise Start with Walkie Talkie Pyro + Flare Spot Time + Fear None Quiet Swimmer + Swim Sense Avoid + Fear - Swim Noise Restful + Stamina Regen - Sprint Speed None Scout + Trap Escape + Damage Taken None Slugger + Damage - Stun Start with Baseball Bat Sneaky + Window Speed + Damage Taken + Hiding Speed Spacial Awareness - Stumble + Noise None Speed Demon + Solo Vehicle Speed - Repair Speed None Sucker Punch + Melee Stun - Sprint Speed None Swift Attacker + Attack Speed - Attack Damage None Teamwork - Fear per Nearby Teammate - Attack Strength None Thick Skinned - Damage Taken + Stumble None Thrasher + Axe Damage - Melee Stun None Tinker + Repair Speed - Stamina None
  21. What role would you put Chad as? Also share your perks for Chad. I'm using Thick Skin, Sucker Punch, and Heavy Hitter all epic of course, I put Chad in the role of playing as a Body Gaurd. Please share your thoughts and support/tips all you Chad Fans.???
  22. One thing I really enjoyed from Dead by Daylight is their perks system for the killers. Each Jason could have a deep perks system such as conselors. For an example of possible perks: Jason could install bear traps more quicklier. Reduce weapons damage, resistance to flare guns, temporary immunity to firecrackers. More stun resistance from Pamela's sweater, etc.
  23. I've noticed that only one of my perk slots work in game and with that I've searched and have found nothing to fix it (and if you want to know I play on pc) and these are all the things I've tried only using a single perk in one of each slot in there different matches with the perk that give you med spray and only the first one work I've tryied doing it in the lobby home screen everything and it still only works with the first one so if anyone has an idea or suggestions tell me (unlikely but if an moderator or someone higher up sees this and know there making a patch on this tell me!)
  24. So today I got on the game today to see my thick skinned perk specifically had been altered. I could be wrong but I haven't seen an announcement anywhere for this, and I admit I'm not satisfied as it was completely unexpected. But more importantly my thick skinned was 43% and its been reduced to 18% now. I would just like to know if there is any news on this? I asked on twitter and I was told it was a bug they are looking into seemingly. Despite that, I find it very hard to believe. So is there any news? I'm not looking for an opinion of it being OP or something like that but genuine news as I don't know what's going on, I plan to stop playing this game if developers cant compensate with CP or be consistent. I spent lots of CP that I wouldn't have trying to get specific perks to fit a style and if that combo now becomes useless I would at least like CP to help me pick myself up in a new style. I definitely wont be sticking if this isn't resolved properly somehow or it happens again. I don't mind them having to balance things out if that's what they feel but take into consideration the game has far bigger issues and at least try to compensate players who wasted CP potentially when they could have bought fun Jason kills. Well I will come back, but I am incredibly dissatisfied to say the least. Once again on the twitter they seemed to have implied its an issue that they are looking into. So any news?
  25. Haven't seen this mentioned, folks on Steam are saying the thick-skinned perk has been "nerfed". (Yes, those are quotations... Gamer linger isn't my thing.)