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Found 73 results

  1. In most states the legal definition of gambling encompasses the following: Using CP (in-game currency) to pay for perks, falls into this category. With everything that has been going on with EA, and that fact that states are currently in the process of drafting legislation to control gambling in games, do you think that the current perk system is sustainable? P.S. While EA is referenced, this question is in regards to this game only. How will current, and future, legislation affect the game? Nothing else.
  2. Hello everybody. I have 2 marathon perks and I'm trying to decide which one would be the better of the two. One perk is 13% with a 0% sprint penalty. The other is 15% with a 2% sprint penalty. Could you please let me know which perk you think would be the better one to use? Thank you.
  3. Hello Everbody, I’m going to share my experiences with this game and let you know what my ideal fixer counselor is. Please be advised all comments are my opinions only. Please feel free to disagree if you wish. I got this game this past Christmas and I have been playing it almost nonstop ever since then. I have found this game to be incredibly fun to play. After playing for a while though, I have noticed that a lot of players in the public lobbies almost always choose counselors with a low repair skill like Tiffany, Buggzy, and Vanessa. Especially Vanessa. It is a rare day when I don’t see two or three Vanessas in a public lobby. I remember one time when I saw six Vanessas in the same lobby. I know Vanessa is a speed demon and that’s why she’s popular, however, even though she can repair objectives, she’s lousy at it. A lot of times, the Vanessa players don’t even bother to repair the objectives. In most cases, they’re courteous enough to pick up a part like the battery and drop it so you can see it on the map. But then they just leave it there and the part just sits there, gathering dust. In my opinion, repairing the objectives is one of the major goals of the game. If you don’t do that or at least try to do that, you’re giving Jason a huge advantage. Somebody has to do the repairs and that’s why I choose to be a fixer counselor. I believe there is only one ideal fixer counselor and I’m going to explain my reasoning. First, according to my standards, in order to qualify as a fixer counselor, one needs a six or higher repair score. That gives us the following: Deborah, Eric, Mitch, AJ, Adam, and Fox. Now, I’m going to engage in some gender discrimination and kick the males off the list, leaving us with Deborah, AJ, and Fox. The reason being is because none of the men can use the sweater and I always like to have that option on the table. One of the sweetest things I can hear over the walkie is a Tommy Jarvis player saying, “I’ve found Jason’s shack! Who wants to kill him?” I always respond by saying, “Dude, I am so there!” The next quality I believe is important in a fixer counselor is stamina. In my opinion, stamina is like a life bar. If Jason is chasing you and you run out of stamina, you’re dead. It’s that simple. Because of that, Fox would be my ideal fixer counselor with a stamina score of five. My second choice would be AJ with her score of four and of course, my third would be Deborah with her score of three. Now this is not to imply that AJ and Deborah are bad fixer counselors. They are not. AJ has incredible stealth with a score of ten and I’ve had a lot of success sneaking her around the map fixing objectives. Deborah is the absolute queen of repair with a score of ten. I’ve repaired objectives with her in less than five seconds. However, I believe that Fox is the best of the three because of her stamina score. Now a word about perks. If you choose to be a fixer counselor, I believe there are two absolute must have perks. The first is Thick Skinned. Imagine that perk as a suit of armor. It will allow you to tank traps, jump through broken windows, and endure Jason’s knives and slashing attacks with minimal damage. I have an epic Thick Skinned perk with a twenty percent bonus and I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of it. The second is Marathon. Because fixer counselors generally have low stamina, this perk is like a bar of gold to them. I have a rare Marathon perk with a twelve percent bonus. According to Rydog’s calculation in his excellent counselor stats report – please Google it if you wish read it – equipping my Marathon perk on Fox raises her stamina score from a five to an eight, making it equivalent to Buggzy. On AJ, it raises hers from a four to a six. On Deborah, it raises her from a score of three to five. The third perk is optional. Right now, I’m using Preparedness because I like to know where all the objectives are right off the bat. However, picking a perk like Medic or Nerves of Steel would be good choices too. That’s all I have to say. Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think
  4. So a couple things, I’m new to the forum so I’m excited to get the input of others that have way more game hours logged than I. Is there a certain damage output that causes a weapon to break? Or is it based on the luck stat? I main as Bugzy and my “job” of the group I play with is to de mask Jason. Last night I did some REPETITIVE trial and research. I have legendary thrasher (+25% axe dmg) legendary sucker punch (+24% stn chance & +3% weapon dmg) and rare slugger (+11% dmg) and from what I can tell they all stack accordingly for a 39% dmg boost. I can grab an axe and de mask a Jason in 2 hits. Time and time again held true during testing. But every single time the axe broke on the second hit when his mask fell off. And there was a lot of time grinding this to get consistent results. Machete was usually 2 hits to de mask but always broke on the second hit too. Baseball bat, no de mask but always broke on the second hit as well. Every single hit with any weapon he falls. But is it just bad luck they always break on hit 2? Also I was in combat stance each time. Is there a way to try and hold onto my weapon a bit longer?
  5. Like my previous what if topic, none of this is likely to ever happen. With that said, what changes (if any) would you have like to have seen with our perks?
  6. @mattshotcha Given that attributes such as Stealth, Strength, Fear, and Composure could use a bit of reworking/ touch-up, I felt that this idea may be easier to implement. Now, I know I am one of very few who would want certain things made harder for counselor play, but also know how much people rely on these damned afterthought perks. As stated back when Illfonic had their presentation on working on the game, when perks came up, they said it was an afterthought addition and their impact to gameplay would be minimal (and as time has told, they are the ONLY thing the players have focused on). The amount of work to change up how they work and what they do would take quite a while to put together properly, so instead I came up with two ideas (I fully expect to hear contrary criticism, especially with these just off the top of my head) : 1. Bring down the total +% on perks. Nothing exceeding a +10% or +15% on anything. This would help mitigate situations where, say, someone running TS could just tank a trap and run off with no negative impact (other than alerting Jason, but this is usually done by Chads/Vanessas who run off instantly anyway) and no need to heal. Make these situations an actual choice: Do I tank a trap and help the team, or leave it for someone else to tank/pk disable it? 2a. Make every tier of the perks REQUIRE a -% and make -1% the lowest possible (no more 0% impact on perks.) Go as high as the highest +% could go (with this still being determined by RNG). With only a handful of perks being used by a vast majority of players, these mandatory -%'s could help shake up playstyles and matches overall. 2b. (This one may be the least wanted by players and is harsher than 2a) Have each perks +% be met with an equal -% (say a +10% to TS also has a -10% to its negative side). Have these perks and their side effects actually mean/do something.
  7. Jenny Myers is a tank for composure. I currently have equipped the Night Owl perk for 58% darkness resistance. Controlled breathing - 22% (faster composure increase while hiding) And Ice Cold - 49% (reduction of fear of dead bodies) For some reason I think Ice Cold may not be that good. Is there any sources of how much fear rises from seeing a dead body? Lone Wolf or Nerves Of Steel are interesting choices. Nerves of Steel is overall fear resistance right?
  8. We know the lawsuit ties the hands of the developers. We also know that the perks need some changes. Give your two cents. @mattshotcha, perhaps some time after the high priority stuff gets addressed, you and the team could do something with this information and feedback.
  9. I don't know if this is permissible, but it would be a nice option down the road. @mattshotcha, would the developers ever consider this?
  10. I’ve almost posted this idea a few times but never had it worked out all the way, maybe one of you can make it work. Wes mentioned that Perks could potentially be reused in new ways as part of the balancing that is currently happening and I figured now would be as good a time as any to bring it up. Using Psychic as my example (there’s no reason other perks couldn’t be used in the same way), I’m think we can adjust specific perks so they require a second perk to be combined with the first and your third slot maybe sacrificed in the process. Psychic is mostly useless and could even be seen as a liability because Jason can use its extra range to track you. This sucks, it seems opposite to how Perks should work and makes what sounds like an awesome inclusion from later movies, simply bad. First suggestion - Pyrokinesis Pyro is another perk that isn’t useful, I know they expected people to use it for tracking and I do track Jason but it isn’t worth a slot. I can’t imagine it ever being worth a slot. Imagine taking Psychic and then having to select the type of psychic you wanted to be. So if you took Psychic and Pyro you’re Counselor would gain the ability to bring up a flare gun sight, and mentally fire a burst of fire like pyrokinesis. This would use the same mechanics as the flare gun and would make these perks fun. To balance it you’d only have till rage for it to be useful, and you’re giving up that third perk slot. I think 2 shots would be fair but maybe 1 every 3 minutes or something would be better. Second Suggestion - Telekinetic Shield Combining Psychic with the firecrackers perk could allow you to activate the firecrackers effect on your Counselors model, basically giving you a radius that can stun Jason pre-rage. This can be used to regain stamina or run at Jason to make him drop someone. I figure you’d get one or two uses and it would activate by holding the left trigger (L2) followed by a right trigger tap (R2) same as shooting a gun. You couldn’t be carrying something when activating it but the trade off is part of the balance. You still trade that third perk slot so no doubling up on Psychic Powers. I think 3 uses would be fair as it only delays the inevitable. Third Suggestion - Telekinesis Maybe combining Three Perks could also work. You could combine Psychic with Slugger and Heavy Hitter to get a shotgun instead of the Flaregun. Using the same mechanics as the gun to fire a TK blasts at Jason. You wouldn’t get the original effects of the perks and instead get the ability to throw one Psychic stun. This may have a range limit, to balance it against the ability to stun Jason in rage. I think different combinations could could be used to give your Counselors other Psychic Powers, Clairvoyance for example (maybe using the unused picture of a Crystal Ball). I know these suggestions border on a Darin (call back to an old member) post but I think that maybe something can come out of it, thanks for reading.
  11. I decided to write down a list of perks a while back of which perks for which counsellor. What do you think? Change or keep? VANESSA: Level Headed, Low Profile, Slugger AJ: Man At Arms, Slugger, Marathon JENNY: Grease Monkey, Slugger, Man At Arms VICTORIA: Grease Monkey, Slugger, Level Headed FOX: Man At Arms, Lightfoot, Sneaky CHAD: Level Headed, Grease Monkey, Slugger KENNY: My Dads A Cop, Hypochondriac, Medic TIFFANY: Man At Arms, Slugger, Level Headed BUGGZY: Level Headed, Man At Arms, Grease Monkey DEBORAH: Man At Arms, Slugger, Marathon ADAM: Lightfoot, Marathon, Man At Arms ERIC: Marathon, Slugger, Restful SHELLY: Man At Arms, Marathon, Restful MITCH: Man At Arms, Slugger, Marathon
  12. Ok, Lets hear what you guys think about the current perk system. The Devs are busily fixing bugs and whatnot at the moment, so in the meantime I"d like to get some poll feedback regarding an aspect of the game that gives quite a bit of heartache. My thoughts: 1. Legendary Perks are mostly worthless. I like the concept of having an additional boon over a standard perk, but otherwise I'm underwhelmed. 2. I hate the CP lottery. Seems like a pointless waste of time, and it always has been. Could we please get something better? 3. Can we have perks that are better balanced and more useful across the board. Too few useful perks. Too many situational or irrelevant perks. Please Devs, think this through and get back to us with something exciting and better implemented. 4. The perk system is probably one of the single biggest offenders in terms of letting the game get stale. You can't get the ones you want and have to count on chance to throw you a bone. You can't invest time and TLC into upgrading them to higher levels (once again, you are a slave to chance). There are few "good" perks and a whole lot of laughable ones. You can not even have all of the existing perks at the same time. Perhaps this was done with the thought process that you'd make players choose which valuable ones to keep and which ones to throw away? Newsflash, you could have had just one one row of 10 and covered all your bases with a few spaces to spare for miscellaneous crap perks. 5. Why are there still old unused art assets in the perk roll line-up? You might think about taking those out at some point so we all don't have to keep explaining there is no "pocket knife" perk.
  13. I know the idea of having perks for Jason is not a new idea by any means. infact I'm Shure the team is tired of herring about it but I think iv got a good explanation on why I want it in the game the main reason counselors feel so powerful is because they can use perks to heighten there ability's and strength. Don't even make an argument about how they also lose something in return because higher level perks have a chance to affect you badly by 0%. if Jason where to get perks they will need to be more expensive and he should not be able to equip 3 I would like to be able to use 2 but that's the Jason player in me talking I think 1 will be fair. the perks for Jason will need to be a lot different frome the counselor perks. to help with ideas I will supply my own ideas these are not what I would necessarily like but will simply jumpstart the process of coming up with ideas plus I had fun coming up with them. hunter: will give Jason 1 extra trap and a small boost in stalk recharge rate 1-5% but will decrease shift by 3-5% (speed and charge rate) slasher: Jason will deal between 5-10% extra damage with his weapon knives and traps but his overall top speed is decreased by 10-15% speedy: shift speed and charge rate will be increased by 5-10% but morph will be decreased by 3-5% target practice: Jason starts with 2 extra knifes but loses 1 trap reset: Jason can now reopen or pick up and move his traps but starts with 0 knifes and traps now have a 45% chance to not notify you and will no longer flash red when stepped in on the map. unstoppable: stun resistance is increased by 10-25% and you cant be stunned by fire crackers anymore but all ability's are decreased by 10% love you mom: Pamela will warn you about counselors when they get close to your shack so if they are even in the general area you will be warned but your overall hp is decreased by 20-25% heads up: Pamela will warn you even if who ever enters has your mask but messing up on a repair will no longer alert Jason unless its the phone sight seeing: traps that are set off will become blue instead of flashing red and your sense recharge rate is increased by 5-20% but stalk no longer silences your foot steps peek a boo: when checking closets you will no longer stab it you will open it making for QWICKLY CHECKING hiding spots in the event that there is a counselor you will grab them automatically and if they have a knife it will not be used and will fall to the floor as it would not save them if you checked normally but weapon damage is decreased by 5-10% behind you: walking with stalk no longer makes it drain faster but it takes 50-60% longer to charge and recharge as well as decreasing its over all time by 10-25% scared?: counselors will be scared easier and sense is increased by 5-10% but shift is decreased by 10-15% pain killer: while in rage Jason will persist through pocket knifes and will still get the kill but over all grip strength is decreased by 20-35% as well as pocket knife stuns lasting longer while not in rage. rage monster: rage will charge like in the beta but it gives it to you in about 10 mints after the match starts you will also be immune to stuns when going thro doors and walls but your ability's will no longer charge faster when in rage. relentless: top speed for both running and walking Jason's is increased by 5-15% but morph is decreased by 5-15% feared killer: Jason no longer starts off at top speed and will slowly work his way up to it between 30 and 70 depending on perk rarity his over all speed is also decreased by 5-10% but he cant be stunned by anything except the shot gun flare fire crackers and the sweater while at top speed. mystic: after getting rage Jason will cover the entire map with thick fog limiting visibility and stalk will no longer be Brocken by seeing Jason but sense will have a 20% chance to not work due to the fog and you can be stunned more often between 10-15% one by one: when grabbing a counselor they can no longer be hit out of your hands by others unless the weapon would have stunned you like a bat or axe and it wont stun you afterword's even then unless its a shot gun fire crackers or the sweater but grab strength is decreased by 10-25% these would be fun for both Jason and counselor players because as Jason you feel a bit more strong and like you can have the advantage while as a counselor you are scared again and you never know what Jason has what making every Jason less predictable. if anyone at the f13 team sees this contact me at tristianforbes@gmail.com and I can do what ever you want/need to be the copyright holders of this idea I want nothing out of this I just want to help make the game as great as possible.
  14. I Think that Jason Should have perks, like running/power walking speed (5% or 10%) stunt resistance, weapon damage, grab, etc, what do you think.
  15. @ShiftySamurai Can you please disclose the drop rates for legendary perks (1%/5% ect.)? Since this is not a paid system and for the sake of transparency it would be really cool to know. I have around 300k cp and wanted to know before I started dumping them. Thanks in advance for any response!
  16. 1: - There should be a map made based on the movie Jason takes Manhattan there should be a map where we try and escape from Jason on all levels upper and lower levels of the boat and try repairing the boat and find the missing pieces around the boat along with the tools used to repair the boat nothing to simple nor to hard to complete there should be another way to kill him on the boat and the ending should be where they escape to New York or escape from the boat on little skiffs to the city. 2: - all the main characters from all the Jason movies should be added like the Julius the boxer kid ,the cops from Jason lives the waitress from Jason goes to hell ,the bounty Hunter should be another alternative to call for help instead of Tommy Jarvis it would be the the bounty Hunter with the special blade that can kill Jason. 3: - new weapons should be added to the game like better escape or special stun weapons that have more damage to Jason. 4: - new and improved roll perks and Perks for Jason and counselors and all new costumes for counselors 5: - Jason should be able to choose from different weapons and have more different kill finishers .
  17. So me and these guys usually play in a group together. We know item spawns and alot of other stuff about the game. Ever since the last Jason buff we went from like everyone escaping every game to almost no one escaping besides the boat and stuff. I was messing around with Perks for a while to see what's the best way to survive as Jenny. I feel like this Perk build is one of the best Jenny builds. The Perks are Teamwork, Level-Headed, and Restful. All Epic maxed good stuff with minimal to no bad stuff. What are your thoughts? Video with the build! https://youtu.be/ivf9HUSY5HE
  18. Might this get a lock? I have no idea. I know there have been multiple perk ideas in the past, but I have an idea for a perk. Extra Protection: The icon is a condom, bc protection? Condoms? Horny Teens and premarital sex? The advantage is that you increase the stun chance, damage, and durability of any weapon from 1-5%. The only disadvantage is that you decrease the stats if you stun Jason or decrease his health to a certain point (ex: the machete deals 10 damage and when if you decrease his health by 50 points, the machete can break faster.) Maybe the whole idea of the perk can be changed. Leave your thoughts below.
  19. As you know there are a total of 45 perks in the game and only 30 perk slots available. It can be difficult to decide which 30 perks to keep so I wanted to poll the community to see which perks are commonly omitted. I was limited to 20 poll choices so I had to divide the perks into two separate questions. The following perks were omitted due to being considered some of the best: Marathon, Medic, Restful, Swift Attacker, and Thick Skinned. You can vote as many times as you like. In terms of discussion, it would be great to hear details on which perks are currently broken, nerfed into a useless state, or just bad in general.
  20. Hey Devs, I play and enjoy F13 since the release. First I want to thank you for this epic game, it is so much fun. Accross the last half year there are some points in this game, that could be much better or more balanced. Here are some Ideas: Teamdamage: Just like it was before the teamkills were removed. But just add the teamdamage back again. So conselour can cause damage to each other but cant do this until death. Because, if you play as Jason and grab a conselour other will try to release the grabed one by hitting everything. So Jason should use the grabed one as a shield. so everytime the other conselour try to release the grabed one, they need to hit Jason to do not cause damage to the conselour. It makes the fights more intense and help Jason a little more to fight vs a group of people who randomly hit on everything thats moving. But you cant hit each other until death. so there is a 1% HP border that conselour cant cross and kill. Only Jason. It would be better to act more carefully as a conselour. Improvement Walkie-Talkie: I think to get the game a little bit more difficult for conselour you should hide the droped objective parts on the map for all conselour until they pick up a walke-talkie. This would make sense, cause how they know where the parts are without communication. And it would motivate player to pick walkie-talkie up. At the moment if you dont want to teamplay, there is no further reason to pick this item up. Map: The map need to get a "Fog of War". At start without walkie-talkie, the conselour should see other conselour only in the range of the minimap or range of voice without walkie-talkie. The rest of the map activities are shadowed. If they pick up a walkie-talkie, they are able to see other player on the map including the droped objective parts as in the topic before. Much better would be that there are no conselour on the map to see. to avoid player teaming with Jason to reveal positions of other player. But it will be minimized be the point before. Additional Perk and Item Slots: As a hardcore player I want some rewards for high levels. My suggestion: Level 100 unlocks a 4th Perk Slot for each character of the account. Level 150 unlocks a 4th Item Slot for each character of the account. Jarvis Map rework: The Jarvis map is beautiful, but not well balanced for the game. It should provide 2 cars and 1 boat. The two main houses needs more focus. maybe put the phone alway in one of the two. the size need to shrink a little bit. not like the small maps. just a little bit. They ways between the camps are to long. the midle part with the mountain is too big. More F13 Music scores: I love the movies and i love the music. Maybe it is possible to add more randomly played F13 Soundtrack during the rounds. there are a lot of brilliant titles of part1 , part 2 and part 3 that are missing on this game. Maybe it is possible. Also the Radios on the map should include the metal song again. By activate and deactivate should switch the music track of the radio, like it was in the early version. Now the summer track is on the radio only and the metal track only in the car radio. Savini as Random at level 150: I know I know, this topic is old and hellpain since day 1. But, I think to keep Savini Jason alive in this game, is to unlock it to other player too. They guys who payed the 65 bucks for this kickstarter reward did their job well and helped the projec to get real. thanks for that ! But many of them are not play this game anymore or to less. So there are nearly no Savini Jason anymore in this game. How about this? You unlock the Savini Jason at Level 150 in the "Random Pool" of the account. So there is a small Chance for player with level 150 to play as Savini if the select random as Jason. I think this will be fair because people who play until this level 150 are enthusiasts and deserve the same honor as people who payed just 65 bucks and maybe stop playing after 2 or 3 months. If you want to reach this level cap, you need to play this game and you need to play this game good and fair. This is good for the community and the game if people really can earn a reward for playing this game long time. These are some suggestions. Thanks for reading and I wish some feedback. Thank you
  21. This is a simple one that would be very helpful, especially for those of us who like random counselors. A quick reminder at the beginning of the match of what you selected as that counselor's perks would be great, as I like to equip different things for different counselors to vary my playstyle.
  22. I had a great idea of an extra perk given to all Jason’s; let’s call it, startle. Basically 1 time per match the Jason player is able to use a 5th ability given to all when they get into rage mode that allows Jason to teleport directly to a counselor and grab them immediately. This will “startle” or scare the crap out of people playing online and also guarantee a kill if there’s 1 left and you save it or use it at a random moment in a match. With how many pocket knives are spawning maybe this ability also nerfs the knives and gives you a kill immediately. In all of the movies there is at least one death where Jason is never shown and out of nowhere he gets a quick kill. Same principal and would be awesome. Obviously it’s frustrating in a counselor POV but with how easily the counselors seem to be able to beat up on Jason, it would be nice to have some fun again and kill out of nowhere. Anybody else think this is a cool idea?
  23. Should they increase the max perk limit from 30 to higher? I know some people like collecting the different perks, and it seems like there are more than 30. It makes it harder to collect them all if you are only limited to store 30 of them in the bank.
  24. It used to be fun to play Jason but now it's no fun so many people play counselors so much that it's to the point you can't get many if any kills unless there are a majority of newbies playing. Here are some of the major issues with being Jason and if it don't get fixed soon i feel interest in even playing Jason by the majority will dwindle and without Jason there is no game to be played. So please fix and consider the following below and please all if you agree rate this posting and leave a comment if enough people speak up maybe we will be herd. 1.) It's so unfair that counselors can see gas, battery and keys on the map i think this should at the very least be reduced to the small map not the large map. 2.) Counselors can block and strike when playing Jason now you can block but not strike if you try it takes forever to do so Jason should be able to block and strike at the same rate a counselor can to make this fair. 3.) Counselors have been invisible a lot here lately i think this is a bug that seriously needs fixed can't kill what we can't see. 4.) Jason 4 used to be able to knock down a bolted up door with just two strikes i feel this should be re enabled again. 5.) You all really need to add at the very least a 3rd step to calling the cops the fuse is still very close to the phone if not in the same house further it's to easy to fix the box make a call and boom game is pretty much over b4 it begins so many Jason players quit once they hear the cops as they just started the game i also feel the cop perk to shorten time should be taken away and the police response time should be increased to 8 minutes. 6.) Jason's grab range needs increased it's way to easy for the counselors to get away just a wiggle when they hear the shift and boom gotta wait for recharge by then counselor is in a house. 7.) Jason part 7 as iv stated many times is way to under powered i want to play him more but he only has 3 traps and is very slow he needs more traps at the very least 5. 8.) The game provides way to many knives not only did each game have four pocket knives before the Tommy upgrade but now there are five including him. 9.) Jason's kills don't always show up proper when you grab someone sometimes usually most the time you have to use a crappy kill due to it being the only one that lights up red or risk losing your catch. 10.) All Jason's need to be a little faster even the Jason's who run are slower then all counselors light jog not even their run their light jog making it very frustrating when playing Jason and your slow as a snail. 11.) Counselors can hit Jason through the door and windows while he's trying to break or knock them down a bat or wrench or machete should not be able to go threw a door while it's still up or a window that's not broken. 12.) It's way to easy for counselors to stun Jason even Jason himself with powerful weapons such as part 3 and 4 Jason have to hit a counselor even those without the thick skin perk more then once to cripple them yet counselors only have to hit Jason once and he get's stunned forever. I feel counselors should have to hit Jason at minimum twice esp when Jason has a counselor grabbed before he gets stunned. 13.) Counselors get perks but Jason don't please provide Jason with perks such as sight sense last longer, stun time shorter, faster pace, stronger weapon, stronger grab, more knives at start, more traps at start, ability to see Jarvis house so Jason can kill power to it early, map shift loads faster, traps turn blue on map when set off this way if multiple traps are set at dif locations players won't go to the wrong place by mistake, throwing knives stun counselors, bigger target graphic when throwing a knife making it easier to hit target, throwing knives that will follow and hit a counselor like a tracking missiles etc..... One possible solution I have thought of to keep all happy is offering all there changes and provide say online game difficulty options such as "play against fearless Jason" This mode would be a match for advanced players in this online mode all changes mentioned above are implemented and for those who want an easy game as a counselor they play an online game as it is now calling it easy online mode this way counselors who want more of a challenge can have it as well as those who want a better, faster, and stronger Jason can enjoy also. Or just say hard online mode and easy online mode. Lastly I preferred playing the game much more before the developers wrecked Jason all to hell and gave all the counselor players all they wanted and then some on a silver plate it's to easy to escape Jason in most games even by the experience Thanks this is all i can think of right now if anyone wants to add to this or give their opinion please do so but please if your not one who even plays Jason and haven't or don't plan on it then don't complain about this posting for you have no idea. Sincerely, Chris
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