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Found 28 results

  1. Jenny Myers is a tank for composure. I currently have equipped the Night Owl perk for 58% darkness resistance. Controlled breathing - 22% (faster composure increase while hiding) And Ice Cold - 49% (reduction of fear of dead bodies) For some reason I think Ice Cold may not be that good. Is there any sources of how much fear rises from seeing a dead body? Lone Wolf or Nerves Of Steel are interesting choices. Nerves of Steel is overall fear resistance right?
  2. I’ve almost posted this idea a few times but never had it worked out all the way, maybe one of you can make it work. Wes mentioned that Perks could potentially be reused in new ways as part of the balancing that is currently happening and I figured now would be as good a time as any to bring it up. Using Psychic as my example (there’s no reason other perks couldn’t be used in the same way), I’m think we can adjust specific perks so they require a second perk to be combined with the first and your third slot maybe sacrificed in the process. Psychic is mostly useless and could even be seen as a liability because Jason can use its extra range to track you. This sucks, it seems opposite to how Perks should work and makes what sounds like an awesome inclusion from later movies, simply bad. First suggestion - Pyrokinesis Pyro is another perk that isn’t useful, I know they expected people to use it for tracking and I do track Jason but it isn’t worth a slot. I can’t imagine it ever being worth a slot. Imagine taking Psychic and then having to select the type of psychic you wanted to be. So if you took Psychic and Pyro you’re Counselor would gain the ability to bring up a flare gun sight, and mentally fire a burst of fire like pyrokinesis. This would use the same mechanics as the flare gun and would make these perks fun. To balance it you’d only have till rage for it to be useful, and you’re giving up that third perk slot. I think 2 shots would be fair but maybe 1 every 3 minutes or something would be better. Second Suggestion - Telekinetic Shield Combining Psychic with the firecrackers perk could allow you to activate the firecrackers effect on your Counselors model, basically giving you a radius that can stun Jason pre-rage. This can be used to regain stamina or run at Jason to make him drop someone. I figure you’d get one or two uses and it would activate by holding the left trigger (L2) followed by a right trigger tap (R2) same as shooting a gun. You couldn’t be carrying something when activating it but the trade off is part of the balance. You still trade that third perk slot so no doubling up on Psychic Powers. I think 3 uses would be fair as it only delays the inevitable. Third Suggestion - Telekinesis Maybe combining Three Perks could also work. You could combine Psychic with Slugger and Heavy Hitter to get a shotgun instead of the Flaregun. Using the same mechanics as the gun to fire a TK blasts at Jason. You wouldn’t get the original effects of the perks and instead get the ability to throw one Psychic stun. This may have a range limit, to balance it against the ability to stun Jason in rage. I think different combinations could could be used to give your Counselors other Psychic Powers, Clairvoyance for example (maybe using the unused picture of a Crystal Ball). I know these suggestions border on a Darin (call back to an old member) post but I think that maybe something can come out of it, thanks for reading.
  3. We can find it during rolling perks,guys do you know what about this perks?
  4. (ignore the fact that there have been multiple posts about this) What if we could choose our own perks? Like for example: We have the list of all the perks, and you can click on each perk to roll a "version" of the perk. For example, you click on Marathon and it rolls itself, giving you a 7% stamina increase and a 2% sprint speed decrease. You can still sell the perk and the perks still cost 500 CP to roll, and you'll get the same rarity, etc. This balances everything out so instead of having an epic Thrasher, you won't get a poor Thrasher the next time you roll.
  5. Brandon: jock. There is a small chance that when Brandon hit Jason and does not stun him, Jason's controls will be reversed for 7 seconds. Vanessa: track star. When Vanessa is sprinting and trips she will gain a little bit of stamina. Mitch: heavy shit. When ever Mitch runs out of stamina his fear will deplete. Even if Jason is chasing him. Jenny: final girl. When ever Jenny is the last alive in a match, cars will drive moderately faster and Jenny has a much higher chance of stun. Eric: nerd power. The more Eric is damaged, the better the chance he has of stunning Jason. Chad: I'm not scared. Whenever Chad's fear increases his repair will get better. At full fear his repair will be like a 5/10. Adam: tough guy. When Adam stuns Jason, his Fear will decrease. Deborah: hit the books. If Deborah messes up a repair check there is a chance Jason will not hear it. Tiffany: do it with everybody. When Tiffany is near 1 other counselor there is a chance that Jason will not see them in sense. Only works if Tiffany is around ONE counselor. A.J: rock on. When ever a radio is turned on in a map A.J will do more damage. Kenny: counselor training. When Kenny is in a group of counselors (3 or more) all the counselors have higher repair and stealth. Fox: Step on it. When Fox is driving there is a 15% chance that Jason will get run over, stunning Jason. When Fox is driving the boat and Jason flips it, the boat will not need to be restarted.
  6. I had a great idea of an extra perk given to all Jason’s; let’s call it, startle. Basically 1 time per match the Jason player is able to use a 5th ability given to all when they get into rage mode that allows Jason to teleport directly to a counselor and grab them immediately. This will “startle” or scare the crap out of people playing online and also guarantee a kill if there’s 1 left and you save it or use it at a random moment in a match. With how many pocket knives are spawning maybe this ability also nerfs the knives and gives you a kill immediately. In all of the movies there is at least one death where Jason is never shown and out of nowhere he gets a quick kill. Same principal and would be awesome. Obviously it’s frustrating in a counselor POV but with how easily the counselors seem to be able to beat up on Jason, it would be nice to have some fun again and kill out of nowhere. Anybody else think this is a cool idea?
  7. Is it just me, or do you not crouch walk any faster with low profile? I don't think that part of the perk works. If it does, I think the crouch speed needs to be increased more.
  8. Okay, we all know there are some perks that are only useful in very specific situations. We also know it's a pain to get hiding place kills as Jason. What if you could change your perks in game by going into a hiding place? It would make certain perks like potent ranger and motorboating much more relevant.
  9. Hello everybody, My highest perk is the epic night owl (reduction to the fear penalties from darkness) perk with +59% Darkness fear resistance bonus and -2% noise generating penalty. I was just wondering, what is your highest perk percentage you got rolling out perks?
  10. So these two issues go hand in hand. XP is useless past a certain point and isn't a good motivator to not quit no matter what you do with it. It would, however, be more desirable if the perks we get as counselors were actually buffed enough to be powerful and worth spending cp on. As it stands now, according to the upcoming patch, the opposite is happening and its pretty embarrassing how little the devs know about their own game. The upcoming nerfs are the exact opposite of what should be happening. So, until perks are desirable, xp won't be desirable. Which means the only way to deter people from quitting as soon as the match starts because they aren't Jason or quitting mid-kill is to put some sort of cooldown for joining another match. You know, like a lot of other games do. They do this for a reason. And the fact that my last few games as Jason had an average of around 5 people who quit mid-kill is ridiculous. And I shouldn't need to point out the people who quit 3 seconds into that match who realize they aren't Jason. Quitting after you've been killed is fine. But quitters in these scenarios ruin the game and they can't keep doing this, something has to be done. If someone crashes they should be able to rejoin like a few competitive games like CS:GO and Overwatch do and avoid the penalty. And if that can't be done then, I guess tough luck if you crash. If Dead By Daylight does it that way I don't see why F13 can't. It's a much lesser evil, frankly.
  11. How about it? I was thinking... Slugger does not increases the damage percentage that much (compared to Sucker Punch). And why the hell would I use a baseball bat with a strength-based perk???
  12. It takes many hours to get epic perks you want. I think we need a lock/unlock system in place.
  13. Many counselors have stories of perks they "Accidentally" sold when trying to sell a different perk. While I may rue suggesting this as a preferred Jason, let's have a "Perk Call Back" system where after deleting a perk, the perk then goes down-screen into a "To Disappear" queue, where the perk flashes slowly, and is held for a limited time of about 30 seconds. If a mistake was made, the player will have 30 seconds to go down screen and "Call Back" only the most recently sold perk which is now sitting in the "To Disappear" queue. Any perk in this "To Disappear" queue vanishes forever if a second perk is deleted as doing so causes the second perk to take the place of the first perk deleted in the "To Disappear" queue. Finally, if there is a perk in the "To Disappear" queue, make it so that players cannot delete a second perk until they review and confirm the perk that is about to disappear in a pop-up dialogue that appears as they are about to sell a second perk. This whole system, as described here, will prevent accidental deletions while at the same time, not allowing counselors to cherry-pick from multiple deleted perks.
  14. Is simple, you get a Boost for a few seconds when you are almost dead, to recharge this perk you need a air spray and heal. + Sprint increases for a few seconds when you get really wounded - Defense decreases
  15. If you can use the sense perk for 3 seconds then deactivate it you only get a 3 second cooldown doesn't matter which Jason you pick. That cant be on purpose, right? The stalk ability gets a full cooldown even if you just switch it on for a second. I mean if Jason had a full cooldown on sense like 10 seconds or so on you could atually have a chance to get away or at least trick him for a few seconds.
  16. So today I got on the game today to see my thick skinned perk specifically had been altered. I could be wrong but I haven't seen an announcement anywhere for this, and I admit I'm not satisfied as it was completely unexpected. But more importantly my thick skinned was 43% and its been reduced to 18% now. I would just like to know if there is any news on this? I asked on twitter and I was told it was a bug they are looking into seemingly. Despite that, I find it very hard to believe. So is there any news? I'm not looking for an opinion of it being OP or something like that but genuine news as I don't know what's going on, I plan to stop playing this game if developers cant compensate with CP or be consistent. I spent lots of CP that I wouldn't have trying to get specific perks to fit a style and if that combo now becomes useless I would at least like CP to help me pick myself up in a new style. I definitely wont be sticking if this isn't resolved properly somehow or it happens again. I don't mind them having to balance things out if that's what they feel but take into consideration the game has far bigger issues and at least try to compensate players who wasted CP potentially when they could have bought fun Jason kills. Well I will come back, but I am incredibly dissatisfied to say the least. Once again on the twitter they seemed to have implied its an issue that they are looking into. So any news?
  17. The baseball perk states you begin the game with a baseball bat. Same goes for the first aid perk where you start off with first aid spray. Both of these perks do not work for me on Xbox One. I start the game with nothing.
  18. UPDATE: Played a game and now I have all my perks. 2 of my perks have gone missing. I know this because I always keep 29 perks, and I'm currently sitting at 27. One of them was definitely the Medic perk that I just rolled last night. Interestingly, it's still equipped on Vanessa but not LaChappa. Vanessa with the perk equipped: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=970229966 Perk Inventory with it missing: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=970230018 LaChappa with the perk missing: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=970230068 I'm not sure what other perk went missing because I wasn't using it. If it helps, I rolled a rare Medic perk last night and sold my old Uncommon perk.
  19. I saw someone who has 17% with epick thick skinned perk on steam forum. I think it's from patch 1.03. This only happens with this perk. Do you think this works properly?
  20. I spent 12,000 of my 13,000 CP from the weekend event to get this bloody perk, and it doesn't even work. Tried un-equipping and re-equipping, Tried playing a round without it and then re-equipping. Nothing works. The perk is just busted. I'm REALLY salty.
  21. The slugger and hypochondriac perks are bugged, when I have either perk equipped I don't start with the med spray or baseball bat even after refreshing the perk slot.
  22. The more epic perks you have the less likely it is to roll another epic perk. I wish I knew this in the info text about rolling a perk.I used 8,000 CP to roll not even one epic perk, and the moment i sell my epic perk i get an epic perk 2 rolls later. Sell another epic perk, get another epic perk within 3 rolls later. Please fix this or at least tell us this exists in the perk rolling screen.
  23. I have two of the Preparedness perk. One of them is common quality and one of them is poor quality. The common quality one has 3% fear resistance bonus and 4% sprint speed decreased. The poor quality one has 2% fear resistance bonus and 1% sprint speed decreased. Unless I'm thinking about this wrong -- the poor quality one is actually better than the common quality. Really all I want is the map anyway.
  24. When setting up Counselor Profiles, only perks in Slot 1 appear to work. What I mean by this: In the regular in-game menu, modifying a counselor's perks appears to save everything properly. Same thing with the lobby-of-a-game menu. However, when you equip more than 1 perk that gives items, such as a bat, firecrackers, walkie talkie, etc, only the one equipped in the first slot will be given to you upon start of the match. This leads me to believe that only the first slot works for all perks, which concerns me greatly. If this is functioning as intended, why are there three perk slots? How is it intended to function? Is this actually a bug, or just misinformation on the part of me as a player? I neglected to mention that I play on PC via Steam and this issue occurs. I know the same issue occurs for some people on console, but mine occurs on PC as well.
  25. Hello everybody I just wanted to ask if someone ever got the perk on the pic below and if yes the what is it because I always see it while rolling perks but I never get it and I want to know what it is because I think it's a perk that you start with pocket knife so if someone has it can you please tell me what it is? Here's the picture:
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