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Found 14 results

  1. I just got the game but the queue takes forever and not only that but when I do get into a game, Im usually the only one or someone joins then leaves instantly. I play on PC and I just want to play with others that actually want to play too. The more the merrier I say.
  2. Not sure if this should go in general chat or sugestions.. but as my time with the game increases I see more and more people doing what I would call cheating, by using party chat to avoid being heard by Jason. The whole mechanic of Jason being able to find councelors via them talking if he was near was one of the cooler aspects of the game when it was announced. When I first started playing it was fun to sneak up on people in stalk and listen to them discuss their detailed plans and then have the best time totally ruining them and causing chaos! Now that people are abusing party chat to bypass this and other features it's got me wondering if there is anything the developers could implement to block party chat from being used in game? Something tells me probably not.. but it's a shame to see a cool gameplay feature like that disappear as time goes on.
  3. Hello! I believe that in the game there is still a problem match fixing going on.When the players help Jason kill the other players. This is terribly annoying. There is no reporting system in the game, but even if it were, it is a fight against the consequences, not the cause. It is necessary to correct the situation fundamentally. What do I suggest: 1) Jason should not see the nicknames of the counselors over the heads of the characters. He should not know who he is chasing. 2) Players who are in collusion (who invite friend in one team) should be excluded from the selection of players for Jason. This is the main correction.Then we will be 99% sure that Jason is on his own, and the players may will be a partners. It would be fair. I think it can be done. At least, at least removing player nicknames. Thank you!
  4. My youngest daughter will be turning 13 on Oct. 31. As she is a big fan of the F13 franchise, my wife and I are planning an extra special birthday party for her. I thought I'd reach out to the outspoken and creative members here. So far, my wife is planning on baking a cake and shaping it like a giant hockey mask. My daughter's best friend is taking care of inviting her closest friends, and my other daughters are overseeing some of the other details. Since our property is surrounded by trees, and there is a small pond in the middle of the woods, I was thinking of some kind of Camp Crystal Lake theme. If you have some awesome ideas, I'd like to hear them.
  5. Using in-game party continues to be an issue. For it to function correctly all players must join the party on the Main Menu screen for the game. The party leader can then drag the group into a quick play or private match. The problem lies if anybody else wants to join that group off of their profiles or party invites. If someone is not in the party tries to join up while the party leader is in a lobby or match = endless load loop. If someone in the party lags out and tries to rejoin = endless load loop. If someone is dashboarded and has to restart the game to rejoin = endless load loop. You can only join the game party on the Main Menu. Now the endless load loop. The only thing that can pull you out of it is an invite to game from someone not using game party. I usually pop onto a group forum for xbone and wait for the torrent of invites to save me from load loop hell. I would suggest people don't use the in-game party feature until it can be fixed. If it is working as intended, then just use regular xbox party system.
  6. So, since the latest patch I've noticed the game seems a bit more stable. However, I am still experiencing lock ups/ game freezes, and crashes with unknown fatal errors. Then I realized, I only get those bugs when I'm part of an in-game party. I don't seem to have any issues if I'm playing random, public matches. I don't know if that is merely coincidental, or actually an indicator of some problems in the code with people in a party / private match. But I found it worth mentioning cause it seems to keep being the case. I can play four-six completely random matchmaking public rounds without issue. I can only seem to get through 2-3 party / private rounds without experiencing a game ending bug.
  7. They should really deactivate Private party chat for obvious reasons. Everytime I play on ps4 and join a lobby 50% of people are not in public chat. Maybe they just don't want to talk which I also don't get I mean communication is half the fun and makes it easier to play as a team but I can still live with that. But most of them are trolls playing together and ruining everyone's game. I guess most of you got a situation where players team up with Jason. It happens to me yesterday twice in a row in two different lobbies. So you have to deactivate private chat in public matchmaking. For private games I don't care. I don't know how it is with the other platforms but you can definitely do it on PS4. You can do it in CoD blackops 3. You can choose to join server where party chat is disabled and when so try to open one in the ps4 dashboard you just get a error message. So it is possible maybe take's some time but I really would help this game.
  8. Hello, Does anyone else wish they could add an easier method for inviting friends to your party on the game? A lot of games these days have a button you can press(IE: triangle for PS4) that pulls up your friends list so you can quick invite them from the game screen versus going all the way to the PS menus. Maybe I'm just lazy, but it's kind of an annoyance. It's not critical, but it'd be a nice feature to have especially since a lot of modern games have that feature. I know they're a small team but it's just a suggestion. Thoughts? Best regards, Hillian
  9. After I finally made the choice to buy the game after hearing how fun and buggy it is, I noticed I had friends who have been playing already by making private matches and sometimes just waiting it out to join a public match. When we noticed we had enough people for a private match and they decided to invite me, I noticed that I could not join them. Neither their game or party in-game. I'd accept the invite and nothing would happen or change in-game. I'm thinking it could be something that needs to be port-forwarded through my internet connection. I've reinstalled the game and still receive this problem. I've done some of the normal Ps4, which is the system I'm playing on if that matters, ports through my modem to see if it helps, as through test, it makes my connection go from strict to moderate in other games with a nat type of 3. Will update this if possible if I find a fix or if port forwarding has helped. The game is great! Just sucks to have to go off of hope in finding matches within 5 or 15+ minutes. *Edit* - I can now join friends, parties, and matches effortlessly. Either the update, porting, or both, worked.
  10. I think its become more obvious that you should not be able to be in a party nd play as jason because ive seen several times of someone running around with jason leading him to other survivors,which defeats the entire purpose as playin counselors ive even seen people try to talk to jason nd offer to lead him to people for not killing them.
  11. Anybody wanna play put down your gamer tag or add me GT:AllGasN0Mask
  12. Title says it all. Trying to search for a game with 2 other people. Tried switching leaders. Tried restarting the game. Leader always connects and party members always disconnect. Just launch servers or...? Anyone else having this problem?
  13. Title says it all. Trying to search for a game with 2 other people. Tried switching leaders. Tried restarting the game. Leader always connects and party members always disconnect. Just launch servers or...? Anyone else having this problem?
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